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THWACK Tuesday Tips :: How to Use Custom Properties to Filter a Widget

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FEATURED EPISODE: How to Use Custom Properties to Filter a Widget
Video Link : 1347
October 8, 2019

Custom Properties are the not-so-hidden superpower of the Orion® Platform. It’s one of the easiest ways to customize your dashboard widgets for your needs. In only a few clicks, we’ll filter down a resource to show only the nodes you want to see.

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I love using custom properties - they allow me to use Orion as a single point of truth in the network. it take a little more time to enter a new device, but that's far better than having multiple "databases" for all the items that need to be tracked.

Level 13

Nice video. good info. smart.


I use this often in client deployments. Now we just need all the resources to have a filter option.  Alerts, Hardware Health, Application Health, some of the top/Last XX resources, etc. A way around it is to use View Limitations based on the custom property but that means it then applies to every resource and sub-view.

Level 12

thanks for the tip

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