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Issue in monitoring Site to Site VPN

I have added my firewall in Solarwinds NPM. We have several Site to Site VPN running on it but its not reflecting on the solarwinds. Its showing all the vpn either down or inactive while in reality they are up.

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ping the private ip on the otherside of the VPN tunnel.  If it is reachable the tunnel is up, if not then the vpn tunnel is down.

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Those tunnels are for a fact up. I can see all the SAs and I can see traffic when I do a capture. The tunnels are just showing inactive on Solarwinds when monitoring the IPSecs on the ASA linecard in the core switch. The physical ASA 5555-X is working and the tunnels are reporting as up.

PS. The configurations of both ASAs and Solarwinds are the same.

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Would you kindly please

1. Share the model of ASA you're monitoring

2. Show us how often it's being polled

3. Provide a screen shot showing NPM's set up to monitor it via CLI successfully


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I am experiencing the same issue.

I am running a WS-SVC-ASA-SM1 linecard:



Network Insights has also been enabled.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

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When Network Insight for ASA was first released, the ASASM polling was buggy and didn't include accurate site-to-site tunnel data. They fixed it in a later version, though. I would open a support case and get your diagnostics analyzed by engineering to have them see what's up.

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What model ASA are you monitoring? Have you enabled CLI polling in the Edit Properties page and also added Network Insight for ASA from the Manage Resources page?

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Level 11

it would be nice to see some activity on this one.  maybe someone has a better MIB?

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