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THWACK Monthly Mission - July 2016

Level 15


You gotta fight. For your bandwidth. To keep your network flooowing!

Don’t let the man[ager] of marketing bring your network speed down by streaming videos all day. Don’t tolerate config changes giving you the blues. Bring the hammer down on applications that hog all the bandwidth!

You’ve got the greatest band[width] crew around to back you up: Network Performance Monitor, Network Configuration Manager, and NetFlow Traffic Analyzer. You’ve got NetPath™ to open the show and warm up the crowd. And when you come together center stage on the Orion® platform, your performance is at a level of awesome that can only be described as face-melting!

While your work may not get you a standing ovation or crowds of screaming groupies, we think you deserve a spot in Noc and Roll Hall Of Fame for all you do to win the Battle of the Bandwidth on a daily basis.



Use the mission’s resources to complete the tasks and answer the questions.

Correctly answer each question during the week and you'll be entered to win the weekly prize.

Correctly answer all 20 questions over the course of the month and you'll be entered to win the grand prize: Rock Band Pro Bundle (Xbox One or PS4)


  1. A new question will open every day (Monday - Friday) starting on July 4th.
  2. Once a question has opened, it will remain open until July 31st @ 11:59pm CDT. Check the schedule below for exact open/close times.
  3. Correctly answer all five questions within a given week and you’ll be entered to win the weekly prize:
    • Week 1 - Drawing on July 11th
    • Week 2 - Drawing on July 18th
    • Week 3 - Drawing on July 25th
    • Week 4 - Drawing on August 1st

     4. Correctly answer all 20 questions over the course of the month to be entered to win our grand prize!

    • Grand Prize - Drawing on August 1st

     5. 150 points are being awarded for each correctly answered question.

    • There are 20 questions, which means you can earn a maximum of 3,000 points for this mission. Good luck!

Weekly PrizesMon
Week 1: Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker

Complete questions 1-5 by July 10 to be entered to win

Week 2: AfterShokz Gamez Bone Conducting Wireless Gaming Headphones

Complete questions 6-10 by July 17 to be entered to win

Week 3: Samsung Gear VR - Virtual Reality Headset

Complete questions 11-15 by July 24 to be entered to win

Week 4: Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Complete questions 16-20 by July 31 to be entered to win

Correctly answer all 20 questions before July 31 and get entered to win the Grand Prize!
Rock Band Pro Bundle (Xbox One or PS4)


Three easy steps to earn an additional +250 points from this mission!

  1. Download Network Performance Monitor
  2. Use NetPath to map to your favorite band's website
    • See attached for instructions with screenshots
  3. Upload a screenshot HERE>>

*Note these points will be awarded after the mission closes.


Maria... you are a trooper!


Australia! I know we hound you guys and it's purely out of jealously from seeing everyone else win these awesome prizes.

Level 16

The whole team is!

Level 16

shuth​, you better get a 20/20 this month .

Level 8

I agree @peter

Level 8

Cool battle

Level 9

Still waiting to hear from wabbott​ if there is option for Solarwinds users / active maintenance holders to get these prizes. Scored 20/20 in June mission and got nothing

Level 7

Hey neman4ever​, unfortunately the missions can only be opened up to specific countries due to legal reasons. At present residents of the USA, Canada, UK, Australia & Germany can take part, but we are working with our legal team to try to expand this. We'll let you know if Pakistan becomes eligible. Sorry about the prizes, but the missions can still be fun!

Level 8

I'm really just in it to get points for a back pack and lab coat. I couldn't win a chook raffle is the only one holding tickets.


I wouldn't say nothing...

Points - which granted you can't spend (yet!)

Learning - lots of information regarding the new NPM features

Bring it!!!!!


Cool, Australia is included!! Love your work. Glad to see an awesome music prize.

You gotta fight for your right to paaaaaaaaaaarteeeeeeee!

Level 12

I think you should create a NOC and Roll Hall of Fame (and maybe a corresponding Wall of Shame) as a section of the Thwack site.  Each week or month add a featured individual to the Hall for something like most Thwack points in the month, most questions answered, or other worthy achievements.

Level 11

Okay, for week one, I'm curious as to whether the prize is in some sort of weird copyright space or just the victim of discount translation somewhere. Big "Star Wars" logos on the products, but the names of the ships are:

  • Hero Vehicle (IE: Millennium Falcon)
  • Villian Flagship (IE: Star Destroyer)
  • Villian Star-Fighter (IE: TIE Fighter)

And yes, Amazon does have it spelt as "Villian", not "villain".


Very cool prizes this week... not that I'm a big Star Wars fan or anything...
But, I have the Falcon, as well as the Tie Fighter, and these speakers are super good!

They even have the Star Wars theme song built into them, and can be played with the push of a button... And they are LOUD!

Looks like another great set of prizes!

Level 10

Question 2  Answer - Wouldn't have mind seeing the incorrect answer included.

Boo, I actually liked the way they did that one.

Thwack Missions are always fun, always interesting, always educational!


Hmm...   Noticed in question 1 that "atendance" is spelled wrong!   Yea, those things just leap out at me!

Level 20

Wooohoo here we go again!

Level 17


Level 16

My team learns alot from these.  I try to get them to do these as much as possible....

Level 16

keep chugging away and eventually you will be a raffle winner....  The more doors you knock on the great chance someone will say yes...

Level 16

I hope they don't cheat and copy the answers from each other!

Level 13

yeah, 'cause the question are just SOOOOOO hard!

Level 11

The SolarWinds Thwack team rocks!!

Level 12

Really excited for the Week 2 prize!  Always wanted to try those -  I've had them on my amazon wish list for quite sometime but have never pulled the trigger, good thing these will be free!

Hi guys! I answered the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday questions, correctly, about 30 minutes ago and I only received points for one of them. My grid says that I have answered all questions correctly. Help!?

Level 10

I have no more time for thwack missions. busy catching pokemon.

Level 13

I'm looking into it Peter! I'll get back to you as soon as I figure out what's happening!

Level 11

A call came in, they said the network was slow.

I brought up the display, to find the culprit.

What did I see?

Can I believe that what I saw that night was real and not just fantasy.

Just what I saw in my old dreams

Were the unauthorized traffic staring back at me?

'Cause in my flows it's always there

The evil hog that steals my bandwidth and brings me to despair

The night was black, was no use holding back

'Cause I just had to see, what they streamed

Netflix and HBO Go, shake my fist

Was all this for real, or just some kind of hell?

443 the number of the port

Now their stream I abort


Hahahahaha, totally agree. A band can always do with that 'extra' member.

That reminds me, I should really "get the band back together".


Great to see a Beatles referenced question. I love the Beatles.

This mission is great, I love my music. My iPod classic is my favourite device.

Level 11

Week 1: 100% success. I'm a big fan of the bandwidth monitoring theme too. Good mission!

Maybe the logical question is:  Who got fiber to the desktop--and who still uses it?  Anyone?


Level 13

tinmann0715​ - I sent you a DM regarding this issue. 🙂

dmartzall  Solid! The Number of the Beast

Iron Maiden RULEZ!!!

Level 11

Fiber should not be allowed near users. Any infrastructure that is both fragile and expensive should be behind at least one locked door.

...if it has shiny lights, a window may be installed so that users can watch them blink from time to time.

Level 17

One of the first places I worked had a glass room for all our servers. A really small 6x10 room with 3 sides of glass to show off 12 servers and 2 PBX's and a lot of crazy cabling - that is until i showed up on a Saturday to bundle and dress all the cabling. It looked better after the dressing, but didn't change the fact that there was a 4 racks in this small room with no maneuvering ability. There was always the 'knock out factor' when working in that little server room. That is, while working there a good chance you would knock a power cable loose and bring something down. The site manager could not understand why I wouldn't do much work in there except for Saturdays, until the resident contractor took our entire production system down for 2 1/2 days, with nary an effort.

Level 10

Question 6 isn't working fyi



Still Sunday in the US and very early morning in Europe. It will probably be unlocked when maria.bungau​ gets into the office later today.


Nah, since the new format, the question opens on local time. The question opens just fine for me. In the old format you had to wait till it was morning in the US so I couldn't answer questions until 5pm local time



Yeah, the question is available but the poll it links to is on thwack - which I presume has been created but hidden/restricted. A mod will need to unlock it which won't happen until they are in the office.


Ah ok, I didn't click on the link.

Sound like the question is broken


All good!  

I like the new question format but it seems a few integration items back to thwack still need to be sorted.

Level 11

HI, when im clicking on view poll for todays question, im getting this


Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is a mistake, please contact your administrator or the person who directed you here.

Level 13

Poll is open.  Sorry for the delay!

Level 16

The Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker goes to ... am3​. Congrats!


Congrats to am3​ !

Level 8

Alright! Thank you