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thwack Community - 2015 Year in Review

Community Manager


12 Monthly Missions

January - Help Desk Resolutions

january - help desk resolutions.png

February - NetSec Bootcamp

february - netsec bootcamp.png

March - Planet of the Apps

march - planet of the apps.jpg

April - Configure This.

april - configure this.png

May - Get Your **IT Together

may - get your shit together.png

June - Security Scavenger Hunt

june - security scavenger hunt.jpg

July - SysAdmin Squares

july - sysadmin squares.png

August - thwackCamp: The Mission

august - thwackcamp the mission.png

September - #SolvedIT

september - solved IT.png

October - Threat Hunters

october - threat hunters.png

November - Rage Against the Virtual Machine

november - rage against the virtual machine.png

December - Return of the DBA

december - return of the DBA.png

11 (Million) T-shirts



10 Members of the 150k Club

150k club members.JPG

Shout out to:











9 (Billion) Buttons Given Out

8 New SolarWinds MVPs


7 (Teen) SolarWinds Lab Episodes

  1. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #22: New Geek, New Set, NCM DB Tips and IP Address Conflict Detection
  2. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #23: Interactive Visual Network Discovery with NTM and EOC How-To
  3. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #24: NPM 11.5 - Web-Based Alerting How-to plus Wireless Heat Maps, Duplex Mis...
  4. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #25 - How-to Configure the New Orion® Agents & Converged Systems Monitoring (...
  5. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #26: New Module How-To: AppInsight for IIS & Orion Storage - Storage Resource...
  6. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #27: You've Already Been Hacked! Now What?
  7. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #28: Linux® Love
  8. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #29: Orion® Cribs - View, User, and Resource Customization
  9. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #30: Virtualization Manager - Take Out-Of-The-Box Alerts and Reports to vNext...
  10. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #31: Programmers Only - Automating IT with Cloud DevOps
  11. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #32: Two Geeks and a Goddess
  12. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #33: SolarWinds Odd Couples
  13. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #34: Amp Up Your Network Configuration and Compliance with SolarWinds NCM
  14. [VIDEO] MySQL Database monitoring with DPA - SolarWinds Lab #35
  15. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Support Spectacular! - SolarWinds Lab #36
  16. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #37: Monitoring 101
  17. [VIDEO] SolarWinds Lab #38: Get Your Monitoring Squeaky Clean for 2016


SolarWinds Lab Hosts & Head Geeks:

sqlrockstar‌, kong.yang‌, adatole‌, & patrick.hubbard

6 Industry Events Attended

buttons 4.JPG

5 Community Team Members!


From left to right: mblackwe‌, wabbott‌, DanielleH‌, mrs.alterego‌, maria.bungau

4 (Teen-Million) thwack Points Earned

points earned.JPG

3 (Thousand) thwack Store Orders


2 (Hundred) Geek Speak Blogs


1 thwackCamp to Rule Them All


See you all in 2016!


It has been a great year and looking forward to next year. 

Level 9

I see what you did there

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm nervous to ask what I did...

Level 9

A little late for the 12 days of Thwackmas


Thanks for a good year Danielle and Maria. Without you all out here, the Thwack site would not go so smoothly.

Community Manager
Community Manager

That's what happens when you get stuck in a blizzard without your work computer while on "vacation" to visit family.

Community Manager
Community Manager

It takes an army but thank you! You guys and gals are really what makes this site go.

Product Manager
Product Manager

Founding member of the 300k club.. WOOT!!

Level 10

Peace be with all of our Thwack gods and all of us lowly Thwack users.  May you each have a wondrous New Year.  To each of you, may your nodes abide. May you find and destroy the threats you hunt. May your virtual machines rage on!  Thank you for such a great year!  It was both fun and educational.

I look forward to the benevolence and journeys sent to us by our Thwack gods in 2016.

Peace be da journey.  Carpe Diem.  May the Force be with you!

‌... And we said goodbye to a really cool guy, Lawrence Garvin.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Indeed.  It was tough digging through all my SolarWinds Lab files while writing this... He is deeply missed.  It's cool when we come across his contributions vast contributions to the IT community.  That SolarWinds Lab blooper reel was priceless!

I confess to having had the limits of my credulity stressed.  Stretched.  No--exceeded!

Were there really 11 Million T-Shirts sent out?  And 9 Billion buttons given out?

I enjoy numbers and fun facts to share, but how could SW handle that much swag?  I WANT to believe, but it seems unbelievable.  Please say it's SO!

But if it's NOT so, that's OK--IF you can share the real numbers.  Even just ballpark figures.  I expected hundreds of T-Shirts and maybe thousands of Buttons.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Those 2 numbers are playfully exaggerated because there's no telling how many we actually gave out, but the rest are accurate!  If you've come to see us at Cisco Live, VMworld, etc. you'd see buttons, t-shirts and stickers flying out of our booth quicker than you can blink.

Community Manager
Community Manager

It's definitely somewhere in the tens of thousands, though rschroeder‌.

I am still trying to get 3 more people to follow me so I can earn my Influencer badge before EOY. I am not proud, I will beg for followers!!! 3 more to go!!!

My family is a walking advertisement for SolarWinds, with all the T-Shirts I've received.  It's fun stuff--thank you, DanielleH‌, for your diligent work!

Community Manager
Community Manager

You have 2 more to go now.

Level 10

Make that 1 more

Level 15


Happy New Year Everyone!


Loop1 Systems: SolarWinds Training and Professional Services

You guys rock!!! Thanks everyone!!! Badge earned!!!

Level 9

gratz with ur band +1

Level 9

Happy New Year Everyone!


It's been a busy 2015!

Also, whoa whoa whoa.... the MVP bobble heads are out?!?

Level 12

Thanks to maria,DanielleH and solarwinds team without you it is not possible to complete all month mission.

and happy near for everyone

Level 16

Awesome year for Thwack, it just keeps getting better and better!

Thank you Thwack team for keeping us amused, educated and prepared!!

Level 16

Ur good to go now!

Level 16

The shirts and buttons move so fast because they are usually the coolest at the show!

Level 15

I´m very  happy for to be partner this team ...

Applause all 'round

2015 was a great year for me, and looking at those numbers an ever better year for SolarWinds. Lets hope that 2016 is even better for all of us!

Level 12

Happy New Year  Everyone !!!


Happy New Year - its going to be a great 2016!

Level 13

Happy New Year! Looking forward to my first full year with all you great thwackers

Happy New Year to all! Also, received my bobblehead today - THANK YOU!

Level 17

Wonderful! 2015 was a GREAT year, and I am looking forward to 2016!

Level 14

Thank you all!  It was a great year for Thwack!  And I just got my bobblehead.  It is pretty cool!  I love it!

Level 10

This was a great milestone for Thwack. it was wonderful knowing many people benefited from all the effort put in by the thwack administrators to show lots of love to the community.

Thwack rocks any day. yippee and Happy New year to all.

Level 10

I believe it should be so. its all marketing material as well for the gifting purpose.

Level 16

12469383_10153845918104855_6176396416842002232_o.jpgThank you -- I got my Bobblehead -- it was a great thing to get in the mail yesterday. 🙂

Level 9

Surely you must have that now. I just started following you.

Level 11

The Thwack team keeps it very interesting and fun, keep it up for 2016.


My bobblehead arrived while I was on leave.



Another fantastic year has passed at Thwack! Thanks for the memories, and here's to creating new ones for 2016.

Thanks for the bobblehead too! I see "myself" in the bobblehead group


With all the bald bobbleheads, I can't tell which one is mine.

Level 20

and... this year you passed up Andy big time lololol!

Product Manager
Product Manager


NO YOU DIDN'T!!!!!!!!  That is too freaky LMAO.  

Level 20

Awe that's awesome!!!!!


yep - another baldie here!



I know I'm late but one can never have too many followers right?!

Level 20

Have put mine here too... I have another thread for bobbleheads going too:  Bobble Head!!!