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THWACK Tuesday Tips :: How to Harden Servers with PowerShell and Change Monitoring

Community Manager
FEATURED EPISODE: How to Harden Servers with PowerShell and Change Monitoring
Video Link : 1362
December 31, 2019

Server and application configurations are a fundamental piece of securing your environment. If unauthorized changes are made to these configurations, you can be exposed to serious vulnerabilities. Learn how to harden your servers using PowerShell scripts in SolarWinds® Server Configuration Monitor. In this video, we'll create a custom profile with several PowerShell scripts to monitor changes to different aspects of your servers, like changes to local administrator privileges, antivirus exclusions, and local certificates.

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Thanks for another wonderful "SCM" video for all.

we need a favor, can you put all these "PS Script" in document pattern (Create a doc page of script), So everyone can take a copy for example and implement as per there requirement.

Thanks - cheers.

Community Manager
Community Manager

All of the scripts are posted on Manage and Monitor PowerShell Scripts

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