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What We Are Working On

The product teams are busy working on a number of highly requested enhancements. Although you will not see an official SolarWinds roadmap, the "What we are working on" posts are the best reflection of what the teams are currently working on in each product. It is not a commitment to a specific feature or release date, but it should help you understand the priorities of each of our product teams. Please see the individual "what we're working on posts" for more detail.

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Level 7

Great news, especially about NPM Alerting features!

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Level 13

When will the BASE Orion support HTML5

many issues are related to Orion not supporting HTML5

This has been asked THREE years AGO

How old is the version you are running? I have only been using Solarwinds for a year or so but viewing the page source it appears my install of Orion makes extensive use of HTML5. Two obvious examples are drag and drop resources and the environment view that looks like it was done entirely in HTML5. In fact HTML5 used all over the place in Orion. It's what makes asynchronous page loading possible. That is just another example. You should probably upgrade to the latest version. Sounds like you are at least 4-5 releases behind.

We are current

Please note Solarwinds HAS NOT redesigned or rebuilt ORION to the HTML5 specfications

I wonder why the PM's have not responded yet to the many entries and inquiries about HTML5 request.  If they're not going to do it, I'd rather for them to just say so instead of us getting the "silent treatment" on the matter. 

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I am no PM obviously and he doesn't directly address HTML5, but you can see on the SAM roadmap and read Alterego's clarification of it underneath that they are working to modernize the UI.  I'm not sure whether or not it will include HTML5, but most modern websites, including .Net based ones, use HTML5 features in them.

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Level 14

What happened to the dates on the main WWWO page? The dates were there yesterday (for the most part) but now they're gone again. 

Hmmmm, well call me "confused"....let me look into this a little further. This should be auto-populating now. 😞

Hey Edwin,

We should be good to go now; looks like the changes Dani made didn't sync to all our nodes. Let us know if you don't see them or if it happens again.

Well, the WWO description for EOC reads as follows:

However, when you click on the link, the title reads EOC - What We Are Working On - Mar 2015

So, the description for the WWO page on EOC makes it look like the page had not bee updated in over a year. 

What we are working on for WPM should be updated, it mentions basically everything implemented in WPM 2.1

Level 13

we need a means to create and edit a custom ip to country DB table. on closed networks, our IP address do not match the internet std

as well, if we edit the curent DB, all gets reset with updates and patches. Thus a simple  and  easy to maintain means is needed

thus should be an Orion core feature

Level 12

Thank you guys for all the info.

Level 13

still no word response SW when Orion will have a major update/rewrite

without HTML5, the Orion core is very dated

imagine google maps without HTML5

hello SW

Cisco is dropping java from their GUI interfaces . All new code is html5 based or core

when will sw step and move to current best practices ?

We need html5 on orion

noc view needs HTML 5 so each chart can run and update

look how html5 works fir google maps etc.

When will Orion be updated to run html5 on

noc view needs HTML 5 so each chart can run and update

look how html5 works fir google maps etc.

it has been THREE years with NO response

is mgmt stuck in the old ages

do you  still run mainframes there?

Level 14

WPM What we're working on (WWAWO) page list is updated regularly but not the product itself. By doing this a customer will think they are currently working on the updates but they haven't done any updates since (03/05/2013). I will not be surprised if I hear that Solarwinds will drop support from WPM soon.I want my money back.

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Hi Mustafa,

I admit it's taking longer than I would like to get the new release. I did few changes in WWWO post, so to make it more accurate and reflect what we are working on right now. We are working on new features and I hope you will also be able to provide us some feedback on these. I contacted you over email.



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It's official now. It's been a YEAR (52 WEEKS/365 DAYS) without getting any upgrade to WPM.

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Me too. When will the requested updates be released?

please advise asap

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