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Why are you looking forward to THWACKcamp?

Community Manager

THWACKcamp 2020 is almost here and our knees are jumping constantly with anticipation. I can’t decide if I’m more excited for live Q&A with our presenters, the CIO Round Tableor the chance for attendees to win one of these sweet prizes. 

Who am I kidding, we all know that the most exciting part for me will be getting to chat with all of you! I love talking with you all and THWACKcamp is a great chance for me to catch up with old chums and make new friends. 🙂 

That’s why I’m excited, but what are you looking forward to the mostWhat do you hope to take away from THWACKcamp? If you’ve attended in previous years, what was your favorite thing? What do you hope to see more of?  

Level 11

I'm looking forward to the learning lounges, as I want to pick up tips that would help me with the SolarWinds product.



I am looking forward to the different sessions to to know more about what I do not know and to chat with friends and colleagues.  

Level 11

POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha hope to get more info on SCP NPM test information that I may have missed during the readings 😞

Level 11

do you get points? alansmith


Level 11

@ramaiya2  Last year yes. We will see how the points look for this year 🙂

Level 7

As someone who is a recent Graduate and got my first IT job working in a NOC, I'm trying to learn as much as I can. The ThwackCamp, i feel will help me out in my current role. Looking forward to learning as much as I can. 

Level 12

Learning about what I don't know from those who can at least point me in the right direction.
Hearing about what others are doing.

Level 11

I'm not looking forward to likely missing the second day of ThwackCamp 2020! I just don't think attending is a valid excuse to get out of jury duty.


I always look forward to the new info dished out at ThwackCamp. Unfortunately due to my timezone, I can't watch it all live. But I'll never forget 2017 in Austin! I noticed a small snippet of that event in the video 🙂

Level 14

I look forward to the demonstrations of how to do stuff.  It always gives me great ideas of how to improve what I do.   Free knowledge is always gratefully received and this stuff comes from the world experts themselves.  Of course there are the Thwack points too.  

Level 12

I look forward to the vids in between sessions.  I know its not IT KB and all that but it is good to let your guard down and have some fun.

Level 9

Yes, First time!

Level 8

I registered for ThwackCamp long ago, but must have missed some emails to my spam folder, where/how do we get to it?  Is it just on the main sessions page at 9am?


Level 11

Hi ronald.deibert

Have you managed to get in yet as I am also unable to log on. 

Level 8

 Am I missing something? When I click on view sessions, it takes me to a page where it shows all presenters. There is no link to join the sessions. 


Level 11

hi kp 

same for me, unable to view any sessions 

Level 8

Got it. You should have received another email with the subject line: You’re In! VIP Section, Here You Come. It contains the link. Check your spam emails. 


Thanks for registering. Visit to log in to the event.

Level 8

I'm loving the different breakout sessions and product discussions.