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What We Are Working On

The product teams are busy working on a number of highly requested enhancements. Although you will not see an official SolarWinds roadmap, the "What we are working on" posts are the best reflection of what the teams are currently working on in each product. It is not a commitment to a specific feature or release date, but it should help you understand the priorities of each of our product teams. Please see the individual "what we're working on posts" for more detail.

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Thanks Danielle.  Good to know what the plans are.  I'm not much a fan of having to go to the Product Blog to see "recently updated" posts which has no date when the "recently updated" post was made.  It sounds like the central "what we're working on" page is going away and I like being able to link to this page directly from the Thwack home page Guide to "What We're Working On".

I wasn't looking for an automated "last activity". I was looking for the product manager to just add this date to the topic line whenever they update the post.

This page will definitely not being going away.  We are just transitioning to bring all of the what we're working on posts to a central area.  I think your suggestion to add/change post titles to reflect when the post was updated is substantiated and we will look to make this happen.

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Sorry I misunderstood.  I feel better the page is not going away. Thank you for considering my suggestion.

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NPM product management  in Holiday ?



We were going through some internal details but have recently update the NPM post.

Any news on NTA?

Hi Mustafa,

We are working on an update to the NTA blog post pointed by the above link.

Should not be long.

Hi Francois,

I think it is time for a name change. SeUM should be WPM.

Hi Mustafa,

Thanks you are right, it's about time .

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I just checked the top 3 links, the NPM thread is outdated and locked, NCM link is broken (I am getting unauthorized) and the NTA is also outdated i.e, the items discussed have already been released.

Looks like the links work now.

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Please update NTA.

The NCM link should be working now. We're still in planning for most our 2013 releases, so we'll get this updated as soon as that exercise has wrapped up.  Please stay tuned.

IPAM is outdated also.

Mustafa, it looks like you already saw this but yes we updated the IPAM one yesterday. Again, we were waiting to clarify some internal details before posting.

Hi Chris, i am still getting the unauthorized error on the NCM link

The NCM link has been fixed.  Please let me know if you have any trouble getting there still.