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THWACK Tuesday Tip :: Create Email Alerts With Ease in Database Performance Analyzer

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Building Automation Rules in SolarWinds Service Desk
Building Automation Rules in SolarWinds Service Desk
July 14, 2020

Automation continues to be a major trend in IT. Whether it's a small rule to send all hardware issues to a specific queue or a large rule which routes through several stages, automating as much as possible reduces the chance of human error. Watch this video to learn how to create simple automation rules in your SolarWinds Service Desk solution.
About the Author
Kevin's first computer was the family TI-99/4A. He's learned computing the best way possible: by fixing his own broken machines. He was a SolarWinds customer for nearly 10 years before joining the company. He's worked the range of IT jobs: from the 3-person consultancy to the international law firm. Along the way, he's become a SolarWinds advocate and evangelist of monitoring glory. His passions include shooting archery, blacksmithing, playing D&D, and helping IT professionals leave at a reasonable time each and every day.