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Community Manager

UPDATE: THWACK Migration Update v1.0

Whew! That was a ride. We had a few hiccups along the way but I have to say... for the shear size of this migration, we done did well.

We're also fully aware that it doesn't look and feel exactly how it did before. Yes, your cheese was moved. Yes, some things are missing. We tried to keep buttons, navigation, veribiage, etc. the same as much as possible. Over the next several weeks, we have a lengthy list of things to fix, implement, and improve upon, but you have our commitment we'll get it done as fast as humanly possible. 

Before I stop making sense nod off, here's what's on the short list for near-term fixes:

  • Password - As mentioned, your passwords didn't migrate for security reasons. The first time you login, choose "forgot password" and an email will be sent for you to reset your password. Your username remains the same as before. 
  • Points - The process is underway. It's running approximately 7k accounts per hour for the first migration. Yes, I said first. We had to increment all the old Jive userIDs so that there was no overlap when your new Khoros (Lithium) userID was generated. We're expecting approximately 36 hours for both scripts to complete. When it's ready, you'll see your points in the top right next to your avatar. 
  • Store - Since points are unavailable, so is the store. The bones are in place but we need to continue tweaking some of the process now that we're working with real data.
  • Missing pages - THWACK Tuesday Tips and SolarWinds Lab are two big ones that come to mind. These are heavily customized pages that take a bit more care. ETA is ASAP. 
  • Page layouts - Remember when we said this platform was mobile-first? We're vigorously working to implement components to You can expect to see improvements almost daily.
  • Following/subscribing/friending - It's not available now but we're working on making those controls available so you can resume the normal notiifcations you would expect from the community.

I'm certain I'm missing things (given the list sitting next to my right) but these are the larger themes. We are working around the clock to fix, implement, and improve. I mean, THWACK is where we work. Not only are we heavily invested in making it better for you, but we need it to work for us as well. 

Which brings me to FEEDBACK - if you see something, say something. I will start a dedicated thread to report problems so we can consolidate and address as efficiently as possible. Stay tuned here for the link.

Thank you for your patience while we work through this. You don't know how much your support is appreciated. And because I envy @yumdarling and her enthusiasm through this entire thing, (y'all, she managed not one, not two, but effectively THREE communities) we are forever "dedicated to your success". 

Level 7


Level 10

One small annoyance, when you give a kudos for a feature request, and then later review them and inadvertently give another one, it takes the one you gave before away.  Something in the view to show things you already voted for would be cool.

I  mean come on folks, NO ONE is talking about the Thwack Store being on line, and it has blankets?    I just ordered mine.   Yee Haaaaa.

And a Solar Charger (still thinking they are over pointed, but hey, I still have enough to buy 8 more)


Or did I miss the announcement?




Sweet, let's go! I hadn't noticed an announcement. Still no dice, though. (No, I literally mean there is not dice in the store yet!) 🙂 🙂 

Thanks, Thwack team!

Level 14

Yesssss.  Solar charger ordered.  Now just have to hope deliveries happen before the world shuts down and we get the zombie apocalypse.    ☠️

I'm surprised I missed the Store opening back up--I check it daily, sometimes twice in a day.


I can attest to the quality of the Break My Day coffee mug, having ordered one last Thwack Camp.  It's a nice product.


Now the Charger and Blanket and Hoodie are ordered, and should soon be on their way to keeping me warm & powered up during the COVID-19 work-from-home adventure.


Thanks for getting the Store back in business!


Rick Schroeder

Level 10

That's odd.  When I click on it, the store still is down.  Should I log out and log back in?

Thwack Store DownThwack Store Down

Level 10

UPDATE to Store In Down State:

I logged out of Thwack on Google Chrome and logged back in and it made no difference.  BUT...

...when I logged into Thwack on ORIGINAL Microsoft Edge - the store came up!  (I haven't tried it on the updated Microsoft Edge)

Works on EdgeWorks on Edge

You might notify your web design team to check into the different browsers to see what's up.  🙂

Thanks for getting the Store online!

I'd love to be able to reply directly to a comment and see it show up below that comment.


I'd also love to be able to paste pictures into Thwack again, but my long history with Thwack has resulted in me sharing "too many" images, and I'm prevented from sharing a single additional picture.  Sadness.  Here's hoping that restriction will be eased in the near future.  I get a lot of mileage out of sharing an image to demonstrate or highlight something.  Or to entertain Thwacksters.


Rick Schroeder, "imageless" in Saginaw, MN.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@hbaxley2911 Thanks for confirming you got in. We're constantly testing against an array of browsers. With the detail you've provided, I'd recommend clearing your cache for in Chrome. 

@rschroeder in my updated migration post, I addressed these items. It's coming soon now that we've been upgraded to the latest version. Thanks for your patience. 

Level 14

@rschroeder    Yep, the mug is great.  Holds 4 espressos from the machine at work.  Good start to the morning.  Unfortunately I've been working from home all week as the office is on skeleton staff due to the Zombie Apocalypse and it is looking like the office will be closed after tomorrow with everyone working from home.  Unfortunately because my mug is at work.     😪

Never mind.  I get a 2 hour lie in every morning and get home 1.75 hours earlier every night (and save on the travel costs).  I'm also getting loads of project stuff done which will include installing Orion, SAM, NPM, Patch Manager and IPAM.    😀

Also ordered the charger but who knows when that will arrive.

Level 10

@DanielleH  - you rock!!  Clearing cache in Google worked.  🙂

Thank you!


...but now I'm sad.  I haven't done enough missions to earn points for the cool solar charger yet.

Wait for me, solar charger...I'll get there.

Probably when this whole thing blows over.

In August. 😉

Level 12

I lost 8,000 points from my account when the web site transitioned. I had a couple of items in  my cart then I when I went to submit the order it wouldnt let me do it and then I couldnt remove them or get my  points back. Is there a way to get them back? 

Level 12

Is it just me or is there something strange about date stamps on posts?


For example, for me it shows that @DanielleH  posted this article "2020-02-51 06:58 PM".  How can I decipher what 51 is?

Level 14

It's obviously the 51st of Feb 2020.  Didn't you hear that, due to the Corona Virus, life has been postponed.  March is delayed.

Level 14

John Lennon Airport in Liverpool has been locked down and everyone quarantined.


Imagine........All the people.



Level 12


I am running into a lot of links leading to the "Access Denied" error page with the message

"You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action.

Click your browser's Back button to continue."

This is even when I was logged into my account.

The latest was which was posted by @aLTeReGo.



Level 7

Hey @DanielleH 

I've created a new account because I still can't get in on my old one (tonedepear) after trying to reset password lots of times since day 1 and I've sent a couple of emails to admin email address now to no avail. Can someone have a look please? 

Thank you!


Level 11


Im not sure if anyone else has commented on this or not. I did a quick search and didnt see anything. It appears that 100% of the shared SAM templates have lost their star ratings and show a create/post date of Jan 1, Year 1. Are you aware of this and is an effort underway to address it?



Dave Burton