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THWACK Monthly Mission - March 2019

Community Manager

You find yourself with a multitude of clues.  Use your instincts and your plethora of tools to understand the means behind this atrocious crime.  This is the worst crime of all.  The epitome of treachery.  What crime you may ask?  Theft of productivity.

Comb through the clues and look deep into the bowels of your infrastructure.  Avoid the red herrings and get down to the actual root cause.  Detectives are only as good as their mind and tools, so use them both to find the culprit in “The Case of the Curious Systems Meltdown.”


Use the mission’s resources to complete the tasks and answer the questions for a chance to win!

Correctly answer each question during the week and you'll be entered for a chance to win the weekly prize.

Correctly answer all 20 questions over the course of the month and you'll be entered for a chance to win the grand prize.

150 points are being awarded for each correctly answered question. There are 20 questions, which means you can earn a maximum of 3,000 points for this mission.

Want to join the mission, but not a member? Sign up FREE now!


Weekly Prizes & Drawing Dates:
March 11, 2019: Mysterium Board Game

March 18,  2019: Sherlock Holmes Collection 6 Book Box Set

March 25, 2019: LEGO Scooby-Doo The Mystery Machine

April 1, 2019: Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

Grand Prize:
April 1, 2019: 3D Printer


A new question will open every day (Monday - Friday) starting on March 4, 2019. Once a question has opened, it will remain open until March 31, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. CT. Check the schedule below for exact open/close times.


Complete the mission shortcut between March 14, 2019 and March 31, 2019 to earn an additional 1,000 THWACK® points & enter to win a Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit!

The shortcut is simple:

  1. Download a free trial or upgrade to Server & Application Monitor 6.8
  2. Take a screenshot using AppInsight for Active Directory [blur server/node names!]
  3. Submit screenshot here
Week 1: Complete questions 1-5 by March 10, 2019 to be entered to win: Mysterium Board Game
Week 2: Complete questions 6-10 by March 17, 2019 to be entered to win: Sherlock Holmes Collection 6 Book Box Set
Week 3: Complete questions 11-15 by March 24, 2019 to be entered to win: LEGO Scooby-Doo The Mystery Machine
Week 4: Complete questions 16-20 by March 31, 2019 to be entered to win: Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

Correctly answer all 20 questions by March 31, 2019 and get entered to win the Grand Prize! 3D Printer

Monthly Mission Terms and Conditions: US, UK, and Canada | Germany | Australia



From the Godfather movie back in the 1970's:

Badabing !!! James Caan Perfect Performance - The Godfather - YouTube

Level 12

This just adds more people thought and not just, hey, good answer!

Level 10

The wife sent me to the store to buy some cherries and a microphone..

Bought a Bing, bought a boom....

And the Dad jokes go on...

Level 11

BADA-BING, that's correct! Pat yourself on the back.

Level 11


Level 9

Level 13

Image result for the 5th element bing bada boom quote meme

Level 9

Unfortunately the phrase just reminds me of this Benny Banks | Bada Bing! (Official Video) - YouTube

Level 9

you really have mastered the concept of reading the provided hint links.


Image result for wtf meme


You can tell by the content of all the comments here that the answers are a little too easy this time around, as none of the comments are about the questions, just about the response you get!

Level 14

Sushhhh.  Don't tell them.  They'll only make them harder    

Level 12

Level 10

Hey!  Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.  We get fast, easy points AND see what the new features of each SolarWinds product updates are.  A Win-Win situation.

Gift Horse.JPG


Image result for prince symbol

And there are some definite '80s references going on here...I mean, really:


Level 12

I think I may skip the rest of this month.  Not a fan of the tone the in post-answer notes - at all.

Choose 1:

A: Patronizing

B: Passive-aggressive

C: Snide

😧 All of the above

You chose D, that's correct!  Great job realizing this isn't the way to go about treating customers (both current and potential)!

True or False:

That was sarcasm.

Awww--I LOVE Leeloo!  She's a sweetie, with awesome martial arts skills.  She also happens to be the universe's secret weapon to the Ultimate Evil.


I agree, Rick..."Fifth Element" has to be one of my all time FAVORITE "B" SciFi flicks.  For being a relatively unknown actress at the time, Milla did a surprisingly decent job in the role.  And just look at her now...


Level 10

I'm tempted as well.

Oh, c'mon, Steven...and miss out on all the snarky fun?  Remember:

"The middle class take offense, even when none is intended.  The world class NEVER take offense, even when it IS intended."  - Steve Siebold, "The 177 Mental Toughness Secrets Of The World Class"

While I agree that the comments have been a little, shall we say, unusual, I think somebody is having a good time poking fun at the '80s and all the (by)products therefrom (people, places, things, generations...).  Could they dial back the "sarcasm"?  Sure.  But as melonizame  mentioned earlier, isn't that the language of IT?  Although I suppose the best way to counteract passive aggression is to ignore it might be on the right track. 😉  Just that you'll be missing out on some free and easy THWACK points.

Level 11

What are we time traveling back to our child hood?


Level 9

So are we supposed to represent Watson in this mission, being demeaned and ridiculed for pointing out the obvious?

Back To The Future was a childhood movie?  Oh dear . . .

My childhood movies were slightly more primitive than that.


Level 12

I guess I did my link wrong for the gif

Level 12

Thats the gif I was trying to post....... 

Level 11

I watched the older movies too. I remember watching the lone ranger with my grandpa. Man that was a LOOOONG time ago.

Level 12

Not sure where I said I took offense, but ok.  I just don't like it.  I come here to have fun, if I'm not having fun then there's no point.  The questions are too easy - it's been like the first thing you see on the screen every time (almost?) so you don't even need to scroll and the snide comments don't land well in my "ear".  Someone's probably trying to be funny and I don't think it's working.  That doesn't mean I'm offended, it just means I don't like what I'm seeing.  I am under no illusion that SolarWinds as an entity or its staff have any opinion about me personally whatsoever.  As such, how could I be offended by something they're doing to everyone that participates in the mission?  Can't.  Amn't.  Won't ever be. 

Who's that sorry excuse for a comic that says "here's your sign"?  That guy is awful and I don't like his "comedy".  It in no way offends me, however.  Same with that puppet chump.  Terrible?  Yes.  Offensive?  Narp.  Same with this stuff, it ain't offensive, it just ain't fun (for me).  If you like it, cool.  If you think that makes you World Class and me middle class, sweet.  I really don't care.  I don't happen to agree with that quote you chose but it doesn't offend me.  And hell, I'd even continue discussing it with you were this the appropriate venue because, well, it'd be fun

Oh yeah!  The points!  I've got, like, a lot of points.  I don't care about them anymore.  I mean, I "bought" my ThwackPack, what else is there?

Level 7

That is Awesome

You and I have had our differences of opinion in the past, Steven, and I'll simply leave it at that.  I hope you enjoy the rest of your month, whatever you decide to do.

-Childhood movie.

I remember going to the theater in 1972 to watch "The Cowboys".  One of the few movies where John Wayne's character dies.  Bruce Dern plays an exceptionally slimy evil person that he does so well.

The Cowboys - Wikipedia


Level 13

dgsmith80​, I think the questions and answers are well phrased, and pertinent. Well, maybe the last 2 questions last month were not pertinent, but most of the questions recently have been well phrased, and accurate for the link provided. I appreciate that.

Level 13

When I was a kid, my grandmother used to take me to the theater to watch a previously-released Disney animated movie during the matinee. I don't know any theaters that are still showing old Disney movies during matinees. Also back then, the newspaper had some 6-8 pages of movie advertisements.

Level 8

Oh my gosh!!!! I'm hoping for that printer. Fingers crossed I get them all correct.

The newspaper movie advertisement statement took me back to the 70's and 80's.  When I was a kid in the 60's I lived in small town with only one theater, one screen, and it only showed one showing per night.  And that was only in the evenings on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. 

If a movie seemed popular there could be a second show later those nights.

Getting in cost $.25 when I was pre-school.  When I reached first grade, the cost of a movie jumped to $.50.  And by the time I was in fourth grade it was $.75.

A full-sized Hershey Chocolate bar was $.05 and it came wrapped in tin foil.  I complained loudly when it jumped up to $.10 per bar--double the cost for the same amount!

Gasoline was $.23/gallon unless my father heard somewhere was selling it for $.21, and he drive further to check it out.  Well, I'd drive a bit further today for a 10% cost reduction.  Gas was $2.01/gallon back in January, and now has jumped to $2.59/gallon in just nine weeks.  It'd be one thing if my income varied on a weekly or hourly basis to keep in step with the various costs of living . . .

Yes, Bruce Dern was often a ne'er-do-well.  The director made us recognize it in Bruce's shaving, clothes,make-up, & expressions.


Level 12

I appreciate your very civil response to my response to your response.  Er, or something.  My month will be whatever it turns out to be.  This site has no bearing on said month outside of maybe 5 minutes per workday (ok, sometimes I slack and have to do, like, 3 questions in a day and that can take more than 5 minutes, but, you know, net minutes or whatever) so it'll be good (or not) regardless of what I decide. 

I've had some fun responding to you so thanks for that.  And I hope your month goes wonderfully.

Level 14

mine too. Saturday morning pictures were the best

Level 11

Question 6 Hint showing error on browser



<Message>Access denied</Message>


Level 9

Access denied

Level 8

Do you merely see them or do you observe?

Level 9

Thanks for the link, this question is certainly more tricky than last weeks questions

Level 14

good link Thanks.

& a very impressive addition to SAM's AppInsight

Level 11

Yes certainly took a little more digging.  Thanks to @david smith though for the 2nd link that works

Chrome doesn't like today's hint link.


Perhaps even more interesting is that Mozilla/Firefox says the page is insecure:


IE rounds it out with useless information:


Level 9

Neither does Firefox.


Yep, I'm getting the same thing as you and rwagner .

Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry about that link folks. Refresh and try again now.

Level 20

It's fine now I just used it.