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SolarWinds Security Advisory

Community Manager

The latest official updates can be found on SolarWinds Security Advisory.

Related frequently asked questions can be found here.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Orion Platform version 2020.2.1 HF 2 is currently available here

Level 9

Finally I completed the HF2 installation. On the MPE, the install failed at the end of configuration wizard with following message:


Configuring database components for plugins FAILED

Database configuration failed:
• Error while executing script- dbm_AggregateData_part: dbm_AggregateTimeSerie_part: ALTER TABLE SWITCH statement failed because column 'AvgIOPSTotal' at ordinal 3 in table 'SolarWindsOrion.dbo.VIM_VirtualMachineDisksStatistics_CS_Hourly_stg' has a different name than the column 'MinIOPSTotal' at the same ordinal in table 'SolarWindsOrion.dbo.VIM_VirtualMachineDisksStatistics_CS_Hourly_hist'. ALTER TABLE VIM_VirtualMachineDisksStatistics_CS_Hourly_stg
TO VIM_VirtualMachineDisksStatistics_CS_Hourly_hist PARTITION 25
• Error while configuring component Orion.ConfigurePluginDatabaseComponents.

I re-ran the config wizard and it's completed successfully for the second run. 

APE install running without issue. 

Level 9

There seem to be a lot of people having issues updating from HF1 to HF2.  It states "All Products are up-to-date".  

Level 10

HF2 is an offline installer, best way here is to download and run the hotfix2 on primary server first and then upgrade scalability engines through web console.

Note: This suggestion is applicable only if your platform is running on 2020.2.1 HF1 version.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@dllock please follow this thread for the latest on the topic you've referenced above:

Level 7

When I go to web portal I updated to 2020.2.1 HF2 15 DEC 2020 when opened my deployment and it updated fine when check second time it shows my product is up to date but SAM and NPM still shows affected version 2020.2 .1 but on the solarwinds portal shows 2020.2.1 HF2 . How can I upgrade SAM and NPM to 2020.2.1HF2This is what showsThis is what showsand this is what on websiteand this is what on website

Level 8

@DanielleH There's been no updates on that thread since yesterday evening. What's the official process for customers for which the updater does not update?

Product Manager
Product Manager

The affected versions commonly referenced related specifically to the Orion Platform, not the individual product modules themselves. For example, 2020.2.1 Hotfix 2 is the latest Orion Platform version that contains the most up-to-date security fixes that are recommended to be applied at this time. This does not influence your NPM, SAM, or other product module versions. 

Level 9

We are on 2020.2 HF0, the servers are powered down and probably will never be allowed back on the network.

My current direction is to build new servers and clean install the application and just use our old database. Is it possible to run the latest 2020.2 HF2 installer on new servers and point it to our database and "upgrade" that way? Are there any tips to know or snags I'll hit?

Level 8

Just got off the line with Solarwinds Support, going to provide some information here that they shared with me that I found helpful.

We blew away all of our polling engines, including the primary, and are keeping the database. We were on 2020.2 previously, upgrading to 2020.2.1 HF2.

Installed using the:

"Orion Network Performance Monitor(NPM) for Offline Installation - The offline installer includes everything you need to install all SolarWinds Orion products
Latest version: 2020.2.1 HF2"

This did indeed reinstall our Core, SAM, and NPM platforms, including the Hotfix 2 pack which ONLY applies for Core. You can verify this by opening Control Panel > Uninstall a Program > VIEW INSTALLED UPDATES on the left panel. The "View Installed Updates" is a missing piece I see most people (including myself) not knowing about. Solarwinds Orion Core Services will show as 2020.2.1 in the "Uninstall a Program" section. You'll see "Update for SolarWinds Orion Core Services 2020.2.1 (Hotfix2) only in the "Installed Updates" section.




Additionally, only Orion Core received HF2. For us, our NPM has no Hotfixes, and SAM is on HF1. These are all the latest releases per this site:


Hope this helps, this has been a confusing rollout for so many.






Community Manager
Community Manager

CERT has now issued Alert (AA20-352A), Advanced Persistent Threat Compromise of Government Agencies, Critical Infrastruc... as an update to Emergency Directive 21-01, Mitigate SolarWinds Orion Code Compromise, issued December 13. The Executive Directive will be updated on DHS/CISA’s side now that the Alert is out, and will flow through their process.

We have updated the following assets:

Security Advisory page:

CERT Advisory page:

Security Advisory FAQs: