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Vendor/Third Party Management Software

What do you use to manage vendors or third party companies? We currently have numerous telco, data service, security, and power vendors. It is hard to keep them straight. We are trying to find ways to keep track of things like when all the billing is due, when contracts end, and even login information to vendor websites. Excel sheets and Password safes only go so far. Looking for a cloud solution.

Any help would be appreciated,


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We use a combination of OneNote 2016 and Sharepoint, using Microsoft Office 365. This allows me to share all the information I need with whoever I need to within my business. For secure information and passwords I use Password Safe, with the application installed locally, and the actual password safe file itself shared over SharePoint/OneDrive.

Similar to what you describe, but it's cloud based and It works for us

- Jez Marsh

That is pretty much the boat we are in right now. We currently do not utilize Office 365 (we are looking into it). I was hoping to find an easy way of migrating information to the cloud. Not necessarily login information but Account Numbers, Contract expiration, and SLA information of services if applicable.

The consolidated Password Safe makes sense. I only get concerned in an out of band scenario when VPN might not be reachable. I know there are ways around it that as well.

We might have to found some cloud storage or just make something home grown. I am going to reach out to some folks to see what I can get.

What to Managed Service Providers use to keep track of all of their clients information? I hope it is not OneNote.

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You may have seen earlier comments from me regarding O365.  We save $6M/year on licensing fees using O365.  And our e-mail and apps are slow and occasionally unavailable.

Try figuring out the cost to production of that and justifying spending the $6M to Finance.

What's even better is NetPath confirms the issue when MS Cloud users report resources are unavailable, and MS isn't doing much about it.


Ahh...the joys of cloud services served with a $mile.