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THWACK Tuesday Tip :: How to Monitor Changes to Local Certificates

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How to Monitor Changes to Local Certificates
How to Monitor Changes to Local Certificates
December 24, 2019

Local certificates provide a multitude of security benefits. From encrypting emails and allowing easier authentication, to securing connections between web browsers and your web servers, they're a necessary part of any network. Learn how to monitor changes to local certificates with SolarWinds® Server Configuration Monitor.
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Hi Kevin,

Where can I find the text of that Powershell script?  I like to try it out, can you provide a link or the text?


Community Manager
Community Manager

I wrote about this script (and others) on this Product Blog: Manage and Monitor PowerShell Scripts

But here is the script if you need it immediately.

$AllCertificates = Get-ChildItem -Path Cert:\LocalMachine\My -Recurse

# Create an empty list to keep the results

$CertificateList = @()

ForEach ( $Certificate in $AllCertificates )


    # Check to see if this is a "folder" or a "certificate"

    if ( -not ( $Certificate.PSIsContainer ) )


        # Certificates are *not* containers (folders)

        # Get the important details and add it to the $CertificateList

        $CertificateList += $Certificate | Select-Object -Property FriendlyName, Issuer, Subject, Thumbprint, NotBefore, NotAfter



$CertificateList | Sort-Object -Property FriendlyName

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