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[Survey] State of VoIP

Community Manager

When it comes to VoIP, there’s plenty of good, bad and ugly. We’d like to hear about your experiences implementing and managing VoIP for your organization. Please click here to take our short 2-minute survey. We ask about a few of the nitty-gritty details, but it’s mostly focused on your perspective. The survey closes Monday, November 24. Take it before then and we’ll award you 250 thwack points.

Take our survey!

Level 11

I took the survey but it didn't ask for a username. How will you know who gets points?

DanielleH Community Manager
Community Manager

crwchief6 apologies for that.  There was some logic that was preventing you from entering your username.  We've logged your response and will make sure your points are awarded at the end of the survey.


Level 16

I tried to complete the survey, but there were few places I could choose 'all of the above'

e.g. We have three phone switches varying in ages; two are traditional PBX, one is PBX+voip, and the core connecting phone system components is currently a mixture of SONET and VOIP.