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SolarWinds Training Courses Available

Level 14

Updated 2/8/17

SolarWinds Academy

In 2017 we doubled the number of monthly training courses and added Office Hours (available every Friday). Learn more about eLearning and instructor-led training classes available in the SolarWinds Academy.

SolarWinds Academy - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

SolarWinds Lab

This monthly show, put on by our Head Geeks (THWACK team and amazing video team), includes live chat on THWACK. Sign up for the next Lab and also view past episodes on demand.


Click here to view session videos from THWACKCAMP 2017.

On-site Training

SolarWinds does not offer onsite training, however, many SolarWinds partners offer this as a for-fee service. Please see this link for a list of partners who provide training and professional services on-site.


Thank you very much!

Level 14

Also, if there are training topics you'd like covered, that are not covered in the courses listed above, please comment.

Level 7

I would like see training on Patch Manager

Maybe more detail training on VMAN?

Level 14

thanks, we are planning VMAN training in Q4.

Thank you.

Level 20

NCM would be a good module to get training for and it's not like it's new or anything... I've found it to be difficult to understand at first.  I did find an intro to NCM on demand class in there at least.

Level 14

Thanks for the feedback. We now have this recorded module for beginners. Please let us know what you think.


I love all the training that Solarwinds provides. Certainly something I mention every time I tell someone about Solarwinds.

Level 9

if i register for these classes is this chargeable or free from solarwinds.

I'm planing to take few Academy classes (Live classes)

Level 14

If you are a customer under active maintenance, then there is no charge for these courses as it is a benefit of being under active maintenance.

Level 9

How to know that.

any specific field for this in customer portal.

Level 14

When you register for a course, the Customer Portal automatically will check if you are under active maintenance. If you are not, you will receive a notice on how to contact our maintenance renewal team.

Level 9

Thanks for the update ,

I have not received any error like this, Which means i don't have to pay anything .....


Great page. I've bookmarked this for future reference.

Level 12


Thanks for the information. Great to have it all in one spot I have attended a few of the LIVE courses and find them very valuable to attend.

I was wondering if there are any movements to add other LIVE courses on things like

  • Engineers toolkit (use, deployment, troubleshooting) both standalone and built-in to Orion
  • NetPath Services -  Setup, use, (And most importantly to me right now), troubleshooting connection issues (NetPath not being able to display any path).
Level 14

Thank you for your comment. We will take not of this request. We are looking to expand our training offerings. For now, we do have a video for NetPath - I did a quick search in the Success Center and found some articles related to NetpPath not displaying paths. I would take a look at these and then connect with support to help troubleshoot your issue.

Level 12

Thank you for the links. I will continue to peruse the resources..

Level 7

Is there any training coming for Patch Manager???

Level 11

thanks a lot!

Level 14

We have a recorded training for Patch Manager now.

Level 9

Thank you!

Level 14
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Like SolarWinds, I have roots in Oklahoma and have been fond of land grant schools as I went from Oklahoma State University, moving South to Texas A&M University.  Like my college career (accounting, political science, Russian language and then MBA), I have suffered ADD in my professional career moving from finance to strategy to product management and marketing.  I have, however, settled on the broad niche of systems management and have acquired knowledge in this space over the last 11 years. I was very happy to join the SolarWinds team in January 2012 and have been very impressed with the technology.  I look forward to engaging with this community.