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[Survey] Power Your World - How Would You Do IT?

Level 15

Monitoring, identifying issues, troubleshooting…these words are all-too-familiar, and their associated tasks take up most of your time as a technology professional. But, what if they didn’t? Imagine a world where you don't have to solve multiple problems on a daily basis—a world where you could use your technology skills to do anything…create a whole new infrastructure optimized for your organization, plan and enjoy a much-deserved family vacation, or even use blockchain or AI to solve world issues. Anything!

If you had more free time, how you would use your technical knowledge and insight to move your organization, your life, community, and the world forward? Tell us!

It’s just three easy steps:

  • Click HERE to take the survey (Hurry! You only have until July 30th)
  • Insert your THWACK® username on the last question
  • As a thank you, we’ll deposit 500 THWACK points into your account!*

*Points will be awarded the week after the survey closes.

Level 12

Well that made my mind engage on an early Monday morning. A "thinker" Survey - Very Cool.

Friend you have been thinking too much.

Thinkers Anonymous : Do you think to much?


Level 13

Apologises for mine, it might not be readable. I was in need of coffee when I clicked the link!

Level 12

That's Brilliant.... and definitely worth a chuckle. 

Level 20

The online courseware available for some parents to use with home schooling seems like an option for many kids that are surrounded by bad schools.

On Thwack....prepare to wake up.  Thwack = Caffeine


Level 14


About the Author
Long-term IT tech and geek. Involved in the IT world someway or another since the early/mid-nineties (yup i'm Old). Interested at all levels home consumer/SOHO/Corporations/Gov't.