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THWACK Monthly Mission - December 2020

Community Manager


They say an integral step in moving on from a trauma is coming to terms with what has happened. Enter the December THWACK® Mission. We invite you to reflect on the highs and lows of 2020 with our monthly mission, so we can all move forward into 2021 together.

So, before we tie a bow on 2020 and place it on the shelf, never to be touched again, buckle up and get ready for a rollercoaster ride as we reminisce about our favorite THWACKtivities this year.


Use the mission’s resources to complete the tasks and answer the questions for a chance to win!

Correctly answer each question during the week and you'll be entered for a chance to win the weekly prize.

Correctly answer all 10 questions over the course of the month and you'll be entered for a chance to win the grand prize.

150 points are being awarded for each correctly answered question. There are 10 questions, which means you can earn a maximum of 1,500 points for this mission.


Weekly Prizes & Drawing Dates:
December 14, 2020:Pandemic Board Game: 10th Anniversary Edition 

December 21, 2020:

LEGO Travel Bundle 

Grand Prize:
December 21, 2020:TechOrbits Electric Standing Desk 


A new question will open every day (Monday - Friday) starting on December 7, 2020. Once a question has opened, it will remain open until December 20, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. CT. Check the schedule below for exact open/close times.


Complete the mission shortcut between December 7, 2020 and December 20, 2020 to be entered to win an Xbox Series S 

Shortcut Steps

1) On your Orion server, navigate to Settings, My Orion Deployment.

2) Change to the Diagnostics tab.
3) Click “Collect New Diagnostics”, select just one of your Orion polling engines, preferably your Primary Orion Server. [Need help?]
4) Download the completed diagnostics from the web console and submit to Orion Insights [Note: You'll need to log into your support portal]
5) Submit a screenshot of the third page (titled "Executive Summary") of your completed Orion Insights report.



Mission Terms & Conditions: US, UK, and Canada  | Germany  | Australia 

Mission Shortcut Terms & Conditions: US, UK, and Canada  | Germany  | Australia  

Level 11

Happy Monday Everyone. 

First Green tick of December. 

Am I crazy, or do the Question and the report not reference the same information?

It looks like the question is asking:
"IT Pros think [this] percentage of the new Workforce doesn't have the necessary skills."

So ... "How many people suck?"

But it looks like the report is stating: "[This] percentage of IT Pros think the new workforce doesn't have the necessary skills."

So ... "How many people think the new workforce sucks?"

So it's like the question is asking for the percentage of the people surveyed, and the report is indicating the percentage of people that fall into the category.

Level 8

Well done to start off the month. Even in all caps:

READ CAREFULLY and check under the Role Convergence section.

Level 14

Has anyone done the Orion Insight yet?  I'm gathering the diagnostics from my poller as the version I have installed does not have the diagnostics built into the website.  Is everything supposed to be checked in the Diagnostics Tool?  I recall years ago SW Support had you uncheck Active Diagnostics.

Level 9

@undesired_result, you're not crazy, I had to read it a couple of times to get it right, and the wording is off. The question asks what percentage of the workforce doesn't have the skills, where the answer is what percentage of those surveyed feel that the new workforce doesn't have the skills. 


Good catch!

Community Manager
Community Manager


Level 12



Level 9

@bharris1 the mission shortcut had me tripped up as well.  In step 4 click the download link and it will take you to an insights page that you can request an upload link.  I think the green button labeled "download now" is probably meant to take you there as well but appears broken.




It mentions in the next day or two they will send back the report based on the diagnostics file.

Level 10

Is this a trick question? Are we to assume the timing of the article, or now?

Is this a T.A.R.D.I.S. question?



Level 9

Having taken one for the team, it's total number of trips as of now (rather than being mid flight and not actually landed to visit).

Merry "red-x"-mas everyone 😛 

Level 14

Dang it, I answered by what he said in the article and didn't count his visit he was in flight when writing the post.  I wish the question was more clear and I wish I would have checked the comments. @yumdarling 

Level 11

Same here. He was on the plane on his way there and NOT there.   


If you go from the point of view of the article you get one answer, but I believe it was intended to be taken as all in past tense so you will have a different answer.

Level 12

Did anyone get the ear worm alert from Lionel Richie when you read the answers?

Level 10

 #notallheroswearcapes @rob.collins 


Level 7

Since the article was written in flight, "I’m writing this as I fly to Charlotte", the answer that was marked as correct was not correct. Later in the post he wrote "Today, I’m flying back to Charlotte". Never once was there mention of actually making it back to Charlotte.

Level 8

This is a real trick question. I guess we are all basing this question on past tense..

@yumdarling Can we have a pass this time and have a question reset? Due to the current circumstances??



For those struggling on the mission shortcut.  I'm working with SolarWinds right now to get the answer.  I'm not seeing the "Orion Insights Reports" in my MVP Customer Portal either.  I'll post an update once there is one.

Is that what most of everyone else is having an issue with?



@whitebd - Step 4 of the shortcut is done within your SolarWinds UI.  That might be why you are seeing the "Download" hyperlink as broken.  After you collect the diagnostics from the UI, you can download it to your local machine to complete the upload.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi friends!

We're counting the total number of trips to Charlotte in this post "including this trip", as the question says. The majority of people are getting the correct answer butttt since it's The Season (tm), I will allow it.

Resets coming up 🙂


real talk, ya'll ever had a Chicken-in-a-Biscuit? If not, go get a box and thank me later 🙂

Level 7

I'm having issues uploading the file.

ERROR: The specified file or directory does not exist

This is on the upload attempt.  I generate the .zip file and download it locally then attempt to upload by browsing in the Serv-U File sharing link and get the error.  90 MB file


@undesired_result , there was a place in FayetteNam (Fayetteville) NC years back when I was in high school called "The Biscuit Kitchen".

In house made biscuits almost the size of hamburger buns with all manners of items to go in them, eggs, bacon, steak, sausage, chicken, cheese, jelly's, butter, honey butter, etc.  They were open all day (0600 - 2100 if I recall) and whatever was on the menu was available all day.  Their honey butter chicken biscuit was the absolute best.

Level 10
Sooooo......I have done this a few times once yesterday and then today. Still have no downloads at the bottom of the page. Has anyone else seen theirs come through yet?
What Happens Next?
Level 12
@joshyaf yes we have done this but outside of the mission as we had a review with a SWI techy.

So, log into your customer portal, then using the link above will take you to the relevant page. Right at the bottom you will see:


Ours took slightly longer than 24hrs IIRC, but it is a very readable report. Well worth it IMO.


Level 8

@yumdarling thank you for the reset! 😊

Level 9

I'm not sure if anyone has run into this, but when I go to Settings>My Orion Deployment>Diagnostics, I don't see any output:


Does anyone know why I'm not seeing my server(s) or node(s)?


Similarly, I don't see any output on the Deployment Health, or the Updates & Evaluations tabs.


I do see under the Servers tab, that I have my NPM server listed, but I'm not able to do anything with it.


I do not have HA setup as we are a fairly small organization.


Level 11

Hi tosborne3

Does your user account have admin rights?


Level 10

An alternative and old school simple workaround is to use diagnostics executable to generate a set of diagnostics:

  • "..:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\SolarwindsDiagnostics.exe"
How to Gather and Send a Diagnostics File to SolarWinds Support
Level 9

@ramaiya2 -- Yes, my account is an admin account.

Level 9

@kevin2me -- Thank you for the guidance.  I was able to RDP to the VM and gather this information.

Level 9

boo red x

Level 8

Nooooooooooo, as soon as I had enough points for the polo shirt they raised it to 10,000 points Q_Q.

Level 10

@yumdarling  - Still unsure where I am doing wrong with the Mission Shortcut. Uploaded the diagnostics 3 times and I still do not have a report listed on the Orion Insights page. What can be done to remedy?



Level 12

On today's vote question you asked us to put why.  The webpage wanted me to verify that I wasnt a robot. I was unable to find anywhere on the page to verify that I wasnt, so I wasnt able to post.  But here is my answer as to why:


I just pick day one intro, but what I really like was the "soft skills" I know your not supposed to say that.  It really opened my eyes to some thangs that I have been missing in the work force.




AKA Todd


PS On another note I just noticed that the THWACK camp shirt is in the store.  The price has gone up.  Usually we are able to get the shirt by attending all days, and doing surveys and such.  With it now being 8500 points I dont see how that is possible.  I know this is "free" to us thwacksters, and it cost Solarwinds to purchase the SWAG, but the SWAG is what most IT ppl live for.  😄

BTW This is coming from a thwackster that has, numerous D&D dice, hats, shirts, chargers, jackets, and other MISC items.  Maybe I am just upset that I cant get one yet because I have spent all of my points.  😛


Community Manager
Community Manager

@joshyaf - I'm tagging in @kevin2me who has more details about the Orion Insights program and how it works behind the scenes.  Us community managers don't have access to those systems.  He may reach out to you directly (or request someone else does) to ask for more details about your situation.

Level 10

@joshyaf @KMSigma Thanks for the feedback, please private message me your SWID and name of your diagnostics file and I will investigate it.

Do note right now we support one diagnostics set at a time, so 1 Main poller diags, or a set from APE poller or AWS Web Server.

Also, those diagnostics will need to be able to decipher your Customer SWID to return the report to your specific portal portal.

The easy way to do this is by gathering one set of Diagnostics using:

  1. Navigate to Start > SolarWinds® Orion Platform > Documentation and Support
  2. Launch the gray icon for Orion Diagnostics.
  3. This program will generate a .zip file as output.

Any issues, we can also send it to you via an open Support case you may have as well.

Thanks very much and have a lovely weekend,

Level 9

Every single time I see "Mergers and Acquisitions" I can only think of American Psycho.american psycho images bateman wallpaper and | American psycho, Thriller  movies, Christian bale

Level 11

Is there a discussion of this somewhere?

I understand there is a second Hot Fix coming out tomorrow related to this. We are upgrading our SolarWinds Orion instance today AND tomorrow, based on this issue.

Level 11

I'm having the same issue as @j1mat. Been getting the same thing trying to upload diagnostics for a support case. Tried from multiple computers/networks/browsers and am getting the same error.


2020-12-14 13_09_49-Serv-U File Sharing.png

Level 12

Was I the only one kinda scared to click submit on today's (DEC 15) question?  You usually don't do that, and I was just about to read into it..........

Level 9

@melonizame Yes, I was hesitant on submitting until I read at the bottom of the post that SolarWinds acquired the company and therefore, SW product provides the same features.

Level 9

I got todays wrong but I don't see how the supposed correct answer is correct.


@whitebd I almost answered it wrong but then I reread the statement since the wording was not the same.  Note the year.

Level 9

Thanks @Jfrazier.  Not enough coffee this morning.  I read it as nineteenth year and see my blunder now.

Level 9

Got it wrong too, but immediately saw the mistake 🙂


I can't believe it's going on 10 years of thwackcamps.  I'm just now catching up on this weeks questions because I've been so engrossed in the weeks events that started Sunday evening late.  @Radioteacher has been around here as long as I have so I'm sure he didn't get a good nights sleep a couple nights too.  I feel a little better now but I still am not totally sorted but I'm sure I'll eventually recover.


Level 10

@yumdarling  I guess the insight reports were forgotten about with the recent incidents that have taken place. I submitted on the 10th and never heard back.


I never heard back bit if you open the insights link in the mission and scroll all the way to the bottom the report should be there.

Level 14

I guess we could cut them some slack.  They have been quite busy with something slightly more important.  Congrats for getting a fix out so quickly.

Level 12

Winning that standing desk would be amazing! I love how SolarWinds has such awesome prizes!