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What We Are Working On

The product teams are busy working on a number of highly requested enhancements. Although you will not see an official SolarWinds roadmap, the "What we are working on" posts are the best reflection of what the teams are currently working on in each product. It is not a commitment to a specific feature or release date, but it should help you understand the priorities of each of our product teams. Please see the individual "what we're working on posts" for more detail.

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Some of the new things we are working on are introduced in this blog post Web Performance Monitor 2.1.0 - What's Coming in Recorder. Any comments or ideas, please let us know in the post!

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Level 13

please fix the crappy SW portal page. i work on a closed network thus have to get updates from the inet and not posssible  from my closed network

i have time and time again asked and suggested fixes , no progress from the SW team. i even met the team at Cisco live and VMworld.

The sw customer portal

  • cant find my patches or updates
  • doesn't tell me what is new or updates to what i own.
  • no links to updates
  • points to the products page and asks me to register for a trial


i tells me that there is a new login format

when i try to "do it now" it tells we that the SW account is already linked to the email address i gave it. YA DUH. what is wrong i am a customer. i say continue and then it halts and  tells me that my first name and last name are already is use. YA DUH, that me!. why cant SW staff design a proper portal. if in house staff cant, outsource it to someone who can 


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The only issue I had with the new customer portal was it remembered my individual account from the initial trial months ago. My account only had standard access (not admin level) but I was the primary contact for the account (I wasn't during the initial trial). It wouldn't let me relink to my SW ID (already linked) and I couldn't escalate my own permissions at that permission level. Quick call to customer support and a few screenshots later - they bumped the account to admin level and I was able to modify user permissions.


I don't recall having any issues like you're describing with the SW Customer Portal, even after it was changed recently.

However, we had a similar issue but with different vendor's support site.  In our case, it turned out that they had not linked my Customer ID with the tools that we purchased.  So, just like you, we could not find patches or see any of the products that we own.  We too found that issue a bit frustrating, since we had to ask the tech to send us links for the upgrades, patches, etc.  In our case, took several weeks, but eventually our account got corrected and we were then able to find updates, links, etc.

In short, I suspect that you may need someone at SW to fix your customer account.  If you're really think you are not getting anywhere, I guess you can also ask your SW account representative to escalate your case.

NOTE:   We hardly ever ask our SW account rep to step in and escalate cases, since we don't want to over use that "trump card".  Likewise, I recommend that you use your SW account rep "trump card" very sparingly.  Anyway, if you are truly not getting anywhere with getting SW tech support to assist, that might be your next step.  I wish you the best.


thank you for the suggestion

I just sent a note to the web site developer

when I was at vmworld13 last month they offered to meet with me to show me the new portal proposed changes tec.

though we met, they were unable to show the portal changes as they had a new win 8 laptop that would NOT work with their own  portal (;

thus  no advance look at it or ability to give feedback

my sw cust portal looks  "'ok". when I log on it shows me an all the products I own.

however, I will no show me which ones have patches or new downloads

I am forced to manually track what versions I have and what the portal shows. very inconvenient.

IMHO, they assume all users have inet access and can do updates from the s/w tools themselves

I will call my rep and raise the issue

thank you for the trump card idea

Posted this 9months ago

no repose from sw yet

anyone watching this channel?

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Level 14

I don't like to see out of date pages in here. LEM page is one of them. Version 5.6 Released. But the page refers to 5.4. Please update it. And please don't wait for me to see your out of date pages.

And by the way we want you to implement a self made connector builder. This is the top requested feature of all time. I personally want to see this feature on the roadmap for the next version.

I concur with Mustafa that the What we're working on pages need to be updated.  Besides the LEM page, the ones for UDT and NCM are also behind, with UDT being the worst since it points to v2.51.  So I too would appreciate for SolarWinds to assign someone to keep these pages up to date.  Thanks.

We hear you. There are people assigned to these. When you seen things not updated, it usually means that decisions are not made yet, not that we are ignoring this. Typically the case for UDT and NCM.

We know those are important for you, but thanks for reminding us.

Level 8

No changes in the roadmap of mobile Admin. We are waiting for Native App for BB10!!

Level 14

Please update UDT. version 3.0 is released.


I'll do it in near future. Thanks for the heads-up.


Level 13

I would like to see FoE "What We Are Working On"

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Denny, is it possible to post a "last updated" column for easy recognition of what individual "what we're working on posts" was updated and when?

There is no automated way to have the update date posted by thwack.

We would need each product manager to update the line in the above bulleted list.

Note that you can "watch" this page and receive an email everytime it's modified.

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Okay, adding a update date to the line on the bulleted list will work. Thanks Francois.

Another possibility is to put the version in the line. This might be easier for you to know if there is something new, post what you already run. If we put the date, you need to remember when you last looked and do a date diff to see what's more recent.

Would this do, if we generalized this format: FSM: What are we working on for FSM after 6.4

What we are working on for FSM, after v 6.4...

Not applicable

I agree, version in the line would also be good to have on each.  I think a "last activity" date (like on the content pages of this forum) for each individual product to show when product managers last posted any updates to the original post would be helpful to those that frequent this page in determining stale/unchanged postings and be able to recognize the most recent changes quickly.

In regard to "watching" this page or each individual "what we're working on" page, this is not something I favor.  I don't really want to receive notifications when anyone makes a comment to the discussion page.  I just want to know when an update is made to an individual "what we're working on".

Hi everyone,

Since currently all of these "what we're working on" posts exist in various places, we are unable to automate the "last activity" for this specific page.  We are slowly making a transition to have all of these updates posted to the .  If you navigate there and look on the right hand side, you can see a widget which lists all "what we're working on" posts.  This widget should reflect recent updates and push those to the top.  Once we have all of these posts in a single place, we will absolutely make sure we define "recently updated" posts.