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[Survey] How do you (use) thwack?

Community Manager

Dear thwackPack, thwacksters, "The Informed"...

I come to you asking a favor. A favor that only you can help with. The thwack team is embarking on a mission with our wonderful User Experience team (katieb to be exact) in which we will be focused on improving the overall thwack experience.  Everything from navigation, to content organization, and even the home page experience will be reviewed over the next few months for improvement.  We are formally kicking off this project by conducting some research and this is where you come in.  We need to understand what do you find valuable?  What could you do without?  What is missing?  The list could go on forever (literally, Katie killed at least 10 of my questions) but we've narrowed it down to 21 questions which will immensely help us understand how you use thwack today.  Since this survey is so critical to the overall thwack experience, we are awarding 1,000 thwack points* to those who complete our survey.  So, are you game to help us shape "future thwack"?

Take our survey!

*This survey will close on November 12th.  Points will be awarded after the survey has closed.