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What We Are Working On

The product teams are busy working on a number of highly requested enhancements. Although you will not see an official SolarWinds roadmap, the "What we are working on" posts are the best reflection of what the teams are currently working on in each product. It is not a commitment to a specific feature or release date, but it should help you understand the priorities of each of our product teams. Please see the individual "what we're working on posts" for more detail.

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Are there any updates planned for Network Atlas?

If so would you share the link for "Network Atlas, What We Are Working On"?

Thank You

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saw10​ as Marc indicated - there likely won't be any new updates to Network Atlas.  I see you have already provided some feedback in other threads that is very helpful.  Feel free to reach out to me directly if you would like to discuss more.

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Thank you for the offer of a direct reach out.  I will be taking you up on that offer.

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Check these threads out:  (Show us your Orion Maps)

and this one:  (Orion Maps in 2019.4)

In other words – Orion Maps will replace Network Atlas (Amen!) as features are added to it. Embrace the change, I love Atlas, but it is time for something different.

Yes I agree that Network Atlas is getting long in the tooth but to "do away" with it before there is something to replace it just seems wrong.  And yes I have posted my maps and yes I have done through Orion Map presentation. 

And I do agree it is time for something different but do not kill something before there is a valid replacement.  At least equal the capabilities and then expand.  If Network Atlas had been updated and developed, I do not think that a through out and replace would have been needed.

I agree that Orion Maps is not quite there yet. You mention that had development continued on Atlas, this might not be a problem. If you remember using report writer and the advanced alert manager; they were both moved to the web interface also. Moving maps to the web interface is the upgrade to Atlas. I do not miss the report writer and advanced alert manager and I expect that the end game for Atlas will be similar. It will probably hang around for those of us that need it for a bit longer, just like those other two programs did.

Think about those whohave tens or hundrets of maps created in Network Atlas. Would be painful ...

Level 12

thanks for the summary. solarwinds produce great products

Level 10

Over a year since the Web Help Desk link has been updated?  Can we get some updated information?

Level 11

I think it's time to see how we can take all of this information and aggregate it to see real time issues without having to dig into the problem.  I know some issues, like a router going down, are very simple. However, taking performance analysis as an example, there has to be some way to automatically start displaying issues without having to manually do it. We do this type of tuning with security logs already, event correlation, etc.



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keep them coming!

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Looking forward to this getting updated  post NPM 12 / NCM 7.5 / etc!

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Most seem to say 2015 updated minus DPA... sometimes I think we have to look in the individual groups to see the local what we're working on for say NPM.

Level 12

Alert Central?

Is that dead now or are you doing anything with it?  It is not listed above.

Alert Central was a free thing that seems to have not really kept moving.  This was part of the reason I never rolled it out.

Looks like they turned the next generation of Alert Central into a SaaS solution

That looks very true indeed!

Be nice for them to acknowledge this, who knows, we may actually want to buy it and spend some more money with them....

denny.lecompte‌ any ideas?

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Level 12

Would really like to see AppStack added to above list. I know you have a lot of feed back from Industry peers on this tool for improvement, would like to know what is going on for upgrades past the "crayon" state it is in now. (Which I do like.)

Hi Steve,

Can you elaborate on your feedback a little? Are you suggesting we treat AppStack like a product with it's own WWWO Post or something else? Also, can you elaborate what "crayon state" means?

FWIW, we are considering a rethinking of the way WWWO posts are organized, as you are correct, our current format doesn't allow talking about a concept like AppStack in a very streamlined fashion.

Hi Balki, I believe AppStack will become our "go to" view for engineers, response center, business partners, etc. in the future. I recently added SRM and WPM to start to enable a top down view into our environment. We had a need for both products, but AppStack helped my decision to buy. To be able to quickly drill down into issues rather than waiting for Alerts or Traps will provide value in the near and long term future.

The issue with "crayons" is when the Environment view appears, most initial responses from peers are "what the heck is that?" - it looks like traffic light hades. I understand the spotlight, and the Filters, so obviusly there is a learning curve after initial viewing for end users. The AppStack Environment view helps a great deal with naming objects. Right now I just don't have a bright idea to get past the traffic lights.

So yes, SolarWinds should treat AppStack as it's own entity, it brings most all other products obviously together, and I would think it stands on it's own merits and value, and can be levereged from a Sales and Engineering perspective to enhance those efforts. So yes, augment this oppurtunity for SW and your customers by standing it alone in the Forum and Roadmaps...thwack on!