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My Name Is Alex Soul And I Freaking Rock!

Hi All,

I have a confession to make - I have been keeping it secret from all of you guys and girls for a while, up until Leon's post, which has inspired me to tell you all the truth I always knew about myself. I, Alex Soul, officially declare that I am Creative Thinker, Solution Architect, Techie Geek, an Automation Guru and most importantly - The Magician! I create my own Universe around me! I empower others, believe in myself and freaking rock with SolarWinds products, which makes me the best of all - SolarWinds Guru! Yes, I don't have a badge... yet... but I have a big heart, passion, drive, vision and... get this... purpose in life


P.S. And I really believe in everything I said above!

Thank Me Very Much,


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You may as well tell yourself if no one else is telling you

That's the whole point my friend - you tell yourself because no one else will. And what is really cool about it - once you tell it yourself, once you have claimed it, once you own it - others will suddenly agree That's just how it works... If you can't say about yourself a bunch of good things and if you can't believe in them - why would you expect anyone else will?

Dude. This is so true.

Ownership of a role (be it a Magician of all the Things or *INSERT CANNED JOB TITLE*) can give you empowerment, and when you wield that empowerment you become a force to reckoned with; you give yourself that authority. I think a lot of people focus on "waiting" for someone to award that authority to them, be it in their job, their home life, their relationships - but when you initiate it you become even more authoritative because you ARE the authority. Wait. Did I go full recursive?

We need patrick.hubbard‌ to tie this into DevOps, there's a hook somewhere in there; I know it!

Great post man.

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Good for you Alex. Your post made more than one person smile in our office.

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Made my day... in the most modest way (of course)!

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Hello alex

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Haha. The post has modesty written all over it!

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Alex's world.  

<kidding with you Alex>

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