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Solarwinds Going Private - Interesting Development

Just saw this:

Historically, being taken private can mean an uptick in innovation and time to market for new products and services.

Should be an interesting ride?

I was curious if any SW employees had any thoughts or impressions they'd like to share.

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Here's hoping it's not Cisco who's doing the buying . . .

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Not sure about that one‌,  That is outside my lane.  Whatever happens I still support Solarwinds and gladly hold shares.  Now if some of these sports teams sold stock on an Exchange I would buy the stock and watch them play, but since they don't, I do not watch sports on TV.  I have Solarwinds things to do.....

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Does this forebode a merger with DynaTrace?

and / or

A move to DynaTrace's ridiculously high price point?

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This is good news, especially for my stock account.  Up 8 points last time I check this morning.

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exciting - this works well for some companies. Hope it applies here too

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I was really excited when I saw this.  Private companies have the luxery of focusing on their clients and the long term strategy of their product as opposed to public companies which are forced to focus on short term quarterly profits at the cost of everything else.  I think going private would allow SolarWinds to focus on areas of their products that have long gone neglected.

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Wondering what changes there will be to thwack too, hopefully they aren't bad

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Interesting...I hope this bodes well for all involved !!