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Where's the Discard Duplicate Configs checkbox gone?

I've been looking for the old "download the config regularly, but discard the config if it's the same as last time" checkbox.

I can't find any reference to it in the admin guide and the only option that looks remotely similar is the Config Archive section of Admin > Settings > NCM Settings > Config Settings, but surely this is only for the Archive folder and not for saving to the the database.

I've got NCM 7.8 with a bunch of other modules.

Has the option been removed or just hidden away somewhere else?

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I suspect that option is selectable in the Jobs that run your backups.  Edit the Jobs that perform your backups and look for this highlighted opeion in the "Add Job Specific Details" window.  Check it and save it.

That should get you what you need.


Swift packets!

Should be one of the last pages of the schedule a backup job workflow.

- Marc Netterfield, Github

mesverrum & rschroeder Thanks guys, I feel ill, my brain hurts & that just goes to show how bad I really am.Thanks for being patient with me.

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Haw, there's no being bad, no needing patience.  The product line and all the options are too much for a single person to keep in the front of their mind.  Shoot, just reading the documentation & retaining enough to be competent seems virtually impossible. 

It's a good reason for this forum to be here.  I ask questions about simple configuration items often, and Thwack saves me time lost and frustration.

You're very welcome to all we can do to help.  We're all in this product together.

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