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VoIP & Network Quality Manager v4.2 Generally Available!

I'm very excited to announce General Availability of VNQM 4.2 with native support for Avaya (Red) communication managers and call quality monitoring and troubleshooting. This version of VNQM brings most wanted features by VoIP pros who were looking for a software for Avaya real call quality troubleshooting. Features, which may sound as a fundamental functionality but existing solutions on the market simply didn't have them.

Here is the short list of what's included in VNQM 4.2:

  • Support for Avaya VoIP call troubleshooting and monitoring
    • CDR and CQR monitoring of 1:1 and conference VoIP calls
    • MOS, Jitter, Latency, and end-point quality metrics information
    • Visualization of call signaling
    • Automatic region recognition and call grouping
    • Call manager failed calls and calls quality statistics
    • Avaya Gateway detection during call signaling phase
    • Reporting and alerting for Avaya VoIP CDR/CQR metrics
  • Call Manager phone registration resource with full text search and other new features
  • Support for Cisco Call Manager v10.x

You can see more insights in product blog post: VNQM 4.2 GA - Avaya CDR support available for download!

Release notes with bugs & fixes are ready here: VNQM v4.2 Release Notes

This version is already waiting for download on customer portal.

Level 10

Finally! Avaya Support is here.! Thanks Michal


I'm looking forward to checking this one out. Thanks!

About the Author
I joined SolarWinds PM team in September 2011 and I am currently part of product management team located in Czech Republic . Before that, I spent five years developing networking products and mobile applications.