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Is it safe to move Orion server and SQL database to another servers and use newest versions?

I will migrate Orion server and SQL server to new hardware. I want to upgrade NPM, SAM and NCM to recent versions (currently: Orion Platform 2015.1.3, SAM 6.2.3, DPA 10.0.1, NCM 7.4.1, IVIM 2.1.1, QoE 2.0, Toolset 11.0.1, NPM 11.5.3, Mobile Admin) by the occasion. So my plan is to copy Orion database to new SQL server and then install recent versions on new Orion server with connection to copied database. My question is if old database will work with newest NPM, SAM and NCM or would be safer to upgrade running Orion and then move database to new server?

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This will work with the latest versions of installation go ahead.



See the post below for more details.

Everything you need to plan for a production installation upgrade or migration

Everything you need to plan for a production installation upgrade or migration - SolarWinds Worldwid...


Hi Malik,

thanks for links. I found some of them already and I've been thinking about the issue during weekend. I think to go through myself without opening tickets. It is easier but less satisfying

First I will move Orion DB to new SQL server.

I have currently latest versions modules on Orion 2015 platform. So the question is if to upgrade to platform 2016 first and then move Orion server to new hardware (which would be installed initially on platform 2016 - NPM 12.0.1 etc.).

Or second scenario - to Install new Orion platform on new server with connecting to migrated Orion DB without upgrading the old Orion server.

The first option looks to be safer but will take more time. The second one looks to be too risky from the other hand - If failed then I would have much more work then with the first one

Will still have Monday to thinking and let you know how it was on Tuesday.

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Second option is safe where you will still have your production server up and running meanwhile you will have the new server deployed .

We have 24/7 service so if you stuck some place simply open the System Down support case and our team will immediately contact you to correct any of the issue.

During installation of new server you can simply skip the license and it will be working for you 30 Days evaluation without any issue so once your New system will be up and runnning you can then transfer your licenses to new system .

let me know if you have any question

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Hi Malik,

I've assigned 2 tickets for the same problem in fact: 1093183 and 1093218. My question is how to proceed to avoid the issue for the next time?

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This is already been included in this post i have provided how to migrate your licenses from old to new server in a VIDEO details.

Everything you need to plan for a production installation upgrade or migration - SolarWinds Worldwid...

How can I migrate/apply the licensed from another server to a new server?

License Manager:

A video has been created to help step people through moving a licensed product from one computer or server to another.  You will be stepped through parking a license, moving to another computer or server, and reusing the parked license on the new computer or server:

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Hi Malik,

I knew all those instructions and procedures for migration before I started. The problem is that they work if everything goes smoothly without other issues. I met licences stuck at Customer Portal Deactivated on old server and inaccessible on new one. To be honest instructions to migrate Orion server with few modules and licenses between 2 servers with different names and IP addresses are not precise enough. Example - it is not written when to run Configuration Wizard on new server and what should be the state of Orion services on old server at the exact moment. Additionally what and how particular tables in Orion database should be manipulated manually (OrionServers, Engines etc.).

Finally with SW TechSupport all problems got sorted out (Great thanks to Brian Kiely in Ireland ).

Glad to hear things worked out I pay close attention to the 11 to 12 upgrades and any issues with the change. I'm also interested in SQL Server and windows server upgrades.

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I'll give you few more details. The task was in general:

  1. to move database from SQL Server (MS SQL 2008) on existing server(MS Win 2008) to new server (MS Win 2012 R2 SP1) with MS SQL 2014;
  2. to upgrade Orion Platform 2015 (NPM 11.5.3, NCM 7.4.1, SAM 6.2.3) to Orion Platform 2016 (upgrading modules to newest versions) on old server (MS Win 2008);
  3. to migrate Orion to new server with new name and new IP address.
  • Item 1 processed without big problems (minor issue was to disable Windows firewall on new server to access DB from Orion); DB migration procedure: backup>copy>retrieve passed smoothly.
  • Item 2 processed without problems.
  • Item 3 - migration - gave major problem.
  • I deactivated licenses on old server, checked status on Customer Portal and licenses were NOT ACTIVE.
  • I stopped all Orion related services on old server (were problems with stopping Syslog Service and Trap Service.
  • I installed newest Orion (1/NPM, 2/SAM and 3/NCM as last one) versions on new server without running Configuration Wizard.
  • The I run Configuration Wizard (DB, Services and Website) on new Orion server - not all services started properly because there were few .NET options inaccessible on new server (it was fresh new hardware and OS). Configuration Wizard did not install those missing .NET versions. It was necessary to install them manually. Then I run CW again and Orion started. I went to License Management website and activated licenses (there were still problems with starting of Syslog, Traps and RabbitMQ services). The licenses showed up as activated on new server but new Orion server was still showing old server as primary Orion server. After restart of all services and Website I found licenses not active (error message was: Evaluation epired), Administration site not allowing to enter License Manager. Customer Portal showed License Activated on all products and old server showed Licenses Deactivated. I contacted Tech Support to unlock stuck liceses and to fix problems with enabling server reference in DB. It was necessary to manually manipulate in tables of DB. Finally got fixed.


  • I thing the better solution was to migrate Orion Platform 2015 to new server and to run upgrades on new server (would be possible to use application License Manager independently from Orion website);
  • I'm not sure if Configuration Wizard should not run with first product (NPM) on new server but after all products installed; maybe because of DB configuration but it is not explained in documentation and giudes.
  • Orion migration between 2 servers with different names and IP addresses needs to be described more precisely in the guide in KB.
  • Running above operations without maintenance and Tech Support from SW is risky and danger
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Please open a ticket with support. they can provide a step-by-step migration guide for you.

Short answer - the software version must be compatible with the database. So, you will need to install identical software versions on the new server first, and then run the upgrade installers

Ditto--what he said:  Open a ticket with Solarwinds Support to get the right info and procedures.  Otherwise you'll find what isn't compatible--the hard way.