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Yule Rule 2019 Submissions - What Do You NOT Want To Carry Into The New Year?

Community Manager

Video Link : 1265

Share your most interesting IT struggles, pet peeves, day-to-day annoyances, exasperations, troubleshooting tribulations, or any other work-related stuff you’d rather not carry into the New Year, and we’ll joyfully toss the best ones into our festive, flickering holiday hearth of happiness.

Suggestions will be accepted through December 10th.

Check back on December 17th to watch our heart-warming holiday video—certain to set your IT spirit aglow.

Level 20

I could really do without some of the corporate "Innovation" initiatives and basically suck up teams that don't do any real work.

Yule Rule - If you want to move to the cloud to save money - DON'T. [I am looking at you upper management.] You may change the color of money from capital to operations. In some extremely rare instances you may reduce staff, but IT departments in the last 10 years have not grown much. Most shared or support services haven't. Move to the cloud because it gets you all kinds of other features and functionality. It can get you things like disaster recovery, which you have given lip service to but never committed funds for. But understand it is going to take a different set of skills and your expectations need to change about what service levels you are going to get. Also, understand the security implications of cloud and will your customers like having their data there? I am not saying do not look to the cloud for your IT needs, but please can we get a better prescription for your glasses. The rose color lenses you are wearing looked cool and hip for a while, but now you just look silly.

Level 12

I just threw up a little.

Let 2019 be free of Cisco licensing stumbling blocks that prevent you from using your newly-purchased hardware until you discover Cisco requires you spend additional funds to unlock and use:

  • Physical port throughput capabilities (You bought 10G , 40G, 100 G ports?  Oh, didn't you understand you must pay EXTRA to use them.  The license they come with only allows 1 Gb/s.)
  • VPN functionality  ("You bought a VPN-capable router?  I'm sorry, you'll have to pay extra to ENABLE the VPN functionality on it.  You can open a new ticket and talk to a different department in a different part of the world to discuss your needs.  They'll transfer you to another department, since they can't do everything needed to help you openVPN licensing access.  Oh, your fully-VPN--licensed router has failed and you now have the replacement unit through RMA?  Let me send you to a fourth department, because we didn't transfer your VPN license from the failed unit to the new one yet.")
  • Any L3 functionality at all  (Yes, you DID spend over $1M on new L3 switches.  You understood it doesn't come with L3 ENABLED, right?  It only does L2 until you enable the functionality.  How?  By purchasing another license, of course.")
  • BGP ("Oh, I see you purchased the license to enable L3 functionality.  What's that? You thought BGP came with L3 functionality?  Hahahaha.  No, THAT'S only available with the Enterprise License, and you only purchased the Advanced IP Suite.  I'll connect you with Sales so you can discuss your payment options.")
  • Any special features the hardware supports, that you bought the hardware to use, but aren't available without additional levels of funding sent to Cisco to unlock that functionality.

This goes for every vendor, including Microsoft, Amazon, anything in the cloud.  But mostly directed at Cisco this year.

On the other hand I'm thankful Cisco's latest versions of code no longer bark at using non-Cisco optics.  Our 10Gb/s LR optics costs have dropped by two orders of magnitude through purchasing and using non-Cisco SFP's.

Let 2019 be done with all forms of communication spam.

  • Being CC'd in e-mail threads for which I have no interest, input, or action items
  • Robo-dials to my desk phone, home land-line, or cell phone
  • Charities and politicians calling or e-mailing me
  • All cold calls from sales people

Let there be an Easy Button that removes my name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and all contact handles from every person and business and database that I have not explicitly shared and acknowledged.

Level 10

How about let's just be done with arcane and intentionally confusing licensing schemes in 2018.    Microsoft's software licensing practically takes an advanced degree to understand (I've had more than one Microsoft rep stumble when trying to explain how licensing works), and Cisco is even worse with their Call Manager licensing.  

"I just got my Cisco Certification!"

"Wow, congrats!   Routing and Switching?  VoIP?"

"Nope, licensing!   I can now explain in real world terms what a CUWL license is!"

"REALLY?!?  What is it?"

"A bunch of bulls***..."

Level 12

I would like to leave behind the uncertainty of if I have a job or not at this company in the future.

I would like to leave behind all the extra hours I have been putting in for no compensation or recognition.

I would like to leave behind the complete lack of work/life balance I have right now.

Level 13

I'd like to leave behind the endless calls and emails from vendors trying

to sell me a product I don't need to solve a problem I don't have.

Level 8

Negative Office Politics.

Level 9

QSFP28+ optical power levels and Solarwinds inability to monitor them.  Oh and Juniper ex stacks much like Cisco 37 stacks.  That would be nice

Level 9

Lack of Standardization and Processes

Level 7

I do not wnt to carry bad processes and inefficient password resets.

Level 12

Managers that don't listen and then come back and ask follow up questions (but not all at once, they make a separate trip for each question)!

I HOPE there's no such Cisco certification . . . but I confess that I wouldn't be surprised if there is.

There is a remedy for that, castlerobertd​'s called Tannerite and a well placed AR-15 shot:

Man loses leg by shooting lawn mower full of explosives - YouTube

Just make sure you wear your full suit of armor when you do it!

Level 12

Yeah, my passwords are safe in the "cloud"....hahaha

Level 12


Things of which I wish to be rid:

1. Windows XP, Windows Vista, WIndows 8, Windows 10 (uh, yep, there I said it "Viva la Windows 7!")

2. Cisco equipment that is older than my grandson (he's 12!)

3. Millennial "jargon". No offense to those in that generation but just like "ebonics", "millennial" is not its own language! - "Jelly" is something I put on my toast and "totes" are bags in which stuff is ferried!!  And I have no idea what "a dorbs" is for Pete's sake!

4. Political chaos. Nuff said on that...

5. People trying to burn up the western half of North America and Mother Nature trying to drown the eastern half.

6. Novels for passwords --- PPPBBBBBBTH!!!  "ThisIsMyStupidNew37CharacterPassword1" and then change the "1" to a "2" when it expires!  Double PPPBBBBBBBBBTH!

7. Users thinking that a lack of preparation on their part STILL constitutes an emergency on my part!

That's all I can think of for now.

Level 9

Change Requests to install SolarWinds Agents!

Level 12

Don't want workplace politics carried over to 2019. Don't need all the toxic stuff.

Also, no more ridiculous blockchain startups and ideas.

Level 15

I'm going to have to second that. If you still need to print it, well maybe it's time you retire.

Level 15

I would support this .... Except...Solarwinds sales do this on a regular basis.

Level 12

Here's my dream:

Eliminate the policy of a new password every 30 to 90 days that is so complex everybody keeps it on a Post-It next to their monitor.

Replace it with a policy allowing easily memorized passwords and another policy of three failed login attempts and you're locked out for five minutes, six failed attempts and you're locked out until you contact IT.

Yes, some people will have to call to get their accounts unlocked. But with the complex passwords I get regular "I forgot my password" or "I spilled coffee on my password" calls.

Level 15

Workplace politics. I previously worked at a company for 28 years. In that 28 years I never once ever heard mention a persons race or their political views. I changed jobs 2 years ago and its been a blessing and a curse. Because my white manager is married to a black woman he feels its ok to call everyone out about their race... all the time (I'm white and married to a latin lady) and he thinks he gets a pass. No you don't get a pass. Shut up. Then on top of that he pushes his political agenda down our face at staff meetings, lunch etc.. the crap you have to put up with...


Windows 7... that is all

Level 12

To enforce the one word the end uses do not want to hear "Security"

Level 10

"Change freeze Justification"

Is an oxymoron and will no longer exist. Freeze is freeze. Just wait.

Also leave me alone, and no, I'm not coming to the Christmas Party because I hate people. What?

Level 14

everyone says "don't just lift & shift",  and all the cloud vendors' "free" tools do exactly that. Why can't they just be honest ?

I like your list, but your Millenial terms haven't made into my vocabulary yet.  "Jelly" and "totes"?   

One might guess "a dorbs" could be short for "Those cute little things are ADORABLE!"  But I've no idea whether I'm in the ballpark with that.

I especially hear you on the password length issue.  I've been looking at recommendations stating passwords with minimum lengths of 21 characters are what we should be using now.  The problem with them is exactly as you stated--people will not manage them properly.

Cisco equipment older than your grandson?  What an EXCELLENT investment  it was!  Of course, it's probably insecure and too slow for today's demands, but I think you got some great bang for the bucks spent back then.  I've gotten ten years' use out of some Cisco gear, but then I also spent support dollars with Cisco on it for ten years.  That philosophy has left the building with Elvis, and we just by spares and put 'em on the shelf if we need fast replacement of failed critical gear.  It ends up saving us Cisco Support dollars--for now.

Level 10

Kill Java!   It is a pain dealing with software updates.

'It is always the network, not the server!'   Favorite catch phrase from server team when they don't work the problem instead of dumping it

Get rid of 100MB port devices.   Yes,  still dealing with them.   Everything needs to be Gigabit or higher anymore.

Level 12

The misuse of the word "categorically".

The abuse of the word "like".

American "football".

IT teams that aren't interested in helping, only finding ways to reject requests without providing useful follow up.

Java that doesn't come from brewed beans.

The Hallmark Channels

My prayer is for a higher power to remove Flash (which will be banned) from every computer in the world by the end of 2019.


Level 11

Admins that do not close out of an RDP sessions!

Level 11

Meetings about meetings to schedule another meeting.

Projects to start another project while doing a project and with meetings so you can't even have time for your project.

Well, Rick, you and I are of a different generation, to be sure.  Hence my desire to rid the world of such jargon.  Much like I wanted to rid the world of the word "aight" back about 10-15 years ago.  <SOAPBOX>Sorry, but using contractions and poor grammar and then expecting the world to embrace it a different language simply because kids are too lazy to learn proper American English is ludicrous.</SOAPBOX>  Not that the millennials are expecting the world to recognize their coloquialisms as a separate language, but I come back to something my wife tells me all the time, "Do you want to be right or do you want to communicate effectively?"

And you are in the ballpark on "adorbs" [SIC], Rick, and I probably should have stated that I intentionally broke apart the "a" from "dorbs" to be punny.  The actual word is adorbs, and it is a contraction (there it is again) of adorable.

Lastly, I appreciate your viewpoint on the ROI and longevity of said ancient Cisco gear, but your points on security and speed are spot on.  I know that Dez​ is probably cringing in her boots on the security risks that those devices present.  The problem lies in the fact that I have too much time and not enough money, instead of the other way around.  Oh, and support contracts?  What support contracts?  😉

Level 9

I want to drop the person who got rid of the "easy button."

Also, the person who doesn't know where the "any key" is.

Mainly, the construction company who keeps cutting the fiber line feeding the town's internet.

Then there's the ISP, who hasn't figured out a way to have some redundancy when said fiber line is cut.


Level 14

Daylight Saving Time

Who are they trying to kid? Twice a year no one knows how to schedule an international call. Systems lose track. What chance have mere mortals got? Just leave time alone and work on GMT with a plus or minus for wherever you live.


What I want to go away in 2019 is all these telemarketing calls and robocalls. You would think with the technology that is out there, the Phone companies would have a way to stop these, or trace them down to report them to Federal to investigate. Even the ones that mask their number with every number in your area code. Very annoying.

Image result for feeling bored hold a meeting

Agreed--JAVA = Bad.

A friend and college mate worked for IBM for years, traveling the world for them to extoll the vulnerabilities of JAVA to their programmers.  He expounded on the topic to me, and I felt like I got the drift quickly and efficiently.

The same might be said for FLASH and ShockWave and so many other things thought up to make interesting attractions on a web page--without having put sufficient consideration in security vulnerabilities and requirements, or CPU and RAM needs (back in the day when most hardware had far too little of both).

Level 20


Just for you Radioteacher

Level 10

Agree on Flash and Shockwave rschroeder!!   Get support calls on why something is not working and majority of the time these things are not updated or get the fabulous pop-ups.   They all just need to go and make life more easier.

I want to retire my Orion infrastructure on Windows 2012 r2 and get moved to all new servers.

Level 8

The lack of Dark theme in Orion

Having just done this six weeks ago, AND having upgraded to the latest release of NAM, monitoring and administration tasks in Orion have significantly decreased.

Level 9

Windows Server 2008.

Level 20

Lol American football...hehe!

Level 9

"User, your lack of competence/readiness should not be my emergency."

Level 8

Santa normally brings stuff but if he could rid us of Windows Server 2003 and other unsupported software that users cling to, that'd be great.