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THWACK Monthly Mission - June 2018

Level 15

You are about to take off on a voyage to the great network beyond, a place with deeper visibility and smarter scalability. There are three things to remember about being a captain of your network: keep your shirt tucked in, go down with the network, and never abandon an end-user.

On your journey to find the nexus of your network universe, you will have power of the latest SolarWinds® Network Insight™ for Cisco Nexus® at your disposal. This is the third Network Insight feature that SolarWinds has developed to bring deeper visibility into critical network devices.

This month, you will learn everything you need to prepare for your next great network quest. You will be quizzed over, Head Geek™, Destiny Bertucci’s latest eBook, “How to Simplify Monitoring for Complex Network Devices” and a special SolarWinds Lab™ episode that will help ensure you’re Using the Right Tool for the Job.

Fun will now commence!


Use the mission’s resources to complete the tasks and answer the questions for a chance to win!

Correctly answer each question during the week and you'll be entered for a chance to win the weekly prize.

Correctly answer all 20 questions over the course of the month and you'll be entered for a chance to win the grand prize:

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Weekly Prizes & Drawing Dates:

June 11: Star Trek Klingon Monopoly game

June 18: Planetarium Projector

June 25: Darth Vader Lightsaber

July 2: Star Trek Catan

Grand Prize

July 2: Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lego Set

150 points are being awarded for each correctly answered question. There are 20 questions, which means you can earn a maximum of 3,000 points for this mission.


Complete the mission shortcut to earn an additional 1,000 THWACK® points & enter to win a Landove Telescope​!
The shortcut is simple:
  1. Download the Network Performance Monitor (NPM) + Network Configuration Manager (NCM) Bundle
  2. Take a screenshot of the Intelligent Maps​ (Node details > Left panel > Click on Map)
  3. Submit your screenshot below


A new question will open every day (Monday - Friday) starting on June 4, 2018. Once a question has opened, it will remain open until July 1, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. CDT. Check the schedule below for exact open/close times.

Weekly PrizesMonTueWedThuFriWinners
Week 1: Complete questions 1-5 by June 10 to be entered to win: Star Trek Klingon Monopoly game
Week 2: Complete questions 6-10 by June 17 to be entered to win: Planetarium Projector
Week 3: Complete questions 11-15 by June 24 to be entered to win:  Darth Vader Lightsaber
Week 4: Complete questions 16-20 by July 1 to be entered to win:  Star Trek Catan

Correctly answer all 20 questions by July 1 and get entered to win the Grand Prize!  Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lego Set

Monthly Mission Terms and Conditions: US, UK, and Canada | Germany | Australia

Mission Shortcut Terms and Conditions: US, UK, and Canada | Germany | Australia

Level 10

I am really liking these prizes this month.

good luck everyone!

███ , wow what a screen name!

They are very nice prizes indeed.


Level 10

Radioteacher​, thank you for the mention.

you must have had to do some copying and pasting to make it happen


Ohh mission shortcut is looking for a new feature that was released last Thursday. Nice way to get people to upgrade asap. points points points

CTRL-C and CTRL-V are old friends of mine. 

Level 9

Great prizes! Big Bucks, No Whammies! STOP!

no whammies.jpg

Level 8

I'd LOVE me some additional Meraki support . . .    (hint, hint!)

That's a screen name right out of the dark web.  Cryptic indeed.

I have a friend at work who always brings up the debate: Trek vs. Wars.  I'm in the "Both / And" camp and he is in the "Either / Or".  He is a die-hard Wars fan (except that he is getting tired of Disney milking the franchise) and has even told me, "Down with trekkies!" (even though we're not called "Trekkies" anymore, but that's beside the point! 😉

So, to get a little discussion going, what say you all?  Trek?  Wars?  Neither?  Both?  I'm curious as to what THWACKsters are liking these days.

BTW, have NOT seen Solo yet so please, no spoilers!

Level 10

WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! another month another mission!

Can anyone else believe that this year is already half over??​, are you currently using Meraki equipment?  I'm curious about others' experiences.  We are starting to transition to Meraki, and I actually have played with them a little.  From what I can tell, Meraki offers a little bit of management insight, though nothing close to what Orion can do.  I wonder if that's why SW has not jumped on the Meraki bandwagon yet...ORRRRR!  Could be that it's in the works!!  And I'm with you, I'd love to see it in future iterations of NPM!

The older I get the faster time goes by.  In reference, High School felt like a decade and the last six months felt like six weeks.


Level 9

Star Wars and Star Trek are exactly the same thing.

(Runs and hides)

Level 12

joshcb   "Star Wars and Star Trek are exactly the same thing"

Really?  Wars is all about fighting and Trek is all about discovery.  Not that there isn't a lot of bleed over between the two.    Besides, Wars is so primitive.  I mean really, a light saber vs. a Phaser?

Level 8

Good to see the feedback about not having prizes focused solely on a TV show or movie was well received. Back to back months where I hope I don't win so someone who actually cares will get the prize.

Level 9

asheppard970​, be sure to check out what we offer already for monitoring Meraki devices, released in NPM 12.1.

Level 12

Trek.  Any universe who's best heroes can be defeated by a Z-Pack and some OJ isn't any universe worth hearing about, IMO (srsly, midichlorians?). 

**This post was written for entertainment purposes only and should not be used to take offense.**

Level 13

"Big Money", I think.

Level 9

Image result for live long and prosper

Level 13

I kind of feel like the year will be half-over 26-27 days from now.

Level 13

They are the same if submarine warfare and battleship warfare are the same thing.

Level 12

WOOT thought I would have to wait a week for another mission.

Level 16

Love the missions.....  this one looks terrific!

Level 9

Average Star Trek episode: "WaaaaaaaZoom, oh no aliens, important speech, pew pew, WaaaaaaaZoom"

Average Star Wars film: "MmmmmmmmZip, oh no empire, menacing speech, zap zap, MmmmmmmmZip"

Level 11

Am I the only one that had "Fantastic Voyage" by Lakeside go through my head when I saw the title of this months mission?  For the younger readers, here's the first verse (it helps to play imagine some Funk music playing):

Hey, come on, come along take a ride
There's a party over there, that ain't no jive
It's live, live, it's all the way live
Don't even have to walk, don't even have to drive
Just slide, glide, slippity-slide
Just forget about your troubles and your nine to five
And just sail on (that's what you do), just sail on
Now this groove's so funky, hey, what to you think
What is it called, let's call it Lakeside stank

Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage


Love the theme.

I think there should be shirts like these available.


Level 12


Amazing that Sir Patrick looks as good today as he did almost 35 years ago.  That man got good genes!

1984 as Gurney Halleck in "Dune":

Image result for gurney halleck you young pup

At the 2018 Oscars:


Level 12

Yeah, Sir Captain Picard has held up well.  And he's so much more that Trek, too.  I love him on American Dad and he did a 5 minute short film some years back that was simply amazing.

That and his "One Man Christmas Carol", of which I have only seen blocks, was positiviely laudable!

Level 12

I was going to link to that 5 minute short I was talking about but then I remembered there's some light violence and some profanity.  Probably best not to.  Oh well.

Level 20

I'm still frustrated there's no way to un-stick compliance reports in NCM without manually editing the database to get rid of the messed up status's.  We need a button (in the web interface) that changes those stuck caching reports to status 0 in the database.

Level 9

Trek for us oldtimers, give me Kirk and Spock.

You know bring up another layer of thought with regards to Trek, there, vcaldwell​: TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, Movies....not mention with Wars: 4-6, 1-3, 7-8 (9 will be here soon), "Stories", books!  My, my, it's a "veritable smorgasbord" (much respect to the late, great to Paul Lynde, there, if you caught it!) of delectable discussion!

I, too, am a TOS fan.  I used to say that had memorized the dialog from all of the shows, and could even recite the epsiode titles...IN ORDER!  Alas, the less you use something the quicker it fades away to the point, now, where I can barely recall the names of the actors.  Ah, those were the days...

Level 9

I'd think these things are planned out a bit in advance, and they'd likely stick with the stereotypical geek culture just the same.

Most months I wait until the end to answer the questions and skip the last one so there's no chance of winning anything.

Thanks, ams.norman​!  Will definitely check it out and play with it.

Level 13

Wow ecklerwr1​, way to break up a party. Didn't you know we hijaaked this forum to talk about Star Wars and that other show?

Level 12

Answer D. Today: Song from Mulan? Where did that come from???

Level 20

Yeah but I had some stuck NCM reports this week... it turned out it was the database datastore running out of storage for Orion.  Side effect all my NCM compliance reports were failing to run.  A little cleanup and some storage vMotion will fix that!

Level 12

I don't care what that book says:

Swift as a coursing river with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire, and mysterious as the dark side of the moon

should be the answer.

Level 12

Nexus stuff is pretty good but I don't think it's got as much as that quote indicates.  Sure, if you run into the right sort of bug you'll feel like your network was ravaged by a typhoon while it was on fire and the cause will be darn mysterious but how often does that actually happen?

I do remember one really fun bug, though: Couldn't save the running config.  Good times considering we were using VDCs, VPCs and OTV - oh, and the 1000v switch managing a lot of the virtual infrastructure. 

I sometimes think about Hee-Haw's Grampa Jones in the same light.  He started as a young man, but used make-up and clothing, voice characterization and posture and acting, to look like an old man, even when he was young.  When he actually grew old in real life, he carefully kept that original "old man" look from when he was a young man.



Early hair loss (or a good hair cut at a younger age) helped him achieve a 60-year-old look in his thirties.

Once he started coloring his mustache and head hair gray, he became old-looking in his prime.  Eventually he stopped coloring his hair--it naturally became gray.  And the result was a character that was always the same age across many years of television performing.

But without the hair coloring and costume consistency and a little weight difference, one might not realize these two photographs are of the same man:


I had a high school teacher who was white-haired and distinguished, and most folks assumed he was in his fifties.  A quick look at his high school yearbook senior photograph revealed his hair had completely grayed when he was an early teen, and that look stood the test of time.  Another "ageless" man was born.

Level 13

Tell me more. What do you think is causing the compliance reports to stick? It's not that devices are failing compliance, right? I'm concerned about the topic you raised, but not sure what I should look for to see if it is happening here too.


Level 12

Haha you may be right. I just want to select the colorful answers because they make my day a bit better. The points keep me on track though.

Level 17


Level 20

It was the SQL Server for one of the Orion servers I have.  It is a VM and it ran out of space in the datastore it was writing to.  It seemed to look like reports stuck caching which usually means an error in parsing the NCM report but this time it wasn't that.

Level 20

lololol!  I don't even know this movie and that's funny!

Level 20