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[Updated April 20] 2020 Bracket Battle Preview

Level 12

[Updated April 20] 2020 Bracket Battle: Reviver Edition is LIVE! Click here for the rules of engagement or go directly to the battle here

[Updated April 13] 2020 Bracket Battle Preview

Seriously, it is already APRIL! The month that is part winter, part spring and all around great for one simple reason…


That’s right, folks… have zero fears because everyone’s favorite version of a March bracket-based competition will be back this year, and we have a genuinely amazing concept and set of match ups for y’all to ponder, debate, and decide.

I know that you guys are chomping at the bit to get started and so are we, but we are going to start our event a little later than usual this year. You see, the AMAZING THWACK team has been working like a bunch Oompa Loompas hopped up on pixie sticks to get the community migrated over to a new platform. It’s been a monumental task and overall it’s gone well. Please take a quick moment to give them a virtual pat on the back. It’s OK. I will wait…

Thanks for doing that… they really deserve it.

So, when will we launch the Bracket Battle? Well, we want to give THWACK’s new home a few more weeks to gel, work out some more of the kinks, and give the team a day or so to recoup before we embark.

To help you make it through until the big reveal… I am offering up 500 THWACK points to the first person to guess this year’s theme. WITHOUT HINTS.

So, stay tuned… we’ll be back shortly with all the details, decisions, and opportunities for bragging rights that the SolarWinds Bracket Battle is famous for.

Level 13


chocolate bars vs candy

Level 9

Battle of the best comfort food/?

Level 11

COVID vs Sanity

Community Manager
Community Manager

We are just a few days away from the introduction of the 2020 BRACKET BATTLE, and quite frankly, we could not be more excited.

Despite the number of creative, and relevant, guesses. No one has been able to quite rouse the topic. So, @TiffanyNels is going to give you all another chance at redemption and up the ante to 1000 THWACK points…

That is right! 1000 THWACK points to the person willing to ponder the possibilities and venture one more guess.

Click HERE to see 3 hints and submit your guesses!

Level 8

Is it Real, or is it a Dream!

Alter Egos?

Community Manager
Community Manager

[Updated April 20] 2020 Bracket Battle: Reviver Edition is LIVE! Click here for the rules of engagement or go directly to the battle here

Congratulations to @Jfrazier for correctly guessing this year's theme!

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