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Who Do You Trust?

Community Manager

They say trust is like a vase: you can fix it once broken, but it’s never quite the same. According to this year’s SolarWinds IT Trends Report 2017: Portrait of a Hybrid IT Organization, 95 percent of North American organizations have migrated critical applications and IT infrastructure to the cloud over the past 12 months—maybe you have, too. This means the ability to trust our cloud service providers (CSPs) is needed now more than ever before. However, the same report shows that the majority (62 percent) of IT professionals who took the survey only “somewhat trust” their CSP, and nearly one-fifth say they  “somewhat distrust” or “do not trust” their CSP at all. What does this say about the future of the IT professional and CSP relationship?

Trust is a fickle thing, but if you think about it, we regularly trust dozens of people in our lives who, more often than not, amount to near strangers: taxi drivers to deliver us to our destinations safely; doctors to keep us healthy (or tell us when we’re not); local meteorologists because how else would we prepare for the day ahead?; hardware and software vendors to deliver quality infrastructure that our businesses run on; and even our local barista to keep us caffeinated. You get the idea.

So, we want to know: Who do you trust in your life?

In exchange for 200 THWACK points, tell us about the degree to which you trust various people in your life (consider the above examples). Submit your thoughts and comments using the format below here by Wednesday, May 10 to make sure you receive your THWACK points. And please feel free to submit more than one.

I (choose one: completely trust, somewhat trust, somewhat distrust, do not trust) my __________ because __________.

Level 14

I completely trust my team to always do a great job beause they are committed to doing so. (It's true!)

I completely trust my family to help me out whenever I need it because it's what we do as a family.


I completely trust my firefighter crew because no one else is crazy enough to run into a burning building with me and we truly must have each others back.

I completely trust my IT team to do the best job that they can with the tools and knowledge at hand.

I completely trust the local national weather service office to provide me with a good heads up of what I can potentially face weatherwise in the coming day.

Level 13

I completely trust NO ONE  because we are all human and are fallible.

Level 12

I do not trust my current doctor because of questionable choices made by the company he chooses to works for.

In other news, I am in the market for a new doctor!

I do not trust the meteorologists around here. Nothing against their ability, but weather in North East Wisconsin is anything but mentally stable.

It was almost 70 degrees on Wednesday, and then snowed on Thursday with a high of 34.


I tend to trust most people until they give me a reason to not trust them. I like the example of a vase as once trust is broken it is very difficult for me to trust that person again.

I have learned to be more trusting, but careful. If mistrust is your go to then (at least from my perspective) you are always "on guard." I find it better to trust by default - life is less stressful. But again, once trust is broken it is very difficult to restore.

I sure don't trust cars when I am in a crosswalk... still see too many people looking at smartphones while driving.

I think I trust people when I have to trust people and I have no choice. Nurses/doctors, EMT's, police, auto mechanics, etc.

Other than that I trust my wife and my mother.

Oh... and the Thwack admins!!!  🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

I trust my auto mechanic because he is my husband. It may have been a selling point because I've never been able to trust an auto mechanic.

I also trust this community because you speak your minds whether it's asked for or not. It's pretty clear to me SolarWinds trusts this community by just looking at how many of your ideas and guidance we implement across the business.

Level 9

I completely trust my SolarWinds Coffee Cup because it keeps my coffee nice and hot.


But seriously, I completely trust my DevOps team to make our IT department better, more efficient and help anyone with any issues, day or night.


I completely trust my __Wife________ because  She has been with me most of my life, she is my best Friend, she is always there no matter what.

Level 14

I completely trust my Brothers in Arms because my fellow Veterans have all been there with me!

A former motto that SW needs to adopt: In God we trust, all others we monitor!


Level 11

For the main part you say that we trust the various different people such as taxi drivers, doctors, meteorologists, hardware providers and even the barista ?

Really we trust these people I think not, nearly everyone tells the taxi driver where to go so they don’t charge a fortune, doctors we double check everything they say and use google to find even more answers, meteorologists really !

My point is not to prove you wrong merely to say there is a fine line between trust and the ability to utilise the systems, services and people around you, general I think most people have few people in their lives who they genuinely trust.

however that being said ....

I completely trust my wife she is always there to support me in any mad idea I have

I completely trust my boss not only is he a boss but has also been a good friend since uni

I completely trust the Government yeah right …….

Anyhow there are others but I won’t bore you any longer, and I hope not all of you are as cynical as I am

I completely trust  my company to do the right thing for patients (our customers) because there really is an attitude and spirit of caring here.

I somewhat distrust some of my company's silos because I can't see within them, can't determine whether they're all always doing the right thing.

If I could get them all on board with Solarwinds products in that single-pane-of-glass mode, with everyone trained to understand the ramifications of changing some part of our Rube Goldberg Machine house-of-cards, well . . . that would be a different story.

I do not fully trust my country's new government because they're inexperienced in governing.  Because they seem to be the antithesis of the good progress that has been made in the last 50 years.  Because I have the impression they're more concerned with money than things I think are most important.  Things like good health for everyone at affordable rates.  Like clean air to breathe.  And like clean water to drink. And good education for every child, not only the children of the wealthy, or of one race.   I hope I'm wrong about this.

I'm willing to accept the positive results of the new government if it means my retirement investments increase rapidly, as long as it doesn't come at the expense of poor folks losing health care, and as long as the United States remains a light in the darkness of oppression.  But when we exclude instead of include, and bomb instead of care for, and dominate instead of become equals . . .   That doesn't seem like a path to altruism.  It seems selfish. 

I somewhat distrust religious groups (even though I belong to one) because they too often don't seem to practice what they preach--or practice & preach things that don't bring people together to solve problems.    Because they too often abuse their positions of trust.   Because their written guides were written by people, and people aren't always trustworthy.  Because they can become stuck in a rut--"This way is the ONLY way, and if you don't follow it . . .!"  

I like a living, growing, changing guide--much the way our Constitution was envisioned.  Something that can equalize all people, all races, all economic situations, and bring us together for a common good.

Level 10

I do not trust my fellow man because I have found that everyone I have known can be swayed by money and greed.

I completely trust my instincts because when I have a bad feeling about something or someone, I am always right.

I somewhat trust my parents because they have a hard time keeping a secret.

I somewhat distrust my wife because she lets her anger get the best of her sometimes.

I completely trust my son because I've watched him walk the walk as he talks the talk.  I've seen him look temptation in the eye and turn his back on it, every time.  I've watched him do the right thing when another path would be easier.

I somewhat distrust some of my past employers because they've sometimes put money above people and friends.  Because I've seen a man smile and shake my hand as he planned to stab me in the back, and eventually DID stab me in the back. That sort of thing ruins a person's ability to give trust freely, without condition.

I completely trust most of my country's publicly funded scientists (like NASA, like the folks at the EPA, like those in the National Parks) because I believe they are searching for truth, and that they know the difference between wrong, and that they will do the right thing.  I feel that no one gets rich doing their jobs, so these people are doing what they can to improve our world.  They may not have the money the corporate big shots do, but they are wealthier for their contribution to the greater good of the world.

I may be wrong, I may be naive . . .  But I trust them to do the right thing.

I  do not trust my country's enemies because they've proven to be untrustworthy.  In some cases for purely selfish reasons.  In other cases for very good reasons--they've been betrayed by corporations or my government, without apology or recompense.

I do not trust my fellow drivers because they are insulated and isolated from me in their cars, without a personal interaction capability, and because they are distracted when they know it's illegal to be distracted, and they break the laws they've promised to obey, and because they are in needless hurry--and being in a hurry is the cause of far too many incidents and accidents.  Slowing down and being patient and polite goes further than the opposite.

I Completely trust me.. what else comes before self-trust

Level 14

I completely trust my wife, because she has always been there for me and never let me down.  She is more than my best friend.

Level 14

I somewhat distrust my auto/boat mechanic(s), because I always seem to get screwed over and things don't tend to get fixed right. 

I completely trust my wife, because she is my best friend and if there is no trust there can be no love and i love her so and I trust her with my life and my back account, even my passwords...

I do not trust my government, because they are not truly public servants for the people.  huge salaries and big business agendas have corrupted the process and allows our great country to fall short time and time again.   (This could have been a really long write up but i will stop here)

I somewhat trust technology, because I know it is built by men, which are imperfect.

I was that way with car mechanics back in the '60's and '70's.  Once I was out on my own, I felt like I was being preyed upon by unscrupulous / unethical car mechanics, and I determined never to be in that position again.  I signed up with the local college for a car mechanic basic class and learned how to set timing, adjust plugs & points, diagnose alternators & batteries, replace brake shoes/pads/rotors/drums/calipers, and troubleshoot electronic HEI circuits safely.  I bought a timing light & some basic gauges and was set.

Since then I've done virtually all my own work, and I bought a computerized diagnostic reader for $75 that reads the computer codes of more modern cars.  Use it twice and it pays for itself over having a shop charge $125 to read the codes--I just read the codes myself & bring them the output and ask them not to read the codes if they're going to charge me for the service.  With the reader I access the car's onboard computer, discover the error/diagnostic codes, read/interpret the codes, and Google the process to remedy the issues.

I've replaced more brakes than I can remember (my family typically has up to four cars at a time, plus the various trailers with their own brakes), and I've saved easily $10,000 over the years.  I recently had a shop estimate $550 to replace the rear brake pads, rotor, caliper & bracket, and bleed the brake fluid on my Prius.  It took me 45 minutes and $155 in parts.  That's nearly $400 in my pocket, and I know the job was done correctly.

Once I became older, time became more valuable--especially for certain jobs I don't want to deal with anymore, like rear drum parking brake shoe replacement.  I run the diagnostics, Google the codes, and determine if this is something I CAN do, and then determine if it's something I WANT to do to save money.  Sometimes I'll do it myself, sometimes I'll pay a shop to go through the hassle for me.

Definitely educate yourself--it's money well worth it, and it'll pay off quickly with each repair you can do safely yourself.  And you'll be able to interpret the info the mechanic gives you and determine if it's reasonable.  At worst you'll be able to ask informed questions.  With that single class you may never have to trust an untrustworthy mechanic again.

Better still, the skills I picked up on cars transferred to my boat's electronics & motor.  The class became a no-brainer to take!


I completely trust cameras, because they are the witness that does not lie!

Level 12

I completely trust my wife because she loves me for all that I am and all that I am not.

Level 10

I completely trust my brother because we have been through hell together and made it through to the other side.

Cameras are good.  It's the people who Photoshop their images that are not trustworthy.


I completely trust my wife because she's proven herself to be worthy.  She's all that anyone could hope for in a life partner:  honest, thoughtful, hard-working, considerate, ambitious, motivated, interesting, funny, dedicated, concerned, and engaged with life and me and work and the world and her hobbies.  She gives me reason for the good work I do.

Level 12

Omg that turtle burger just about killed me!!! I looked at that around lunch and thought boy that looks tasty right now.

Level 15

I completely trust my wife because she told me that I do.

Level 10

I do not completely trust anyone because they all let you down at some point.(In work that is)

I Completely trust my wife because she trusts me.


I ain't no superhero, ain't have those mind-reading glasses, ain't no Nostradamus..

"I trust everyone whomsoever it maybe"

If they break the trust .. it is their loss, anyway my life was simple that I trusted them.

Level 10

I completely trust myself, to make the decisions in my life that involve my life. I am open to advice from others that are close to me, and I used to take too much advice on board before making any decisions, but I realized, ultimately the final decision, no matter what the question is, is my own. What to study, where to go, who to believe, should one stay or go, am I happy? No one else can make these decisions for me. A healthy bit of selfishness is good. There is nothing wrong with it. So, I've learned, I trust myself and should continue to trust myself with decisions when roads not yet traveled come to meet me.

Level 12

I completely trust myself and instincts to do the right thing and make sure everything is functioning as it should and to troubleshoot and resolve the issue as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Level 9

I completely trust that Murphy is alive and well and, his LAW is the only true constant in the IT Universe.

Level 8

I trust my fellow team members will do their best, and when their best fails (cause we all fail at times) they accept and own up to it.

Level 8

I completely trust my network operations team members because they have never let me down and always rise to the occasion!

Level 9

I completely trust the Thwack Community and all the experts because they tell the truth and never sugar coat anything.

I do not trust used-car salesman and insurance agents because they lie and want to sell you something you do not need.

I completely trust my wife because she trusts me, why get married if it is not a trusting one.

I completely trust my "inner circle of friends" because when the "stuff" gets deep they are there with "boots and shovels" no questions asked.

I completely trust this shark.jpg because surely no one is that good at photoshop.

In all seriousness, I completely trust my wife because she is patient, kind, joyous, good, gentle, faithful, and loving.

The tiger with the bird face and the turtle burger are epic.

Level 15

To be fair:

I completely trust my wife because she has earned my trust and I have earned hers.

I somewhat trust vendors because I believe they generally have best interest at heart, but still have a bottom line.

I somewhat distrust the internet because anecdotal evidence and sample bias <> empirical evidence

I do not trust any position or argument that relies on emotion or insult because (in general) if your cannot win on logic and reason, you shouldn't.


My uncle who was a graphic artist could build an image pixel by pixel in photoshop and the result would look just like a photograph.

Yes there are people that good.

Level 10

I do not trust my country's media because too often what is being reported is biased, inaccurate, overhyped or incomplete.