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Level 7

How can config Solarwindorion 2019.4 Netflow for asa 5520 ?

I have problem with sending asa 5520 flows to SolarwindOrion 2019.4

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Check out this guide in the Success Center

Level 7

Hi  ,I do that but not work properly. After config cli credentioals for asa  5520  on solarwinds  "SNMP Notify Threat" process reach 80%

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A few points:

- You're working with a legacy device that's no longer supported by Cisco

- The configuration requirements may vary depending on which version of software you're running

- On the ASA platform you're actually working with NSEL instead of Netflow

- If you have access to ASDM this is much easier

If you've already configured the flow destination, export delay, timeout, ACL, class-map, and policy-map correctly, I'm not sure what to tell you. Have you tried using the SolarWinds Netflow Configurator?

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