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Level 15


Helpdesk ticket #8675309

Report date: 8/7/17 8:00 AM

Est Due date: 9/3/17 11:59 PM

Department: Marketing (again)

Status: Open

Request type: Helpdesk request > Hardware

Subject: Sending out an S.O.S. (Save our server)

Request detail: Help!!! We were having our annual Marketing summer bash and things got a little out of hand. The weather wasn’t cooperating so we had to move everything inside—including the dunk tank that we use to dunk the CMO and other heads of marketing. We had a hard time finding a corner big enough to set up the tank until we came across a large corner on the IT floor next to that room where the server thingies live (I’m not sure what y’all do with all of those). Anyway, one thing led to another and I’m afraid that room may have gotten a little wet. I didn’t think it was a big deal until we couldn’t access our emails or any of our files on the shared drive. Please tell me you can fix this?! Maybe try unplugging them and plugging them back in? That’s usually what you tell me when I can’t get anything to work. J Thanks!!

^ Sound familiar? This month’s mission is a Race to Rescue your end-users from downtime, password resets, and most importantly, from PEBCAK errors. If you can relate, feel free to share your help desk horror stories in the comment section.

Good luck!

Good Luck!


Use the mission’s resources to complete the tasks and answer the questions for a chance to win!

Correctly answer each question during the week and you'll be entered for a chance to win the weekly prize.

Correctly answer all 20 questions over the course of the month and you'll be entered for a chance to win the grand prize: 12-Month Creation Crate Subscription


A new question will open every day (Monday - Friday) starting on August 7, 2017.

Once a question has opened, it will remain open until September 3rd, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. CDT.

Check the schedule below for exact open/close times.

Correctly answer all five questions within a given week and you’ll be entered for a chance to win the weekly prize:

Week 1 - Drawing on August 14: Millenium Falcon® Pool Float + 20oz HydroFlask®

Week 2 - Drawing on August 21: R2-D2® Mini Fridge

Week 3 - Drawing on August 28: Echo Dot + Philips® Hue White Starter Kit

Week 4 - Drawing on September 4: Death Star Levitating Blue Tooth Speaker

Grand Prize - Drawing on September 4: 12-Month Creation Crate Subscription

150 points are being awarded for each correctly answered question. There are 20 questions, which means you can earn a maximum of 3,000 points for this mission.


Complete the mission shortcut to earn an additional 1,000 THWACK® points & enter to win a 64GB iPad Pro®​!

The shortcut is simple:

  1. Download Web Help Desk® 

  2. Upload a screenshot after install of:
    • The “Action Rule Info” tab detailing the name of your action and a description of its purpose
    • The “Actions” tab detailing what process will take place after your action rule is triggered

*Check out this video for step-by-step instructions on how to set up action rules in Web Help Desk.

     3. Earn 1,000 THWACK points per product & enter to win a 64GB iPad Pro

Mission shortcut Terms & Conditions: US, UK, & Canada​ | Germany | Australia

Web Help Desk


Weekly Prizes







Week 1: Complete questions 1-5 by August 13 to be entered to win: Millenium Falcon Pool Float + 20oz HydroFlask
Week 2: Complete questions 6-10 by August 20 to be entered to win: R2D2 Mini Fridge
Week 3: Complete questions 11-15 by August 27 to be entered to win: Echo Dot + Philips Hue White Starter Kit
Week 4: Complete questions 16-20 by September 3 to be entered to win: Death Star Levitating Blue Tooth Speaker

Correctly answer all 20 questions by September 3 and get entered to win the Grand Prize! 12-Month Creation Crate Subscription

Monthly Mission Terms & Conditions: US, UK, & Canada | Germany | Australia



Uploaded screenshots already.

Level 8

I got beaten by Damien , but second is good too.


Started off the month with a Red X.

Level 14

Same... one of the answers wasn't in any of the clues, so I don't know why its an X.

Level 8

Techsys needs 5k pts! @Wabbott hook a brother UP!

wabbott​ - could someone clean up the answers a bit?

I'm pretty sure this: your boss’ is an error, and "ticket cue" should probably be "ticket queue"


levitating death star speaker looks pretty nifty and the grand prize would be fun too.

Level 10

WARNING: Better finish this Mission before September 1 ends, it may lock you out early.

Level 15

Darn those special characters!

Level 15

It will close on 9/3 as scheduled! You'll also get until the end of the day tomorrow to catch up on the July mission if you got locked out before you completed the last week: THWACK MONTHLY MISSION - JULY 2017

Level 9

I agree, that was dumb. In fact, the clue seemed to specifically exclude that one answer.

Level 8

do we still have time to upload the PerfStack screenshot for the July Thwack Mission?

Level 15

Unfortunately, no. The screenshot survey is closed. The mission shortcut is built on a separate platform and was not tied to the issue with the mission.

Level 8

Thanks Wendy...

Yeah, I'm calling shenanigans as well.

Level 7

Also same.....

While reviewing the prizes, I thought the R2-D2 refrigerator was particularly cool (pun intended).  Then I started reading some of the comments from folks who'd bought one, or were considering buying one, and it may turn out this is not the droid you're looking for:


Level 9

Can someone post a screenshot of today's question please, I'd like to read it again

Level 9

Hope this is what you require -


Level 9

it is thank you abdhijasharma

Level 9

I shall await other people's comments on today's question

Like wait for funny comments?  Or was it confusing?

Level 9

My answer to every question:

"When the marketing department gets lab coats and polos back in stock I'll be down to help with the computer thingy they're having issues with."

Level 9

I must've heard wrong as I got it wrong, maybe I should've gone with the wrong answer

Level 10

To the complainers:  today's question asks what you should do "to restore this individual to productivity as fast as possible".... NOT what you should do if you're the janitor.


not sure what the issues are with the questions - especially taken in context of the challenge - Solarwinds Web Helpdesk.

Remember this is supposed to be a bit of fun, where we learn about products that we may not have used before.

Along the way we might earn some points and maybe win a prize of some kind.

Its just points, no need to get annoyed or stressed

Level 9

First question of the week was absolute bullsh*t if I'm being completely honest...I read through everything 3 times and watched the video.  I answered only the ones that were stated in the video and transcript and I still seemingly got it wrong.  If there was any sense of "assumption" needing to be there for a correct answer, then this question shouldn't have had that option.  You can assume things differently.

Level 10

I don't know who in the marketing department I need to thank for including the size charts on some of the items, but they are lovely people and full of win.  if wabbott​ or someone could pass that along to them, you will also be a lovely person and full of win. 😄

I wholeheartedly agree and I rarely complain when I get answers wrong. However, Question #1 is misleading. That does take a little bit of fun out of it.

Level 12

I didnt watch either video and got em both right lol

Did everyone read past the part about *ALL* ?

Level 9

No. I checked all the items that the video seemed to call for. I would have checked an additional item, but the video seemed to specifically rule out sending emails to the original ticket generating user.

Level 9

Had I not watched the video, I think I would have. But the video has a passage that seemed to specifically exclude one of the answers outright.

But hitting the first one of a month's worth of mission tasks and getting it wrong--that's a downer for the day.  There's nothing like looking at that red X on Day One and being reminded one is out of the running for certain prizes & points.

I Googled "Prize Loser" images and laughed at what some folks have come up for awards that can be applied to something other than First Place:


There are others, but this is as NSFW as I want to be for Thwack.  You can see them using the same search:

Level 9

This is what my issue is.  One of the answers was left up for "assumption" and wasn't factually pulled from the data.

Level 15

Sent you a DM!

You know what takes the fun out of these monthly missions?  All the whining and complaining.

Both questions so far this month were give me, common sense questions.

I am really confused as to what the complaints are...Thwack gives you stuff for free and the opportunity to win free stuff.  Have a good attitude.

Level 14

Yeah, I agree with you. It really takes the winds out of your sails when you miss question #1.

My theory is maybe the very competitive and hurried Thwacker reads / scans the hints too quickly, answers incorrectly, and then takes the blow of not being able to compete with points or for prizes as well as others.

I can understand some of the cases where the questions or answers or hints are confusing, misleading, or flat out wrong.  But, like you, sometimes I see complaints about questions that appear to be easy to understand and answer correctly.  I don't know.

The moral might be to take one's time and get it right the first time.  Maybe even wait until the end of the day before answering, and then only answer once the day's Comments have been submitted, and corrections or new hints have been provided.

At least they're only Thwack points, and not skydiving.


Level 12

Just read question 2 (didn't watch the video ... cuz it's not necessary) and ... uhh ... I guess all I'll say is that I find it confusing that some were confused.  Re: Question1: I read the transcript and can tell you with 100% certainty the answer is there.


today's question has an air of widespread truth to it.

You want proof?
Next time you're in an off-site meeting with others outside your organization, maybe at a training or other event.

Now take a look at the laptops.......

How many laptops have the little camera above the display covered with something?
Maybe a bit of paper taped in place, or for the real paranoid, a plastic slider that can be moved aside when needed.

It's them I tell you, they're out to get you  

Level 14

screen shots uploaded.

No, actually there's no paranoia involved.  Hacking into someone's laptop or cell phone camera is a process that the script kiddies have been downloading for years.  The right patches & security settings can prevent it--until a new hack is discovered that allows it again.

Part of the problem is that personal devices were vulnerable, and thus developed a reputation for being unreliable, insecure, and easily compromised.  Even after patching, there's no recalling that reputation, and it's one reason why vendors started providing manual shutters for cameras.

See just about any of these links for the back story on hacking personal devices' cameras:

The thing folks don't think about, after they've covered their camera lens, is the microphone.  Prove no one's eves dropping on your conversations . . .

Level 11

I have to say that the first question was totally bogus and I got an X. When you give examples of a particular situation and then contradict it with an answer to a question you are setting up people to fail. Consistancy would be nice but now my week and overall goal of winning is over on the first question.

Level 12

They can also look at it this way: They want to sale something for you to use.

Level 9

The customer is NOT always right. In fact, they are often very VERY wrong (sometimes with lethal results).

Level 12

Question 1:

  1. Set up process using action rules within your help desk solution to ensure your boss' son tickets get placed at the top of the ticket queue whenever they come in.

          Transcript: I'll click the 'Actions' tab, select 'Change Priority' in the first drop-down menu, and set that to 'Critical.'

  1. Set up process using action rules within your help desk solution to ensure an email is automatically sent to your boss' son to let him know your team is working on his issue.

          Transcript: Enter the director's email address or another contact, other than the client or tech already assigned to the ticket who should receive this email. Next, enter a subject for the email.

  1. Set up process using action rules within your help desk solution to ensure a dedicated member of your team will respond to the issues promptly.

          Transcript: To add another action, just click the '+' button. Here in the Assign To section, I'm going to assign this ticket to my best tech.

Now hopefully we can all agree to finally bury this horse.


my point is that those same users are covering the camera because they think it could be hacked - yet quite happily VPN to work or access HIPAA data, connect to their bank accounts etc etc

It's just security theater

Nope! 🙂 Why, "...setup a process using action rules to ensure an email is automatically sent to your boss' son to let him know your team is working on his issue.", when... "other than the client or tech already assigned to the ticket who should receive this email."

Perhaps worse ramifications of this particular question, is the example of building an incorrect process for responding to the perceived need, due to the concept and corporate attitude that Rank Has Its Privileges.  This means everyone tacitly agrees there are entitled administrators whose personal wants/needs/nephews should be prioritized to be served more quickly and better than the needs of paying customers and people who make the business work.

When bosses and their family get preferential treatment at the expense of the customer or the internal workers' needs, competitors may find they're easily able to make that business's customers their own.

Although creating special treatment processes for Very Important People at the top end can CYA, it also creates problem users while giving management a skewed impression of the state of the company's I.T. conditions.