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NCM Compliance Policy reports

I have created some compliance reports and would like to schedule the reports to be generated weekly. The scheduler option does not provide the selection for a type of report file. When the job is completed we are emailed a PDF report. We prefer to have a csv or excel version but I don't see that as an option. We can manually export the reports from our compliance web page but would rather have it scheduled.

Has anyone ran into this and what was the work around?

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I agree with the other comments regarding using Report Writer. It has an option for automatically running reports at scheduled intervals and e-mailing them.

Until such time as the pretty GUI Compliance Report creation includes scheduled e-mailing, the Report Writer on the Main Instance poller does what you want.

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I have the same problem, did you ever get an answer?

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create the report manually via report writer on the application server

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I have a similar issue - after upgrading from 11.5 to 12.4 the compliance reports generated only attached a PDF.  The emails used to include the report summary in the HTML format in the body of the email.  Was this feature removed?

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Edit: read below, my screenshot is from a different place than OP is talking about.

It looks like if you edit the action you can change it at the bottom of the pop up window.

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As a quick note, that screenshot is from the native Orion report scheduler instead of the NCM Job scheduler, which only allows the CSV/Excel option for certain reports if you are sending them via email:


At the moment I don't see a way to have an NCM report exported as a CSV via a schedule that uses an email action. Hoping someone else has a workaround

have you tried creating the report via report writer on the solarwinds server it self not the web console ? Its not a nice interface but it does its job.

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