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SysAdmin Day is Upon Us!

Community Manager

We’re getting ready for July 25 with a few fun projects. We need your help, though. We know System Administrators wear many hats and are often unsung heroes who do a whole lot more than what the “official” job description says. So, if you’re a SysAdmin—or even if you were previously a SysAdmin but have since changed roles—we’d like to invite you to take our very short survey on the kinds of functions you perform. We promise it won’t take more than a minute and you'll earn 250 thwack points for completing the survey. (And if you need us to send a gentle reminder to your boss to start shopping for gifts now, just let us know and we’ll give them a nudge.) 

Click here to start the survey

Level 10

The language in this survey is quite peculiar.  I'm confused, as many options are the same:

Document the configuration of the system

Documentation in form of internal wiki or other

Apply operating system updates, patches, and configuration changes

Update systems when new versions of OS and application software are available

Add, remove, or update user account information, reset passwords, etc.

User administration (set up and maintain accounts)

Analyze system logs and identify potential issues with computer systems

Troubleshoot any reported problems


Set up security policies for users

Level 12

It's on purpose, to see if you are being honest in your answer. I took no chance and checked everything. It's a shame we are not paid points by boxes we check...

Missing from the list : "Printers, phones, PBX, cell phones, alarm system, security cameras..."

Worked a place once where office furnitures (desks, chairs...) were on IT to-do list...

Level 14

I took the survey almost 20 minutes ago but the points are still not showing.  Is there something else that needs to be done or do I simply have to wait a bit longer?


Level 13

Wait a bit longer.

Level 12

I have taken several of these surveys and have never received points.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Points will be added to profiles once the survey closes.  Also, only specific surveys reward points for responses.  This is one of those surveys.



Level 9


Level 7

took survey but no points.

Level 14

Per DaniellH, points will be added to profiles once the survey closes.  So, I guess we'll need to wait.  Hopefully, the survey will close soon so we can get our points. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

The survey has been closed.  Points will be added to profiles this week.  Thank you for your participation!

Level 12


What happened? I just got the notice and survery is closed.


Level 14

It's been over 2 weeks since the SysAdmin Day poll closed.  When will the points be assigned to our profiles?

Level 16

Hi all,

First of all, thank you for taking this short survey. As you may know, you should receive 250 points for your participation.

So, my job here is to announce that those points were finally added to your profile. Feel free to contact me if you have any concerns.

I would also want to ask mvillemann and Bruce Jarrett to please send me your thwack usernames, so that I can add the points for you as well.

Kind regards,


Level 14


Unless I am missing something, I still haven't noticed the points assigned to my profile for the survey.  Please, clarify.  Thanks!

Level 16

Hi newkidd2 --,

At the end of the survey, when the question "If you're a thwack community member, please enter your username to receive credit for completing this survey" appeared, did you enter your thwack username or some other name/email?

Level 14

I cannot remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, even less if I entered my email or username. I am guessing I entered my Thwack community member.

Level 14

Many thanks, Danielle.  Have a happy fourth yourself too.  🙂

Level 14

Sorry, Maria. I had been reading some Thwack postings from Danielle just before I read yours.  So, I typed here name by mistake.  Anyway, thanks, Maria, for all your help with this matter and have a very happy 4th of July.