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Virtualization Manager 5.1 is here!

Product Manager

In case you missed it over in the , Virtualization Manager v5.3 is now available! Full details about the changes in this release are available over in this blog post: Virtualization Manager 5.1 with support for Virtual Desktops is here!

Existing customers should check out the Customer Portal for the download. Everyone should definitely check out the Free Trial.

About the Author
Ok, so I have been a geek for a long time, went to UT finally ended up at a startup, Tek-Tools where we built a monitoring and reporting product for Servers, Backups, Storage and Applications. In Jan 2010, Solarwinds bought Tek-Tools, and I was added to the PM team. When my mind actually wonders from making our products better, I am generally spending time with my family, reading, watching sports, arguing politics or tinkering with stuff (it can always be made better), with the occasional camping trip thrown in for good measure.