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THWACK Tuesday Tip :: How to Stop the Use of Anonymizer Websites on Your Network

Community Manager

How to Stop the Use of Anonymizer Websites on Your Network

February 25, 2020

Your organization has internet use policies in place for multiple reasons: protecting your network against security breaches, keeping organizational costs down, and protecting your employees, end users, or customers. Anonymizer websites provide a workaround to these policies that can put your organization at risk. In this video we'll show you how to identify and stop the use of anonymizer websites on your network with SolarWinds Security Event Manager.
Level 20

It's good that it's easy to add and remove these.  The new SEM HTML5 interface to work with the rules is making it easier I think to edit your rules.

Level 12

Cool to watch. Glad there's an option for the web.

Level 9

Very nice.  Easy way to find out if users are using these anonymizer websites.  Would the default list of sites get updated, and if so, how often?

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