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Welcoming a New Member to the THWACK Team

Community Manager

On the heels of the SolarWinds Service Desk announcement, we thought it was only appropriate to formally introduce a new member to the THWACK® team who is joining us from the recent Samanage acquisition: yumdarling​!

Yum’s new role is focused primarily on Community Management of both the THWACK and ITSM communities. If you haven’t already, you’ll start seeing her name pop up all over the boards, but until then, here’s some getting-to-know-you facts about her.

I can’t say I’ve ever come across the name Yum before. Is there a story behind it?

Yes! My name means "beach" in Hebrew. I was born in Israel. When my parents moved us abroad (the first time), they had to decide how to spell my name in English. The options were Yum and Yam. Yam would have made more sense to Hebrew speakers, but thank goodness my parents both knew a little bit about English and knew that Yum would be closer to the correct sound. (Yam... could you imagine?). The name Darling... well, I married into that one.

How did you get into community management?

Well... I was always the "forum mom" even before I knew what community management was. I went to college for something completely different (ask me about bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology). I got a job out of college doing marketing for a small IT MSP, and then found out that people are actually doing community management for work! My whole life changed in an instant (or, like a year-ish) where I was in charge of a small community of IT business owners. The rest is history (or it will be one day, when I'm famous).

Can you tell us a little bit about why you love your job as a community manager?

The best thing about life is connection. The best thing about working is making a difference in someone else's day. Community lets me do both! I can meet and talk to a bunch of people and make a difference in their day (hopefully an awesome difference).

I’ve heard you speak in several tongues. How many languages do you know and actively practice?

I love languages! Hebrew, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic are my best languages. I'm actively learning Chinese, Japanese, and ASL. I've got a couple more that I can have get by with if I have to (and understand what people are saying if they feel the need to talk about me) and I've attempted to learn French. Maybe I'll go back to it one day, who knows?

What are you most excited about joining and supporting the THWACK community?

I have to pick one thing?! I love how active this community is. There is so much going on at all times and so many people to chat with... I can't wait!

What are some hobbies you enjoy?

Oh man, so many. I love reading and writing, driving down long winding roads, cooking and baking for my friends, and watching movies with my family. (In the last week, my 2.5-year-old son and I have watched “Frozen” approximately 12 times.)

Speaking of reading – what are you reading now?

Overdeliver by Brian Kurtz, and I’m rereading the fourth Harry Potter book (Goblet of Fire) on the side.

Are you a dog, cat, or neither person?

Both! I have a dog and four cats at home and I used to run an animal rescue.

Life highlight from the past 30 days?

Other than "became THWACK's community manager?" I fed a giraffe and watched it eat my mom's glasses.

Have a question for Yum? Or just want to shed light on this “little” community thing we’ve been doing on THWACK to get her up to speed? Comment below!


I have the reference in my head of when Fonzie was water skying and here was attempting to do an Evel Knievel stunt by jumping over a shark. That was the moment when Happy Days really started to go down hill as a TV show. Yes, I am old enough to have watched the show in prime time, not reruns.


Welcome! And see you around the board

Level 14

Welcome on board yumdarling  You'll find that this is like no other community site or company. It's just so much better.

Level 9

However, I hope we aren't scheduled to be eliminated for an interstellar highway.....

Welcome yumdarling​! I try to be as active on Thwack as I possibly can, which regrettably isn't very much, but everyone I've had the pleasure of meeting (either online or in person at the Atlanta SWUG) has been absolutely wonderful and extremely helpful. And incredibly fun!!

Oh, btw.... "Damn the man! Save the empire!"

(Since someone mentioned movie quotes, it's my favorite.)

Level 11


Level 14

You had to go there didn't you       Buggers keep doing it at work    

Level 14

Yes but proper English mustard, not that weak American stuff.

You truly are a "Darling", yumdarling​!  Thank you for granting my seemingly inane request for the code change.  You've made this old dog smile a little!

Image result for smiling dog


Welcome yumdarling​. You are now a part of the best part of SolarWinds.

The Thwack community is helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. No, that's the Boy Scouts, but there is a lot of similarity.

Level 20

You'll survive it.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks! I'm looking forward to (THWACK)Camping and learning how to tie knots

Level 14

I've got a pocket knife for taking boy scouts out of horses hooves

Level 9


Level 20

I think DanielleH​ can really use your help too!

Level 13

Welcome!   We love our community and hopefully you will too!

Community Manager
Community Manager

I already do!

Community Manager
Community Manager

It's definitely going to be a symbiotic relationship

Level 10

Welcome Yum!   welcome.gif

Level 10

Welcome Yum. I have to say, the first thing I thought when I saw your name was, "well, she must have a linux background." Nice to meet you yumdarling

Community Manager
Community Manager

hahaha yeah, no.

I know very very little about Linux... it was only like, 2 years ago, that I learned how to even say "Linux" properly.

Aye, Peter!  A good coarse, stone-ground type is always my preference.  You're correct in that the "yellow stuff" has no flavor at all. Give me a good English mustard on just about everything: pretzels, tube steaks, sammiches, you name it.  Add a little honey for a sweet & spicy dip for veg, too.  YUM! (Wait, can't use that anymore! Shoe Polish!)  OK, uh, TASTY! 😉

Level 12

Bioarcheologist - that sounds like the person in the sci-fi horror movie who accidently unleashes a plague of ancient monsters, once thought to be extinct and known only from what were thought to be merely fossils, on the modern world.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Exactly like that!! It's basically in the job description

I like the sound of "Yum spiciness!"  It also makes me imagine you have not only a quick mind with a fun sense of humor, but perhaps also some culinary expertise?

Do tell, yumdarling​ !   Are you a chef with a delight for working with spices?

yumdarling​, if your vacation options ever extend to Minnesota, and particularly Lake Superior's wonders, reach out to me (in the summer months) if you'd like a boat tour of Duluth's Harbor and the St. Louis River.  It's a real working waterfront on the world's largest bit of fresh water surface area.

Other options include exploring some of Lake Superior's North Shore by water, or the Sea Caves of the Apostle Islands in northern Wisconsin.  I'm always up for sharing some of Nature's best local features with new friends via my runabout boat (weather/waves permitting).


"The (musical) Force is strong in this one."

Kahn & his buddies were totally creeping me out with his ear worms/critters, as were other similar alien parasites controlling Federation staff in ST:TNG.

Insert Peter Lorre's voice/quote here:  "The mummy strikes!"


I always figured old stories of curses in disturbed tombs had a little bit of bio-archeological fact to their theory.  Ancient viruses or spores disturbed thousands of years after being sealed up seemed to make better sense to my young naive mind than curses.

National Geographic does a nice job of dispelling fiction and rumors about such fantastic stories here:   Curse of the Mummy | National Geographic

Welcome yumdarling​   Commence with the initiation!  😉

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hardly a chef, though I did learn from my Jewish grandmother and do some killer cooking (and between you and me, I do appreciate spices.. also spicy)

Community Manager
Community Manager

That sounds amazing and I will 100% take you up on that

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