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Welcoming a New Member to the THWACK Team

Community Manager

On the heels of the SolarWinds Service Desk announcement, we thought it was only appropriate to formally introduce a new member to the THWACK® team who is joining us from the recent Samanage acquisition: yumdarling​!

Yum’s new role is focused primarily on Community Management of both the THWACK and ITSM communities. If you haven’t already, you’ll start seeing her name pop up all over the boards, but until then, here’s some getting-to-know-you facts about her.

I can’t say I’ve ever come across the name Yum before. Is there a story behind it?

Yes! My name means "beach" in Hebrew. I was born in Israel. When my parents moved us abroad (the first time), they had to decide how to spell my name in English. The options were Yum and Yam. Yam would have made more sense to Hebrew speakers, but thank goodness my parents both knew a little bit about English and knew that Yum would be closer to the correct sound. (Yam... could you imagine?). The name Darling... well, I married into that one.

How did you get into community management?

Well... I was always the "forum mom" even before I knew what community management was. I went to college for something completely different (ask me about bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology). I got a job out of college doing marketing for a small IT MSP, and then found out that people are actually doing community management for work! My whole life changed in an instant (or, like a year-ish) where I was in charge of a small community of IT business owners. The rest is history (or it will be one day, when I'm famous).

Can you tell us a little bit about why you love your job as a community manager?

The best thing about life is connection. The best thing about working is making a difference in someone else's day. Community lets me do both! I can meet and talk to a bunch of people and make a difference in their day (hopefully an awesome difference).

I’ve heard you speak in several tongues. How many languages do you know and actively practice?

I love languages! Hebrew, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic are my best languages. I'm actively learning Chinese, Japanese, and ASL. I've got a couple more that I can have get by with if I have to (and understand what people are saying if they feel the need to talk about me) and I've attempted to learn French. Maybe I'll go back to it one day, who knows?

What are you most excited about joining and supporting the THWACK community?

I have to pick one thing?! I love how active this community is. There is so much going on at all times and so many people to chat with... I can't wait!

What are some hobbies you enjoy?

Oh man, so many. I love reading and writing, driving down long winding roads, cooking and baking for my friends, and watching movies with my family. (In the last week, my 2.5-year-old son and I have watched “Frozen” approximately 12 times.)

Speaking of reading – what are you reading now?

Overdeliver by Brian Kurtz, and I’m rereading the fourth Harry Potter book (Goblet of Fire) on the side.

Are you a dog, cat, or neither person?

Both! I have a dog and four cats at home and I used to run an animal rescue.

Life highlight from the past 30 days?

Other than "became THWACK's community manager?" I fed a giraffe and watched it eat my mom's glasses.

Have a question for Yum? Or just want to shed light on this “little” community thing we’ve been doing on THWACK to get her up to speed? Comment below!


Welcome, yumdarling​!  Count on us to make your life interesting.  And to pester you with typos and questions and whining . . .   AND to provide fun things to read, answers to questions from you and from others, and suggestions and white papers and no end of good-natured snarkiness.

If/when you need a break with a laugh or two, check out last February's "Network Flowetry" page; you'll get an idea of how some of us think.  We're nothing compared to a polyglot like yourself, but we keep amusing friends and families as best we can.

Count on us to help if/when needed!

Swift packets!

Rick Schroeder

Community Manager
Community Manager

I loved reading all the flowetry!! I'll have to add in some Yum spiciness after I get my head wrapped around everything Count me in to all the fun and games!

And thanks for the warm welcome. I can't wait to get to know everyone (yes, everyone. I set my goals high.)

I echo Messr Schroeder's sentiments, yumdarling​!  Welcome aboard this crazy Carnival ride we call THWACK!!  You'll find a lot of good folks here, always ready to lend a hand...and bite yours off when they disagree with you (notice I didn't say "if" on purpose).  But overall, we have fun, learn a lot and give each other a smattering of grief here and there.  As long as you can take - and give - a ribbing every now and then, you'll fit right in! 😉

If I could ask one thing from you, though...for those of us old dogs (OK, I know that Rick is older than I but he's more easily trainable) who are too lazy to right-click on a hint link and select "Open link in new tab", would you please add "target="blank"" to your hint link code?  I know others will argue with me on this, and I'm OK with that, but that standard was set a while back by some of your predecessors and I, personally, like it a lot!  If not, no biggie...I'm a big boy and I can take the extra 1.23 seconds to send the mental energy from my brain to the middle finger on my left hand (I use my mouse in left-handed mode), do the aforementioned right-click, take another .78 second to move the mouse cursor up to "Open link in new tab", and another .28 second to tell the index finger on my left hand to execute said clicking motion.  Or... 😉

(Remember the ribbing I mentioned earlier?  Yeah, that was one right there. 😉

Welcome to THWACK, Yum!  BTW, I like your name..."Beach" is one of my mostest favoritestest words in the English language, especially when I'm heading to one!  That brings up a question:

Favorite vacay spot: Beaches or mountains or plains or...? (Oh My!   _/(*o*)\_ )


Welcome yumdarling​ to the machine

Ooh, Jfrazier​, you did it right out tha gate!!!  You tripped an EARWORM ALERT!

Now, Yum, you'll get used to these, as they happen periodically in missions and other blogs.  For this one, substitute the word "daughter" for "son"...

Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine - YouTube


A warm Thwack welcome to you yumdarling

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Alex!!

Thanks for the welcome.

I like to think of myself as pretty thick-skinned (And very Israeli), so I dish it as good as I get it (you have to start it though, mama didn't raise no fool).

I'll take a look at that 'open in a new tab' situation and unless I hear massive dissent, I don't mind doing it your way.

Favorite vacation spot... oh man, I have no idea. It's been a REALLY long time since I've been on vacation. I love the beach and I love the mountains, haven't been to many plains (though I'm not opposed). I moved around a lot as a kid/young adult and I would love return to traveling (though perhaps not relocating) more. I haven't been out of the States in far too long. I'm more of an adventurer than a

The perk of working for a software company is the same as the downside- I can work from anywhere, at any time, from any device (oh man, I said that a lot as an MSP moving companies to the Cloud). So even when I'm not at work, I'm working. You never know. I could be on the beach right now (I wish). It's actually on my bucket list to take my husband (and kids.. maybe) on a legit vacation.

I feel like I rambled, but there's an answer for you somewhere in there.


Community Manager
Community Manager

ooh I'm going to like this! I speak in fluent movie quotes/lyrics most days (I should have added that to the answer for the languages question).

Level 14

Welcome Yum!  We like it here...  

Level 13

Hi yumdarling​!  Welcome to the best online community ever (IMHO).  We look forward to seeing you virtually and participating in the fun and mayhem that is part of thwackdom.  Like rschroeder​ mentioned, you may be bombarded with questions and requests at times, but it's all on good fun, and like Earth in Hitchhiker's Guide, we're mostly harmless.

Level 8


I like "stream of consciousness" as opposed to "rambling" but hey, I get your drift.  And yes, you did answer my question.

You sound a little like my wife: she has a hard time "unplugging" form her business and seems to work at it almost 24/7.  I actually kidnapped her this past weekend and took her for a little overnight getaway to a place called Steamboat Springs in Colorado.  More of a "staycation" than a vacation (we live about 3.5 hours from there) but it was a nice change of scenery.

You stated that you were born in, and came over from, Israel (multiple times, too, if I read your intimation correctly).  My Church is working on a trip to Israel in October-November of 2020.  If you wouldn't mind donning a travel agent's chapeau and letting me know of your recommendation on any "can't miss" sites or adventures in Israel, I would appreciate the perspective of an Israeli Native (since you are really very - Israeli, that is! (bad "Heathers" reference there, sorry ;-)).  We can take that offline if you like.

Thanks for the reply and, again, Herzlich willkommen! (I didn't see German in your prolific list of languages but I think you can figure that one out... 😉

My thing is music...I have a song playing in my head all day, every day.  My wife will occasionally ask me, "So, what's playing now?" She's sweet..

I won't trigger an EARWORM ALERT with this but just a quick lyric from Pilot's "Magic":

"Lazy day in bed, music in my head

Crazy music playing in the mor-ning light!"

That's been me since before that song came out.

I do like movie quotes as well, though we don't get to nearly as many flicks as we would like.  OK, another question:

Favorite movie/genre?  And yes, your answer can be "It depends!".

Community Manager
Community Manager

Ooooh! I would love to don that hat.

Israel will always be home (even though it's been a minute since it was my "permanent residence") and even staying away from no-no topics like politics and religion, I can talk about it forever!

Start a DM with me when you're ready, I'll tell you all the fun/can't miss stuff

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks Dale!

I'm really looking forward to this new adventure

I'm definitely ok with mostly harmless - we will both learn together the threshold at which I stop functioning...

It'll probably look something like this:


Community Manager
Community Manager

I love movies, and music, and books. It's the way I learn languages best (with the definitely perk that if you read locally written material, or listen to locally sourced music, you're getting a crash course in local culture).

I'll never say no to a good action movie. I also love Disney movies (even before I had kids, I was an avid Disney fan, but don't get me started about "princess culture"). I'm not big on rom-coms although there are a couple that I can watch over and over and over. The MCU, Princess Bride, and StarWars and just a few of my current faves.

Hello from the other side...of the Atlantic Ocean...and welcome to this cradle of wisdom, knowledge and experience in Solarwinds, and to a lot of great folks who make this place so fun.

Level 8

Welcome yumdarling! You have joined a great team here at SolarWinds, I look forward to seeing you around!

Level 15

Welcome! Welcome!

Level 9

Welcome threads are always more beautiful than goodbye threads....  welcome and a lot of fun with us

Level 9

Hello and welcome. Its a great fun place to be

Level 12


Level 16

Welcome yumdarling

Level 12

Welcome yumdarling​ I love the name, never heard of Yum before but like how it does mean beach.  Sad that when I heard "darling" I went to peter pan, darn kids mess up my thinking. (dont know if it is really sad but its something)  I hope your husband's name isnt John because I bet he had a fun time growing up if it is.

Look forward in working with you with future missions and all that.


AKA Melon

AKA melonizame

Level 10

Welcome to the show yumdarling​, we are a (mostly) friendly rabble of techies, wordsmiths, and general pedants.

Level 12

Welcome...nice to meet you.


meyer837 you forget to mention foodies....


asheppard970​ , at least I didn't unleash the "baby shark" earworm.......oops.

Level 9

Welcome to the community I look forward to hearing from you.

Level 9

Welcome yumdarling​ !

Level 10

Foodies! Yes! I feel much shame and embarrassment for forgetting such an obvious one.

Community Manager
Community Manager

So, when I first met my husband and he tried to tell me his name was Darling, at first I thought I was hearing wrong.

He should have said "like Peter Pan" because I totally would have gotten it. Instead he said it was like "Oh my darling, Clementine"....

I did think about naming my kids Wendy, John, and Michael. And my dog Nana. But I didn't

Community Manager
Community Manager

Yasss foooood ❤️

I love food.

I've been wanting to start a list of all the best "local" and not super well known restaurants around the US and then go visit each one, but let's be real, I can't even find time to go to restaurants in NC. Maybe when I'm retired (hahahha)


NC?  What part ?  I lived there for 9 years and now go back annually to visit some high school friends.

Level 16

שלום ברוכה הבאה yumdarling

I must presume that you watch "Triple 'D'" on Food Network!  Great source for local haunts all over the country.  Couple of neat stories related to the show: When we were in Hawai'i last year, we saw an episode about a local sushi place in Kihei, which was where we were staying.  We checked it out and it was AWESOME!  Miso Phat Sushi, if you want to look it up.  And in Denver, near where my mom lives, there was a Kosher Deli that Guy featured.  We managed to get there before they closed but it was outstanding as well.  I remember having a Pastrami sandwich and telling the server about my experience in New York in 1984...

I was in New York with a couple of friends of mine and we all went into town (NYC!) and were sightseeing when we happened upon the Carnegie Deli.  Now, having grown up in the Midwest, I was not aware of all the cultural and local taboos when it comes to food; I just knew what I liked.  So I ordered a Pastrami sandwich with mayonnaise.  Well, the server at the Deli gave me a holy ration of grief!  When he brought the sandwich, the mayo was on the side; the server said that any good Jewish boy would slap me silly and that you NEVER get mayo on a Pastrami, only mustard.  Not sure how much he was ribbing me but I said, "Hey, it may not be 'Kosher' but it's what I like!".  I don't remember him being too amused by my comment.

Anyway, at the Denver deli, I ordered my Pastrami with mustard this time, just to be on the safe side. 😉

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  Not 'Baby Shark"!!!!

I counter with the Seti Alpha 5 earworm:

Related image

Community Manager
Community Manager


תודה! אני מתרגשת להיות פה

Community Manager
Community Manager

In Cary! SolarWinds Service Desk is headquartered here.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hahahahaha!! I'll have to remember that. I have just recently developed a fondness for mustard, but it has never been my first go-to for any sandwich.

yumdarling​ you will fit in here just fine. 

Go to Bee Cave and get lunch at Rocco's to prepare for ThwackCamp2019.

Have a great day! 


Level 10

Welcome aboard yumdarling

I concur with Radioteacher​, but I would go to Rocco's for dinner and make sure to have some homemade Limoncello. Welcome aboard yumdarling​. I see you already jumped in with a mini-mission.

Level 12

would that be called "jumping in with both feet" or "Jumping the shark"?

With both feet I hope.

Jumping the shark implies it is all down hill from here!

Level 12

I thought "Jumping the Shark" was trying to go from the bottom to the top....

Wikipedia - Jumping the shark is the moment when something that was once popular that no longer warrants the attention it previously received makes an attempt at publicity, which only serves to highlight its irrelevance. This is especially applicable to television series or other entertainment outlets.

Jumping the shark - Wikipedia

Yea "Jumping in With Both Feet" is the correct answer

Oh, HerrDoktor, es tut mir leid, dass ich das gerade bemerkt habe. Aber ich mache kein ... JA WIRD ICH!!!


Adele - Hello - YouTube

Level 9

Bienvenida a la comunidad!!!!!! Saludos Cordiales!

Level 12

Welcome aboard yumdarling​! Looking forward to your posts!

Community Manager
Community Manager

¡Muchas gracias! Estoy entusiasmada de estar aquí