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Level 13

Any DNSstuff users out there?--Partiicpate in user feedback and get a $25 Amazon gift card!

Hey DNSstuff users,

Now that SolarWinds has acquired DNSstuff, we want to understand from current paid subscription users what you like best about the site and the tools--and what you would tell us to change.  Take part in upcoming user feedback sessions where you get a chance to influence product direction and give us feedback on some early design changes by emailing  Tentative dates are around October 27th and 28th, and we're likely looking for about a 45-minute commitment to give feedback.

Those who participate get $25 Amazon gift cards to thank you for your time.



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Level 7

Who knows how to check your dns isp state in this new dnsstuff??.. Before now I do find it on the top page of but after they redid the site today it was gone

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