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THWACK Tuesday Tip :: Helping Users Wherever They Are With DRE

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Helping Users Wherever They Are With DRE
Helping Users Wherever They Are With DRE
November 3, 2020

It used to be easier to support your end users—you could just walk up to their desk, help them, and be on your way, but your end users can be anywhere nowadays. Supporting them regardless of their physical location is key to making sure they can work at peak efficiency. SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere (DRE) offers an easy-to-use solution with features above and beyond run-of-the-mill remote support solutions. This is an essential addition to the support engineer's toolbelt to keep your end users, and your organization, running smoothly.
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I've loved Dameware from since I think before SolarWinds owned it even.  I always liked how it could push out the client software it needs to run.  Now that it's totally cross platform makes it even better these days.


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Kevin's first computer was the family TI-99/4A. He's learned computing the best way possible: by fixing his own broken machines. He was a SolarWinds customer for nearly 10 years before joining the company. He's worked the range of IT jobs: from the 3-person consultancy to the international law firm. Along the way, he's become a SolarWinds advocate and evangelist of monitoring glory. His passions include shooting archery, blacksmithing, playing D&D, and helping IT professionals leave at a reasonable time each and every day.