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THWACKCamp 2018 Award for best Dark Theme Bump?

Nationwide Dark Theme bump.  On "The Price is Right"!!  Aired June 13th, 2018.

They said no product placement or ads.  I thought, "No problem, #DarkTheme is an destination not a product."

DarkTheme for Solorwinds Orion! - YouTube

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Even the animals are going super black. Dakota McCoy gave a 24/7 Lecture on her work New Research Reveals Super-Black Feathers' Light-Absorbing Properties | Harvard University - The Gra...  for this year's Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. If the animals can do it surely humans can make a dark theme!

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Do not try this at home:


did you change the HTML code?

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No, Nick is right - it's a Chrome addon. And it looks terrible, I dont want no pink buttons on my dashboards please!

You tease us with your sorcery!

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OH, yeah, baby!  Gimme that dark theme! 

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Now that really does look awesome!

Perhaps a sneak preview at the London SWUG in November?

- Jez Marsh

saschg​ that looks really good.  Oh yea....

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