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Can a Application monitor show the Worst result based on the status of its Component monitors

Hi All,

I have a application template  which has 3 component monitors, namely A, B and C. I want to alert only when all the three component's status is critical.

There seems to be two ways of configuring such alerting:

1. Configure alert conditions in such a way that it triggers only when all three are critical,

2. The application monitor turns critical only when all its three components are critical, so that we can alert on the critical status of the application.

Any help on how to configure alert meeting the above stated condition would be appreciated!

Thanks !

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I freely confess my ignorance on this topic in advance, and beg your forgiveness for offering a naïve idea:

  1. Generate your report and include ALL the data that you want to have in a final report
  2. Export it all to Excel
  3. Filter the results to show only the columns you need to see
  4. Sort the data from worst to best
  5. Your information will be at the top of the spreadsheet

If that's not pertinent or possible, I apologize for my lack of expertise, and humbly beg your forgiveness.

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Level 10

Can anyone please help with how to configure the "Health Rollup policy" of the application monitor. This will help to determine the health of the application monitor based on either the 1. Best state of any member, 2. Worst state of any member.

Seems like its set to "worst state of any member" and I want to set it to "Best state of any member".


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That is one of the best things about this many ways to accomplish the same thing...but you need to find what fits best.

If you set it up so the application monitor turns critical when all three are down then you may not know when you have a partial failure or degraded situation.

By having the alert fire when all three are down, then you can the potential to see a degraded condition or the beginnings of a cascading failure.. but you may have more monitors running.

Just a couple of things to think about.

Game it out and figure out which method best suits your needs...

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Thanks, Jfrazier!

Can you please help on how to do it ... ?

I have tried for both the methods, but failed in both. Certainly, there is something that I'm doing wrong.

1. For the Alert setup, below are the conditions that I've used:

Component Status is equal to Critical


(Component Name is equal to A


Componenet Name is equal to B


Component Name is equal to C)

2. For the Application to show critical only when all the three components are critical , ie. to show best status while rolling up the status of each component. Coudn't find from where to set the roll-up status for the application.

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