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SolarWinds IT Pro Day 2019: Future Me

Community Manager

AI, machine learning, containers, blockchain, quantum computing, automation—as tech pros you’re routinely faced with C-suite or business leadership interest in an overwhelming number of emerging technologies you’re expected to experiment with, master, and adopt. Not to mention, many of these skills are considered critical for career growth and day-to-day job success. But mapping out necessary skills and understanding how best to gain those competencies can be especially challenging.

SolarWinds wants to help!

In December 2018, tech pros around the world shared initial insights into how they’re thinking about and prioritizing their skills development for the year ahead. Six months later, we want to hear from you again. How are you stacking up and how have you progressed in the last few months? Where are you focusing your efforts and resources to gain the skills you need to succeed? What would you change in your environment if you had the know-how?

Using the easy steps below, tell us how you’re feeling about your skills journey and where you’d like to focus your training efforts and SolarWinds will customize its upcoming trainings—THWACKcamp sessions, SolarWinds Lab episodes and more—to help you along the way.

It’s just three easy steps:

  • Click HERE to get started (Hurry! You only have until August 9!)
  • Enter your THWACK® username
  • As a thank you, we’ll deposit 500 THWACK points into your account by August 16

That's it! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us.

Level 12

I just took the survey. Many times the question will say "Select all that apply" but you are only given the option to select one before it automatically moves you on.

yumdarling Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for letting me know

We went ahead and fixed it.

You should be able to go ahead and finish your survey now.

Level 13

Done.  Thanks!

Level 12


Level 11

Completed successfully, no downtime

Level 9

completed. :-)

Level 8

Completed!! Good survey!

Level 14

done, It raised some interesting thoughts about what I could change and what I am not allowed to change.

Level 11



Level 9

Dumb, dumb, dumb!!!!  I took the survey and hit enter before I typed my username.  If you see one come thru that's unclaimed,  it's for pattic  thx!!!
Level 16

Done thanks