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Yule Rule 2019 Submissions - What Do You NOT Want To Carry Into The New Year?

Community Manager

Video Link : 1265

Share your most interesting IT struggles, pet peeves, day-to-day annoyances, exasperations, troubleshooting tribulations, or any other work-related stuff you’d rather not carry into the New Year, and we’ll joyfully toss the best ones into our festive, flickering holiday hearth of happiness.

Suggestions will be accepted through December 10th.

Check back on December 17th to watch our heart-warming holiday video—certain to set your IT spirit aglow.

Level 12

I'll start. 2019 will be the end of bad passwords.

Level 9

2018 will be the end of poor right click choices, and their unfortunate results...

I do not want to carry over my extra 12 lbs i am trying to lose, my snappy attitude that has developed with all the extra work stress this year, and my Samsung S7 active, after 34 months, it's time for an upgrade....

Change Management shall rule in the name of all departments going forward.

1.  From now on departments will not receive funding for projects or products or services that touch the corporate network, or that contain PCI, PPI, or PHI (even if they don't touch the corporate network), without first having been reviewed and approved by the following departments or positions:

  • Information Security
  • System Administration
  • Networks
  • Communications Platforms (formerly Telecom)
  • End User Platform Support
  • Applications
  • Marketing
  • Facilities/Maintenance
  • IS Director
  • CIO
  • CFO or their designees
  • Corporate Legal Services
  • CSO

Notice that Security has the first and last word in approval or denial.  This is non-negotiable.

If approval is not received from each of these departments, funding for the wanted product/service will not be allocated and the purchase is cancelled.

Any product contracted for or purchased or received that does not have approval will be returned, cancelled, and removed from the network.

2.   The above mentioned departments will allocate resources to review proposals and requests within one business day of it being submitted.  This is to ensure projects are not sidelined and that corporate progress continues within scheduled or desired deadlines.

3. The mentioned departments will provide resources adequate to the need to attend meetings that discuss:

  • The idea that sparked the conversation
  • The need(s) that must be addressed
  • What internal corporate resources can be used to fill these needs.  Let's never reinvent the wheel again.
  • What alternate solutions are available, those solutions that have been already considered and discarded, and why they were discarded.
  • Accurately estimated resources for accomplishing the task
  • Achievable timelines
  • The ability of the product or service to scale to Enterprise size, rather than isolated to one room, one floor, one building, one department, or one city.
  • Proof of scalability from other customers shall be provided.  There's no need for our organization to invent the wheel for others.  We are reliability-centric with a "safety first" focus.  Let others live on the bleeding edge; we don't risk our customers, employees, services, or our business on untested or weak solutions.
  • How every system/application/service/hardware will be:
    • Tested for security vulnerabilities weekly
    • Identified as "at risk" or "vulnerable" and automatically isolated
    • Remediated immediately or immediately removed from the network.  There shall be no exceptions.
  • A process by which additional review or expedited service may be requested.
  • The only solution for doing business with vulnerable solutions is not using them.

Application consoles that still require Flash and/or Java!

Level 10

How DARE you not include Silverlight (I'm looking at you, SCOM Web Console.... )

Level 14

The use of buzzwords by those who haven't a clue as to what they mean.

Level 11

My list is short but deep:

  1. I want networking and security to be included in decisions from the beginning instead of getting "it's slow" and "I need this firewall port opened" the afternoon of implementation.
  2. I want Java to die a quick BUT painful death for all the misery it has caused me with Cisco ASDM & so many other sins.
  3. I want the "the network is slow" to be quantified in every ticket that gets opened or it can't be submitted.
Level 10

traceng and psping will be your new best friends!

Ooo!  I found a buzzword phrase generator!

We will conveniently foster hyper-scale potentialities and appropriately enhance prospective expertise to globally reconceptualize resource-leveling growth strategies.

Please see the corrected graphic below.  It's more family-friendly.

Level 14

awesome... simply awesome!!!

Well done Rick!

The graphic should have come out more family-friendly, like this:


I want to be rid of printers forever. After 5 years I am finally transitioning the responsibilities of our printing environment to a new hire on our team.


Level 12

This is my new most favorite thing ever.

Level 12

It's pretty much been a dream of mine to recreate this scene from the movie.

Community Manager
Community Manager

These submissions are great so far. Keep them coming!

One bit of advice, try to phrase your submission as what you want to GO AWAY in 2019. I see a couple that are phrased from the perspective of what you want to HAPPEN in 2019. If you can reverse that language for us so we aren't making assumptions that would be super helpful. Remember, these are going on cards that will be tossed into the Yule Log.  

Level 12

Super jelly.

Level 13

Or even better -- in 2019, all password requirements will be compatible with each other, so once you select your complex root password, it will work everywhere, instead of having to have 9 variations of the root and trying to remember which variation belongs where.

By root, I mean that if your root password is Gwwlo0-21!$, then maybe your thwack password might be Gwwlo0-21!$ThwACK

Level 10

Windows Server 2008

Level 8

How about getting rid of the SolarWinds pushy sales.

Level 10

Faxing.    I would be happy to throw away fax machines and fax servers once and for all.

Level 13

Next year, I would be most appreciative, Mr. Claus, if you could please bring a year without:

1. Hardware and software maintenance issues -- support will be free for everyone!

2. Budgeting processes -- we can just spend money when needed, and all money spent will be substantively needed.

3. Vague instructions -- Boss: "I want a report with Network things categorized by relationship." Me: "I'm not sure I understand, which things, which relationships?" Boss: "I just want a report with Network things organized by relationship." Me: -*-

4. Phone solicitation calls -- specifically regarding: refinancing student loans, car warranties, time shares, free vacations.

5. Forever on hold -- being on hold so long, that we forget why we even called in the first place.

6. Viscous speech -- racist, sexist, demeaning, belittling talk from political leaders in our Nation(s).

Level 9

What would I like to not carry into 2019?  Users opening email attachments and clicking URLs without verifying anything having to do with the email or who it came from.

Community Manager
Community Manager


Particularly #4. I'm on a first-name basis with one of my spam callers. "Mike, we talked about this yesterday. Please don't call me again.".

The ever changing SolarWinds sales rep.  I finally got one I like and they changed her on me. 😞

Now I am getting emails from 4 different sales reps... Yeay!

Things I want to see die in 2019:

  • Flash (damn VMware web client)
  • Java (ASDM, iDrac, ilo)
  • Worthless vendor support (bonus points for those who don't read the ticket notes)
  • User entitlement "yeah, a site is down but I'm ​important​ so drop everything for me"
Level 8

Speed Clickers,

Clicking before reading.

I want to be able to consciously take a step back from my million miles an hour lifestyle for a while, and focus on enjoying life a bit more So I don't want to carry burning the candle at both ends.

I don't want to carry my goal which i chosen for this year . Want to finish those goals by end of the year , so that i can start a new year with some new targets and goals.

Level 9

Shoot from the hip. A lack of policies, processes and procedure.

I resolve to make all of these things history, or to find a place that will.


I'm hoping the mountain of paperwork that needs to be done to do a change (simple or otherwise) will have gone away.

Level 9

For 2019 (and beyond) I would like not to have this conversation (or similar):

Product Owner: 'I have been told we need to put some monitoring and alerting in place'

Us: 'That's great news. Do you have a copy of your requirements we can work through together?'

Product Owner: 'No, just give me some monitoring and alerting'

Level 14

Turkey sandwiches, turkey curry, sweet & sour turkey, turkey surprise, turkey shepherds pie, turkey kebabs.

But why do we never end up with spare Christmas pudding?

Level 14

Or how about a run-book so that we have some idea of what does what?

Level 8

Exactly how password managers work? Remember that one bad website which houses your root password will happily divulge your password no matter how complex it is

Level 9

Or even worse, users receiving an email requesting a payment to be made (from a dodgy email address) and they ACTUALLY PAY IT!..

One of our customers recently received an email claiming to be one of their directors.

The "director" requested a payment of a few thousand which THE EMPLOYEE PAID! The employee then asked if there was anything else that needs paying and ended up paying out over £15,000..!

Maybe I should say, what I would like to leave in 2019 is the horrors of scammers, especially on small businesses!

Level 10

Poor escalation procedures.

Level 13

OMG that is awesome rschroeder​!

Level 10

Fax lines. Mainly, ones that use old fashion POTS lines or other copper technology.

Level 9

This year I have seen some of the worst/non cable managing racks. I hope in 2019 I dont have to explore a rack like an adventure in the amazon to find a router hidden in the Ethernet thicket. 005.jpg

Level 13

Things I'd like to leave behind in 2019

  • Rogue IT by clueless amateurs
  • Robocalls
  • DBT (Drive By Taskings)
  • DBM (Drive By Meetings)
  • Goals/Initiatives in other departments that are entirely (budget, manpower, brains, everything) dependent on IT for their accomplishment
  • Silverlight
  • All the special snowflakes - those folks that think their processes are so unique, and needs are so special, that everything has to be customized/modified to fit their special world so they can do their job (thanks to adatole​ for the reference "Dance of the Special Snowflakes" in It's Automation, Not Art)
Level 9

Windows 7...nuff said.

I'm hoping to end the need to have a meeting in order to talk about the upcoming meeting for that bigger meeting at the end of the month.  Let me work on your solution and make you happy without taking up 3, 4, 5 hours of my day with pointless meeting.  Oh, and like doberhol, the end of Windows 7.

Level 11

I would like to not carry over the stress of starting a new position and the requirements for obtaining certificates of the new role! With that being said I want to carry over the joy I have now of being in a new role that is much less stressful than my previous role and the abundance of relaxation I have with the new role.

Level 14

Management indecision.


Old feelings and attitudes. As we move through the year people act like people (how irritating) and because of that we upset, confuse, bother and create a million other feelings. Then at the holidays we get all the pressures of family, shopping, traffic, reduced staff - all adding irritation on top of irritation. I want to see a reset of work relationships. Come back after the first of the year with a blank slate and look at one another with wonder and acceptance.

Note to management - take the new year as an opportunity to re-introduce staff, goals and priorities. Get everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction.

Level 9

Management by committee

Burn it all down.

Level 20