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THWACK Monthly Mission - December 2016

Level 15


Mamma mia! It looks like your network, servers, database, and IT security are in peril and being held captive by the king of all alerts.

Don’t worry though, make the right IT moves and everything will return to normal in warp speed.

All you need to do is collect the power-ups each week (Bandwidth Analyzer Pack, Server & Application Monitor, Database Performance Analyzer, and Log & Event Manager) and let your newly discovered monitoring expertise save the day.

1-Up your insights, navigate new ways to topple performance issues, and rescue your IT environment before time runs out…


December Mission

Use the mission’s resources to complete the tasks and answer the questions for a chance to win!

  • Correctly answer each question during the week and you'll be entered to win the weekly prize.
  • Correctly answer all 20 questions over the course of the month and you'll be entered to win the Grand Prize: 1-year Loot Crate Gaming Subscription


A new question will open every day (Monday - Friday) starting on December 5th.

Once a question has opened, it will remain open until January 1st @ 11:59pm CST.

Check the schedule below for exact open/close times.

Correctly answer all five questions within a given week and you’ll be entered to win the weekly prize:

150 points are being awarded for each correctly answered question. There are 20 questions, which means you can earn a maximum of 3,000 points for this mission.

Good luck!

Power up your IT Monitoring to succeed in this mission!

Bandwidth Analyzer Pack

Comprehensive network bandwidth analysis & performance monitoring


Server & Application Monitor

Find & resolve application problems before they become incidents


Log & Event Manager

A SIEM that makes it easy to use logs for security, compliance, & troubleshooting


Database Performance Analyzer

Performance monitoring, analysis, & tuning


Weekly PrizesMon
Week 1 - Bandwidth Analyzer Pack: Flying Ball Remote Control Helicopter

Complete questions 1-5 by December 11th to be entered to win

Week 2 - Server & Application Monitor: LEGO Minecraft The Fortress Building Kit

Complete questions 6-10 by December 18th to be entered to win

Week 3 - Log & Event Manager: Raspberry Pi 3 1GB RetroPie Emulation Station

Complete questions 11-15 by December 25th to be entered to win

Week 4 - Database Performance Analyzer: X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Gaming Chair

Complete questions 16-20 by January 1st to be entered to win

Correctly answer all 20 questions before January 1st and get entered to win the Grand Prize!
1-year Loot Crate Gaming Subscription  


Level 12

Congrats to mtgilmore1  and blsanner  for winning week 1 and 2.

I'm still in the running for week 3 and 4 but not the grand prize so best of luck to all those that are. 

And Happy Holidays one and all.

Level 15

Our week 3 winner who will be taking home the Raspberry Pi 3 1GB RetroPie Emulation Station is.. kcolgan ! Congrats!

Level 7

Congrats kcolgan. Wendy, can you confirm that these competitions are open

to Australian entrants? Pretty sure I read terms and cobditions for Aussies

but just want to be sure. It's a long way to send a prize, especially

Week4's prize.

Level 11

3 questions left will i get 1-year Loot Crate Gaming Subscription

common guys and girls vote.. will i get the above price this month 🙂

Last month of 2016 will this be a good year to me?

Fingers crossed

Level 20

I'm running kodi on my raspberry pi 2 I got here on thwack a while ago... it works great!

Level 11

just two more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Level 11

just one more to go.. super excited..


Level 11

"By a certain time" and "before a certain time" are generally considered to be synonymous. However, the mission rules state the cutoff time explicitly:


Once a question has opened, it will remain open until January 1st @ 11:59pm CST.

Level 11

Whoever sets the question today should be so funny wabbott​ chanceless. But i understand and agree due to the season's

believe me looking these now looks so funny and imagine how much attracted we are towards it during the childhood

by the way thwackers ALL GREEN ALL GREEN hail ALL GREEN ALL GREEN

So X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Gaming Chair or 1-year Loot Crate Gaming Subscription       

I am happy if i get both too 🙂 but any of them also do good 🙂

Fingers crossed but badly need to win at-least one monthly mission. Lets see...


Mission complete !


Awesome change of pace question today. Thanks for adding in humor on such a frequent basis wabbott

Level 9

Is it bad that today's question I knew the answer without looking... Ahhh watched to much Monty Python.

It's bad if you didn't know today question with out looking.  


It's bad either way if you didn't watch the clip anyway.

Level 11

Ok So I knew the answer when I read the question but...

I had to watch the video because I needed a good chuckle!  Thanks for making this a clue on Friday.

Level 10

Thank you for ending this month (and year) on a high note! Fantastic!

Level 12

Thanks for the LOL at today's question. 

Great way to wrap up the year! What a fun time. I amassed close to 100k in Thwack points this year. At least I think I have... 😉

(shameless plug!)  If you'd like to see the historical progress of your Thwack points earnings vote for this!

Level 7

Best question ever! What a way to end this month.

Level 10

Fun question today

Your question is merely a flesh​ wound . . .

Level 11

you mean you earned around 100,000 only this year?

Approximately, yes.

Level 11

then i think i should follow you and do whatever you are doing 🙂

Level 9

Wow 100,000 is incredible.  I've done all of the missions since April, Thwack Camp, and a few odds and ends around and got just shy of 32,000.  You must be answering tons of forum questions and have people downloading your uploaded content like crazy.

Honestly, you have to grind it out. Pinch the points wherever you can. Volunteer wherever you can. Participate in as many Release Candidate campaigns (3,000 pts). Vote in all of the polls and vote on ideas every so often. Always, and I mean, always comment on blog posts (that's an easy 50 pts a post!). Peruse your Missions page to see which missions you have yet to complete. That is a quick way to get a bucket of points as well.

Level 12

Congrats to mtgilmore1​; blsanner​ and kcolgan​ !!!!!

Level 9

tinmann0715​ i agree totally. Its so exciting scraping for points, but u don't have enough time cos duty calls.


todays question was my favorite of all quizzes so far

Level 9

Come on gaming chair   -- I missed two the first week so I'm out of the running for the 1-year Loot Crate (which would be awesome!).

Chair or no chair -- Happy New Year to everyone!

Level 9

Yes it definitely brought out a smile and a chuckle.

Level 15

Happy New Year everyone!

We have a couple of winners to announce today.

Week 4 winner (X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Gaming Chair😞 alex.west

Grand Prize winner (1-year Loot Crate Gaming Subscription   😞 tallyrich

Congrats to both of you!

Congrats winners, i got my daughter a year subscription to Loot crate and its pretty awesome.  Enjoy it. 

Level 12

Happy New Year! Wishing all best in 2017 and every year!  Congrats to all 2016 Winners!

Look forward to Thwack monthly missions in 2017   Thanks Thwack Team for making if fun

Happy New Year crazy wabbott​! 🙂  (That's am Elmer Fudd reference, BTW. I just thought of that)

Will there be a survey for December '16 mission?

Level 9

Man, I needed that chair to have something stable to sit on at work.

Level 11

Level 15

It's wabbit season, and I'm hunting wabbits, so be vewy, vewy quiet!

Here's the mission survey>> Mission Accomplished December 2016: IT Pro Power UP Misison

Level 12

Uh – what’s up Doc?

That reminds me of Ozzy Fudd, The Wabbit Slayer from the days of Dr. Demento.

(skip the homegrown vid and just listen tot he music)

Aussie/Ozzy Fudd The Rabbit Slayer (Kill Da Wabbit) - YouTube

Now I am going to have Dead Puppies and Fish heads stuck in my head all day! Thanks Peter.


Congrats to all the Winners !

Level 12

I don't know. Aaaaaaaaa!