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Where does solarwinds store Interface Availability details for each poll?

I have the poll intervals configured to be checked every 120 seconds.


The responsetime table shows the polls of each node in 120 second intervals.

Which tables are used to store the interface availability and volume availability in the 120 second intervals?

The InterfaceAvailability_Detail table is storing the data in 10 min intervals.

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For interfaces try the InterfaceAvailability view (use InterfaceID and NodeID to tie the back to Interfaces and Nodes tables respectively), this view is from the InterfaceAvailability_detail, InterfaceAvailability_hourly and InterfaceAvailability_daily tables.

Volume availability doesn't exist as a straight metric, but you should be able to calculate it from VolumePerformance view. (which shows the VolumePerformance_Hourly_detail VolumePerformance_Hourly and VolumePerfromance_Daily tables).


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I appreciate your input but I am not sure if that is correct.

If SolarWinds is polling the interface every 2 minutes the table should have an entry every 2 minutes. The values I am seeing are ten minutes apart.

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Agreed, I have spent the past half an hour trying to find an interval with less than ten minutes, in any interface database table.

I am scratching my head myself.

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I spent quite some time trying to find it. Looking at table dependencies hoping to have a Eureka moment.  I even opened a case to see if SolarWinds support would be able to point me in the right direction.

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