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Right Click without SWET - can it be done?

Hi folks,

We are recent adopters / switchers to Solarwinds and whilst we are loving learning it and understanding it's power we have hit a couple of major roadblocks that we'd like to overcome... The biggest and most major one is that with our outgoing tool we can right click any device icon (node) and have access to a device relevant menu and the most primary use of this was for access to: ping, tracert, putty (for SHS or Telnet) and HTTP(s) - essentially it would auto-populate the IP into the relevant protocol and load the appropriate tool.

Now, my understanding from browsing THWACK and asking support is that this is possible if, and it's a huge if, every user has a copy of SW Engineers Toolset installed on their local desktop. This would be yet another huge expense for us as we have potentially 100+ engineers across all our teams that could or would want to use this.

So, my query is ... has anybody managed to integrate this functionality without using SWET? Primary for us would be to access Putty and HTTP(s) - the others would be niceties but not essential.

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Have you checked out the icons in the upper right side of any node's NPM page?


From left to right, they are:

  • Web Browse to the node
  • SSH to the node
  • Telnet to the node
  • Launch SolarWinds Ping Tool
  • Launch SolarWinds Traceroute Tool
  • RDP to the node

If you don't have these icons, you may need to modify your view/permissions in NPM to allow their integration into the page.

You may need to point each of them to your favorite tool (I currently have the free DameWare SSH Client for Windows installed, and it opens up automatically when I click the SSH icon or the Telnet icon, and gives me numerous options for storing credentials, selecting credentials, selecting the protocol, etc.).  I bet you can configure your Windows path to allow NPM's shortcut node icons to point to alternate tools like Putty or TeraTerm or another emulator.

The link to SolarWinds' free tools is here:

If I remember correctly, purchasing NPM allows you the right to install an integrated version of Engineers' Tool Set on each polling engine.  That may be a money-saver for your team that gives everyone the Toolset access they'd like--at no charge.  Install the Toolset on every one of your Polling Engines and then let your team run the Tools right on the polling engine.

Here's hoping one of these options is the right one for you!

Swift packets!

Rick Schroeder

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Hi Rick and thanks for the response...

Yes, I (and the others) are aware of those icons but as you point out they are on the node page. I guess I missed out the key driver in my initial post in that we would like to be able to do this from any page and not drill down to the node page. I've hit upon a compromise for myself but it works for me because I'm used to middle-clicking and opening stuff in new tabs. I know some of my colleagues are, shall we just say, less flexible in their approach

Support have confirmed that each person accessing the NPM rmotely and wanting a right click option will need a locally installed copy of the engineers toolkit. I and the main person that manages our Tools is not aware of the option to have an integrated version of the tools so i will pass that on to him and let him see what he can getback from our account manager or support.

For me, and others, this "lack" is a major draw back of SW but I guess we will adapt.

> Swift packets!

Love that .... to you too.