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thwack Monthly Mission - March 2016

Level 15

Here at House SolarWinds, we fight day and night to bring you monitoring solutions that help you conquer the never-ending battle for performance.1602_GOT_thwack_75x75.jpg

This month, we summon all who stand watch over their IT environments (that would be you) and take on the daily threat of downtime. Foreboding network issues, looming server & application slowdowns, dark database dilemmas, and mounting security threats are all part of the battle. Now it’s time to take the oath, grab your sword of expertise and be tested.

Rule your landscape, conquer the mission with ruthless abandon and you could win a throne worthy of your conquest.


March Mission

Ready to claim your rightful spot on this mission’s glorious throne? Knowledge is your weapon. Use the mission’s information resources (hints) to complete the tasks and answer the questions. Correctly answer each question during the week and you'll be entered to win the weekly prize. Correctly answer all 20 questions over the course of the month and you'll be entered to win the grand prize: Herman Miller Chair.

Mission Rules

  1. A new question will open every day (Monday - Friday) starting on March 7th.
  2. Once a question has opened, it will remain open until April 3rd @ 11:59pm CT. Check the schedule below for exact open/close times.
  3. Only your first attempt at answering a question counts. Double check your answers!
  4. Correctly answer all 5 questions within a given week and be entered to win the weekly prize!
    • Week 1 - Drawing on March 14th
    • Week 2 - Drawing on March 21st
    • Week 3 - Drawing on March 28th
    • Week 4 - Drawing on April 4th
  5. Correctly answer all 20 questions over the course of the month to be entered to win our grand prize! Herman Miller Chair
    • Grand Prize - Drawing on April 4th
  6. 150 points are being awarded for each correctly answered question.  There are 20 questions which means you can earn a maximum of 3,000 points for this mission.
    • ***Points/badges will be added to profiles once the mission has closed***

ubmit a screenshot in the comments below of th

shirt.JPG***Mission Shortcut***shirt.JPG

US, Canada, UK, & Germany click here to get your t-shirt!

Australia, Singapore & Hong Kong click here to get your t-shirt!

Weekly Prizes







Week 1: Amazon Fire Tablet

Complete questions 1-5 by March 13 to be entered to win

Mar 7 - Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5


Week 2: Game of thrones Drinking Horn

Complete questions 6-10 by March 20 to be entered to win

Mar 14 - Question 6

Question 7

Question 8

Question 9

Question 10


Week 3: SOLARAY PRO ZX-1 Professional ​Series Flashlight Kit

Complete questions 11 - 15 by March 27 to be entered to win

Mar 21 - Question 11

Question 12

Question 13

Question 14

Question 15


Week 4: Yeti Cooler Rambler Tumbler

Complete questions 16 - 20 by April 3 to be entered to win

Mar 28 - Question 16

Question 17

Question 18

Question 19

Question 20


Correctly answer all 20 questions before April 3 and get entered to win the Grand Prize!

Herman Miller Chair

Winner: gladis

Level 9

Lol love the graphic and everything with this monthly mission.

We are the Watchers on the Console,

The script in the darkness

The answer to you woes!

We are House Solarwinds! (House Orion sounds better though )

Brilliant! I need to get marketeers of the same calibre working for me


Dang...I want to have to find a way to mount that flashlight to my helmet.

Level 20

Looks like a Herman Miller Ergo chair too!!!  I like the new two tone Aeron.  I have an older all black Aeron... dang I like the two tone with chrome!


So wait I have to have thwack and gns3 id to answer questions?  I went ahead and put them both in... idk?

Level 20

The flashlight takes two 18650 batteries like a couple of my e-cig mods lol...

When you sit in one of these your back side knows it was meant to be there.  The two tone is nice.  it could be any color and I'd still sit in it.  this is going to be a fun contest. 

Just need one of these....Screen Shot 03-07-16 at 09.36 AM.PNG

Level 12

Thank you for putting together another great informational contest!

Level 15

We included that because we're collaborating with GNS3 on this mission (like we did for the January Mission thwack Monthly Mission - January 2016). You only need your thwack ID


I wish...needs to be a mount to go onto my fire department helmet...



The Herman Millers are nice...

I'd have to chain it down and put a lo-jack on it here at the office....and I'm not afraid to do it either.

Level 13

Love the logo! can't wait to get started

Level 20

Lol not related but that hat just reminded me of this link I just found on druge today:  You know Area 51, but just what in the world is Area 6? | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Level 10

**Sees a new monthly thwack contest up**

**Doesn't have enough coffee this morning before attempting to answer**

**Reading comprehension skills suffer, fail to enter first question of the month correctly**
**Silently cries at desk**

Community Manager
Community Manager

Boo! We understand sometimes the coffee can't come fast enough. You're still eligible for the weekly drawings, good luck!

Level 11

Excellent job setting up this mission my friends! The theme and graphics are AWESOME!


They make these chairs in my city! +1 rep for West Michigan

This has happened to me more than once... lessons learned

Level 14

In the 90's during the dot-com bubble, they used to say you could determine how quickly a company would go under by how many of those chairs it had...

MVP that's what happened to RadioShack after they built their new campus around 2005 and filled the new building with them.

Those were nice chairs...  The FAF was rather low though.

Level 20

Lol ironically I was working for a GE Capital company at the time and eventually we went under and our brand new building was full of them!!!  I know a bunch that apparently made their way mysteriously out the door... I kicked myself for not taking one too... I'm just too ethical I guess lol!

Level 9

The Marketing staff and everyone involved in contests at Solarwinds is top notch!  Thanks for the awesome contests and the hard work you do!


I know March 31st is going to be a problem for me

Don't know how long I'll be standing in line outside my local Tesla store.........

Level 14

If you're getting a Tesla, we are now fighting.


reservation for a Model 3, never done that for a car before!


Nice !!

If I ever got anything like that, I'd fight on my hands...My wife, son, and daughters would be all over it.

Level 15

Maybe your ethics will help you have some good karma to win the chair this time

Level 20

I sure hope so Wendy!!!

Level 7

And everyone in your neighborhood saying... "Can I drive it too?"

Level 7

Haha I love it!


I just joined THWACK a couple of months ago.  I have been using the Orion Platform for several years... and have missed out on a lot from not joining THWACK.  You all have got it going on ... I now find myself going to the site daily - checking on info, feedback, articles.  I have been missing out ...  the coolest game I have ever played... I am in IT - I don't game at all...  you all have made a great niche - I see how many folks you impact every day ... you have got to have a phenomenal hit count on the site... keep up the great work...  it does lead to sales ..  you all have developed a really cool strategy to maintain customers, keeping them informed, and stimulated... very very very cool!!

Level 15

Thanks for the kind words Jennifer! Welcome to thwack!

It's great to hear that you've already seen the value of thwack in such a short amount of time.

Level 10

Today's question has no answer radio buttons.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 6.47.38 AM.png

Level 13

Its a fill in the blanks, so you have to actually type the word

Read the hint thoroughly, keeping the text of the question in mind. You'll work out the missing word and then you have to type it in the box.

Level 10

So far so good. Last month's was rough. I have high hopes for this month.

Level 8

This is definitely a fun way to learn a bit more about the products and to stay engaged with the community; wish more companies were this fun.

Level 14

It's always rough when you're trying to guess what someone else thinks is the most valuable tool.

Level 9

I can actually answer day 4 (fill in the blanks) multiple times. Is anyone else getting that problem?

Level 10

Finally getting in on this one.  This looks so amazing! I'm totally going to geek out on this one as bad as I did the DBA one in December.  Star Wars and GoT are so ingrained in my mind and life.

I will have to fully rewrite the Night Watch pledge as silverbacksays​ started to do already.

I'm so IN!!! 

Level 11

Yes, I noticed that when I clicked it to see if I had done it.  Unsure, I filled it in then went back and tried again.  Still worked.

Level 7

Same... I did not see the "You have already completed this survey" message so I did it again. Went back and still no message. I think I answered that question 3 or 4 times.

Level 10

Feeling a little dumb on today's question.  I should know the answer, but no one solution is jumping out.  I read the hint, but not seeing an obvious answer in this one.  I'm not asking for the answer, just feeling a little dumb and WAAAAYYYY tired. lol

Level 15

Fill in the blank questions are a little more forgiving than those with radio buttons. They give you multiple chances to get it right (just in case of typos ).

Level 9

Totally agree abynum​,

Todays question was poorly written and not really clear.  Nothing in the hint related to the "correct" answer even digging through the links found on that page.  Good luck guessing, I wasn't so fortunate.

Level 14

another great mission.... play and play I will!!

wabbott​ Thanks for putting this one together!!!!

Level 15

I'm glad you're enjoying it George!

thwack missions are one of the best parts of the job


This is a great mission. Love the theme! Well done.


Great Mission. One problem, and I may be wrong about this, but today's hint has nothing to do with Depp Packet Inspection. Just the cost of Monitoring.

Level 14

Yes, it doesn't seem to be the correct hint page.