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Level 9

For those that have won prices on any event... Did you ever get your price?

I had gotten an email that I won during the last ThwackCamp but it has been months and no price yet?  Anybody else had this issue?

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Yep, just give them a little time...especially this time of year.

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Level 11

I did though I consider my circumstances an anomoly.

It took more than a few weeks. Apparently, the person that first reached out to me to get my mailing address left the company. It was a few weeks later when I decided it had been long enough and I emailed that person. A bit more time passed before anyone monitoring the old address finally responded and restarted the process. 

Everything I've ordered from the shop has been well within reason on arrival.

Gearhead by birth, network engineer by training
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I've won a couple of things and everything always arrives. Sometimes it takes a while, but SolarWinds always keep their promises.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi jellobones!

I just messaged our vendor again for an update and hopefully tracking info.

I'll email you when I have that info.

Thanks for your patience!


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Level 15

i just got mine in the last few days; cross fingers for a holiday surprise!