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Simplify Firewall Change Requests with the New Free Firewall Browser

Level 9

SolarWinds Firewall Browser is a powerful desktop software tool that searches through firewall configurations and rulesets to aid network and security engineers with the frequent and time-consuming task of firewall change requests.

Through its extensive, yet simple to use search capabilities, Firewall Browser immensely eases the challenges associated with firewall change requests and troubleshooting. It provides a single, intuitive interface to quickly and easily search through unlimited firewall configurations and ACL’s, which are often quite complex, to help ensure a change doesn’t adversely affect the security or service availability of critical hosts.

With Firewall Browser, you can:

    • Perform searches on a mixed vendor inventory from a single interface
    • Search rulesets based on IP address, object name, service or port
    • Verify if a change request is already handled by the security rules
    • Find the best rules and objects that can be reused for making a change
    • Figure out the impact of a change to an object group

Firewall Browser allows you to import and search unlimited Cisco®, Check Point® and Netscreen® configurations for free—no license expiration. It’s the only free firewall configuration search tool to support unlimited searches on a mixed vendor inventory from a single convenient place.


Like all of SolarWinds free tools, Firewall Browser was developed based on the principal that a free tool should be simple to use, functionally-rich, and add value to save you time and make your job a little easier. All of SolarWinds free tools are yours to download and use forever – no strings attached!

Click here to download the free Firewall Browser.


I'd be interested in seeing a version that works on McAfee Firewall Enterprise appliances.  So would a zillion banks, military customers, schools, and businesses . . .


Interesting...I must have missed this 3 years ago.

Need to check to see what it works with these days...